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A New Model for our Planet: Part I (Kingdom Economics)!

March 27, 2015

We now need to start thinking about a NEW model (and Gospel) for our planet. Keynesianism is over and Capitalism (the Adam Smith version) is also over. A new model needs to be based on today’s technology and the realization that we are all part of one interconnected social system. Essentially we are now ONE planet of some seven billion individuals living within an interconnected/interdependent economic environment. The Internet and smart phone technology has created a new world of realtime communication for our entire planet. We can now relate to anyone and everyone on our planet in realtime (also called NOW time). This reality is changing our World and creating the NEED for a new model going forward!

Can Man Rule this planet for the benefit of everyone? Who should RULE this planet? That is the core Question of Kingdom Economics! Man’s RULE leads to a King of the Hill philosophy! This is unworkable!

This reality of realtime communication and our interconnected/interdependent economic system is foundational to any NEW economic model (Gospel). We all now recognize that all our Natural Resources must be shared so that everyone can survive and prosper. We can not continue under our Nation/State system of competition and conflict over who gets what! This is a lose/lose proposition! The entire planet is now ONE global system and all our RESOURCES must now be shared so that all the 7 billion people (including new population growth) can survive and prosper. So what is the core principle which is at the ground level of Kingdom Economics? What is different today which demands a NEW MODEL?

Our current MODEL is much as above! This model creates SLAVES of everyone except those who RULE! Is this workable going forward? Can MIGHT create RIGHT for everyone?

Human nature is the key to developing any NEW model (Gospel) for our planet. We need to understand that ‘human nature’ has two dimensions (a dark side and a light side). To discipline my/your dark side we need to choose a higher Metaphysical reference point as our Source (Ruler). The idea that our ‘dark side’ will be disciplined via any type of Anarcho-communism philosophy is a dream not worth pursuing. Human nature needs discipline if any NEW model is to work in realtime. Kingdom Economics is based upon the idea that we live within TWO realms of reality. The Metaphysical Realm is the primary realm where discipline develops. When I recognize that I am firstly part of the Problem (partly flawed) the concept of discipline becomes obvious! Basically, the ‘dark side’ of human nature MUST be disciplined!

Human Nature is Dual (dark and light). How do I overcome the Dark? This is impossible under our current Model of ‘Man ruling Man’!

The concept of a man ruled system (now with some 6000 years of history) is not workable going forward. My model (Kingdom Economics) proposes that each person must be a SELF governing singularity. Self Government is what we now need for this planet. So what is Self Government? Self Government is where I govern myself under the higher realm of a Metaphysical Source (discipline emerges from this model). Another way of saying this is that we need One Planet Under God! This means that God becomes the Sovereign Ruler over this planet and man becomes a Self Governing individual (under this Metaphysical Source). This would create the DISCIPLINE within our human nature so that true Freedom could emerge for our planet!

Seeking the Source (God) in our Sky is fruitless! God does not EXIST as an object within our Material Universe! The Divine works within and above one’s Consciousness! Look IN and then UP!

Human nature repels from the idea of Man ruling over Man. Who desires a corrupt/flawed group of elite Rulers governing over the many. After some 6000 years of Man ruling over Man we should be able to discern that this type of system is unworkable. A Man centered system of Rulership creates what we witness today. We witness conflict, war, strife, competition, greed, envy, hubris, and all the negative emotions of human nature. The negative produces more negative and the END is total destruction of everyone (good and evil)! We witness this happening today with the American philosophy of Might makes Right! This philosophy leads to Man fighting Man to the point where all Men (people) are destroyed!

America’s philosophy of Might makes Right is self-defeating! It leads to TOTAL destruction of all life on our planet (if followed logically)! Who will be the last person standing!

Any NEW model (Gospel) needs to eliminate the Rulership of Man over Man! This is part I of Kingdom Economics. This means that Individual SELF GOVERNMENT is what must emerge. Self Government creates positive emotions, positive psychology, and positive contributions. We can witness Self Government among the rich and powerful (as they hold their group meetings and conferences to discuss new options for eliminating problems). Self Government is what the rich and powerful desire for themselves. The problem is that they do NOT desire this same environment for the many (the public). Their HUBRIS does not allow these elite to SEE their own behavior!

So Part I of Kingdom Economics includes the concept of SELF GOVERNMENT for each person (all 7 billion human beings living on our planet). Self Government, however, can not work under a materialistic World View of Reality. Materialism assumes that the Outer World is the only meaningful world. This is anathema to Kingdom Economics. There is also an Inner World which is primary to each person but which is ignored by the materialists. We all LIVE within TWO realms of reality. The INNER is primary and the OUTER is secondary. Self Government must derive from our INNER world! Think on this issue and the concept of Self Government (under the ALMIGHTY)! Enjoy! Look IN and then UP! I am:

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