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Metaphysical ‘words’ create our global realities! Think Big!

March 24, 2015

Listen to the metaphysical ‘words’ of this very intelligent Finance Minister (try to discern the two realms of reality which we all experience as human beings). Realm #1 is our body/brain and all the material objects on our planet. Realm #2 consists of metaphysical ‘words’ which emerge from our mouths (consciousness)! Listen to the ‘words’ emerging from the mouth of Natalie. Her ‘words’ derive from her MIND and/or her CONSCIOUSNESS! This lady will give you an education on politics and economics if you listen carefully!

We now need a model which encompasses all people (the human family) who live and occupy space ON our planet! Some 7 billion human beings ‘ride’ this planet as it spins and revolves around our huge SUN! Think about a NEW model which includes all people and all the planetary resources as being SHARED!

The model which we now need to internalize is our planetary world (think about the ‘whole’ planet as our economic/political community). Currently, we have some 7 billion human beings on our planet (called Earth). Think about this greater family of human beings, who all live in the NOW. All people live in a NOW reality and successive moments of NOW. What is it that makes our global society work within realtime? Our ‘ideas’ create our ‘words’ which then create a person’s REALITY/behavior. Focus on a person’s WORDS when they speak! Let’s take the ‘word’ money or dollar as an example.

There is no such ‘thing’ as MONEY or DOLLAR within our material/physical universe. Look all around you at this moment of NOW. Where is this ‘thing’ called MONEY? Where is this ‘thing’ called DOLLAR? Both these ‘words’ are derived from our ‘mind’ and/or ‘consciousness’…and then get ‘applied’ to some object (as our medium of exchange). The ‘word’ money comes out of my/your MOUTH as a metaphysical unit of CONSCIOUSNESS prior to being applied to an object. In fact, all ‘words’ are derived from my/your metaphysical consciousness and reveal themselves as metaphysical units for understanding. REALITY is created from our WORDS. Words are ‘metaphysical’ units derived from our MIND. What is our MIND? Where is our MIND? Why is understanding MIND the key to reality?

What we need to understand is that my MIND and my BRAIN are two different aspects of my reality. My MIND is invisible and the SOURCE of my ideas/words. My MIND is also part of my general CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness is a ‘metaphysical’ aspect of reality. I can not SEE my consciousness. I can not HEAR my consciousness. I can not SMELL my consciousness. I can not FEEL my consciousness. And I can not TASTE my consciousness. What does this reveal about REALITY? To me, this reveals that I live within TWO realms of reality. Realm #1 includes my FIVE senses. Realm #2 includes my SIXTH sense called my metaphysical MIND. Are YOU any different?

Think of MIND as the ‘light’ within! Brain is the ‘dark’ matter which contains my neurons/synapses! Brain is ‘dependent’ upon the ‘light’ within (one’s MIND). Mind is the ‘metaphysical’ aspect which creates all reality on this planet! Words and ideas derive from MIND (not brain)! Reality is mostly a result of our WORDS!

As human beings we LIVE daily with our ‘ideas’ and our ‘words’. I THINK about needing groceries for my body/brain and I then pursue a trip to the Supermarket for my material goods. THINKING involves ‘ideas’ and ‘words’ which derive from my MIND. My brain neurons are activated by my metaphysical MIND which is the SOURCE of my thinking. The most important ASPECT of reality is our MIND (ideas and words). WORDS create communication and communication creates human ACTION. Today, we live with a MAN centered political/economic system. The realtime ‘words’ of our elite leaders determine the destiny of our lives. MAN governs this planet using WORDS to create laws, rules, restrictions, commands, rhetoric, and our money. Listen to the ‘words’ coming from the MOUTHS of the following:

Listen to his ‘words’ and what he desires for our Foreign Policy! Action derives from ‘words’! Our planet is at the mercy of our elite leaders and their ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ (all ‘words’ are mental/metaphysical phenomena)!

John Hagee on the coming Four Blood Moons! Notice his ‘words’ and his view of coming actions/events! The ‘ideas’ within our metaphysical MIND determine our beliefs, our Worldview, and our Actions/behavior!

Now listen to this politician and notice his WORDS coming from his mouth and derived from his MIND!

Barrack Obama, President of the U.S.A. thinks and then enunciates WORDS! Where do his ‘words’ come from? Does he have a MIND distinct from his brain neurons? Is his BRAIN activated by his MIND? Derive your own conclusion!

Finally, listen to the ‘words’ of this politician who views his Worldview as relatively absolute. Bill Clinton had the support of the masses at the time of this speech. His rhetoric is always very convincing! Notice the response from the audience!

This leader continues to create new realities with his WORDS! Where do these ‘words’ come from? Why does Bill believe in unity via man’s rule (collectivism/socialism)! Is his model of reality creating freedom for the World? Think for yourself! 

Ted believes that his ‘words’ will lead to actions which will create a better world! I hear these positive ‘words’ every few years as new elite emerge with new WORDS! Listen and ask: where do ‘words’ derive from? Why do our ‘words’ create our reality?

In conclusion, all the above believe that the concept called Democracy depends on their Worldview. Freedom, in the mind of the above, is a man-centered Worldview where select elite RULE over the masses (the 7 billion). Is there a better vision of FREEDOM for our planet? Can a better model of reality be derived with more realistic WORDS? I say, YES! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Keep in mind that my/your ‘human nature’ derives from the metaphysical realm (the realm of our MIND). When I lie, cheat, deceive, exaggerate, and speak with confusing metaphors to fool an opponent, these ‘words’ (which emerge from my mouth) are part of my metaphysical reality! My brain neurons do not produce lies or any deception. My brain is passive and can only activate when my MIND is active! Mind precedes Brain. The metaphysical precedes the material. Think BIG and discern what is REAL!

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