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Cyberspace: what is it? where is it?

March 19, 2015

We now live with smart phones, laptop computers, tablets, and other mobile devices which operate within Cyberspace. But what is Cyberspace? Where is it? Is it a space within our existing material Universe? Let’s think about this concept called Cyberspace!

Notice the TWO realms of reality revealed by the above image. Cars, buildings, helicopters, people’s bodies compose one realm. The invisible space represented by the oversize computer screen reveals a second realm which we can call Cyberspace! 

Cyberspace is a word which describes a memory space for words, numbers, and images. I create images and words within my MIND and then I can input these metaphysical units into the virtual environment called Cyberspace. What does this tell us about this memory space?

The above image reveals a person thinking up words, text, images (from his MIND) so as to type into a memory space called Cyberspace! Cyber crime is now a new option!

First of all, Cyberspace is not part of our physical/material Universe (the realm of trees, plants, animals, and people’s bodies). I can not observe Cyberspace with my eyes or any of my five senses. This means that Cyberspace is similar to my inner Consciousness. Consciousness also can not be observed or discovered within our physical/material Universe.

The invisible/inner space where our ‘words’ and ‘ideas’ come from can be called one’s MIND. Consciousness creates our invisible/metaphysical MIND!

As human beings we live within TWO different realms (or worlds). Science discovers the nature of our material world. But science has not delved into the realm of one’s inner Consciousness (as yet). My consciousness is where my words, images, and mental phenomena reside. This is a different realm (world) from our observable material Universe of matter/energy.

We can think of Consciousness (or MIND) as above. In reality it is within. All of our ‘ideas’, ‘words’, and ‘mental images’ derive from this higher/metaphysical world!

Cyberspace and Consciousness are related realms as both use one’s words, visualizations, images, and memories to create new virtual information for circulation to other human beings. Our World Wide Web and our Internet emerged and operate within our extended consciousness (called Cyberspace). All the Facebook and email information which we transfer from sender to receiver happens within this memory space called Cyberspace.

We can visualize our TWO realms (worlds) as above. They are separate and unique!

I think and then I type information via my laptop (right now) and this information gets inputed into Cyberspace for transmission to you and others who can received this information via the Internet. Cyberspace is the memory space medium which receives my thoughts, thinking, text, and my visualizations so that you can discern this information after receiving the transfer.

The above image reveals the TWO realms of reality which we live within. The outer realm is our physical body/brain and the inner realm is revealed by the virtual image within the computer screen! The virtual image is similar to our ‘shadow’!

What we need to recognize is that Cyberspace is not within our material/physical Universe (as we can not observe, see, feel, hear, smell, or touch this memory space). Cyberspace is within our Consciousness and gets revealed within our extended Consciousness (as metaphysical INFORMATION). As human beings we all LIVE within TWO realms of reality. We live within TWO separate world’s.

Invisible one’s and zero’s create text images for transmission within Cyberspace! The receiver then sees text and/or images within his/her computer screen (as pixels of light)!

Plato and Socrates called these TWO realms by different names but they are essentially the same. Plato called the realm of ‘ideas’ or ‘forms’ the true reality. The realm of trees, plants, animals, etc. is what we SEE but this realm was viewed as secondary to the realm of ‘ideas’ and ‘forms’. Today, we can call the realm of ‘ideas’, ‘words’, mental images’ by the name MIND (or our inner Consciousness).

Plato’s philosophy consisted of ideal (mental forms) as the higher reality and then the observable body (say a cat) as the lower creation which we observe (outside our MIND)!

The realm outside my/your MIND can be called the realm of physical/material reality (that which we SEE). Cyberspace is an ‘extended’ realm of one’s MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS. Information gets transmitted within this realm (via our electromagnetic spectrum) to other human beings. The medium we now use to transmit most of our information is the World Wide Web…also called our interconnected Internet!

We all live within TWO worlds (mostly unaware). Some call this Dualism!

In conclusion, Cyberspace is different from Space/time reality. Cyberspace is also called a VIRTUAL realm as it is non-physical and/or metaphysical. Cyberspace does not occupy material space/time. We all live within TWO worlds or realms and few seem aware of this reality! Enjoy this message which I am sending via Cyberspace! I am:

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