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Then End of Keynes…revealed by Bernanke’s Fed in 2008!

March 24, 2015

John Maynard Keynes may have had a centralized view of money and finance but he did not support official ‘counterfeiting’ of currencies as is being done today. Since 2008 we have had the Bernanke QE, the King QE, the Kuroda QE, the Draghi QE, and the Ingves QE (there may be more which I am unaware of). Our U.S. Fed Chairman, after the 2008 crisis, started this trend of Official Counterfeiting…also called QE by the media and the public. This policy of counterfeiting a national currency marks the END of Keynesianism IMO. John would never have supported this type of behavior by our Central Banks. The shame of Central Banking can not be placed on historical Keynesianism!

Big Ben replaced our paper dollar with a DIGITAL (virtual) dollar after the 2008 financial crisis! Trillions of ‘typed’ computer dollars (digits) replaced the printing of America’s paper dollar! The operation was called Asset Purchases by Big Ben, but the media called it QE (quantitative easing)!

This movie reveals the nature of our dollar today (its invisible and metaphysical)! The unit can not be discovered within our material Universe! Show me the money reveals the ‘nature’ of today’s money!

The Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, ‘smelled’ the hypocrisy within our U.S. Fed but his efforts to get an Audit have proven ‘fruitless’! Our elite Senate and House finance committee’s have not supported Ron and those of us who desire a FULL AUDIT!

Control over the Fed’s behavior derives from our Congress. This body of elite have not wanted to expose the corruption within this Central Planning entity…which is private not governmental! Why do you think that exposure (via a full audit) is prohibited by select elite power brokers at the highest levels? 

This guy, Jim Rickards, understands the corruption at the highest levels! His book called the Death of Money is a good read for those who do not discern what is happening with our currency! You can get his views at 

Paulson and Bernanke in 2008! Only Ben knows how to create new ‘dollars’ Out of Nothing via his High Speed Computer at the New York Fed! Ben knows that ‘printing’ money is not necessary today. He can now digitize new money units via his computer keyboard!

This image reveals the ‘nature’ of our money today! It is spiritual and/or METAPHYSICAL! I call today’s money units…money from Heaven! Ben probably thinks the same (or does he)?

This guy (or guys) loved all the new money units from Heaven! Debt has increased by trillions under Bush and multi-trillions under Obama. None of this DEBT can be repaid. America is BANKRUPT! How much do we owe? The number is beyond comprehension!

Ben reveals to ABC and CBS that he is NOT ‘printing’ todays dollar. He now has a new technology called the digital computer. Money now emerges from his ‘thinking’ and then gets ‘actualized’ via the computer keyboard! Few seemed to have noticed what he revealed during these interviews!

Ben and Tim Geithner at a G-20 meeting. The G-20 now supersedes the decisions of our Congress when it comes to international monetary affairs! The G-20 has created a new international body called the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to determine what policies are right for our dollar and all the international currencies! America has a similar entity called the FSOC (Financial Stability Oversight Council) which rubber stamps the decisions of the FSB. One World Finance and Global Regulation is now a reality.

Image result for Bernanke, show me the dollars money

Janet Yellen now determines some American policy as our new Fed Chairwoman. But is she really in control of policy and realtime trading strategies for our dollar? Who does she look to for ‘Forward Guidance’?

U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) officials now provide Forward Guidance for American monetary issues. Our finance and money is now global and mostly out of the purview of our elected Congress!

Turkish Bankers, Christine Lagarde, and Jack Lew at a G-20 finance ministers conference. The G-20 is now a world ruling body of international elites who determine the destiny of all Nations on our planet! The G-20 emerged after the 2008 financial crisis and is now the premier global forum for those who rule over our economic destiny!

The above elite now rule over the entire planet and all 7 billion citizens. Our world has become globalized and internationalized and interconnected. We are now ONE planet under the rule of banksters and the money elite (the 1%). Money rules and money determines the destiny of all! To buy and sell we must have MONEY. Money is God and the Rulers over money determine what is reality for the planet! Is this the best we can create for this planet? Yes, we are now all monetary slaves of the money RULERS. Few, however, discern this reality! Wait until the next downturn for this reality to SINK in. Enjoy! I am:

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