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Let’s Review: What is a ‘Dollar’?

March 17, 2015

What does the ‘name’ Dollar denote/describe/refer? Let’s think about this issue to discern the ‘nature’ of today’s money. Let’s see if we can gain some understanding about the ‘nature’ of reality and the ‘nature’ of our MONEY. We all know that the ‘name’ Apple refers to an OBJECT. We also know that the ‘name’ Orange refers to an OBJECT. In fact, all ‘names’ generally refer/denote/describe some ‘thing’ or ‘object’ within our observable/material Universe. So, what does the ‘name’ Dollar refer to? What is a DOLLAR? Can anyone discover/find/locate this item/thing to which the ‘name’ Dollar refers? This missive will cover some essential information and logic for those who might desire to understand/discern the ‘nature’ of financial reality! Why are most pundits deceived today and mostly unaware of their deception?

Notice the above images. Each ‘object’ has a ‘name’! All ‘objects’ within our physical/material Universe have been given specific ‘names’. This is important for identification and understanding! But what (in reality) is a ‘name’?

Look all around you (right now) and notice all the objects within your sight. What are the ‘names’ of the objects which you SEE? Do these ‘names’ (which we use as identifiers) refer to some ‘thing(s)’ which EXIST(S) within space/time reality? Right now, I notice a ‘thing’ in front of my nose…which I call by the ‘name’ Laptop computer. To my left is another ‘thing’ which I call by the ‘name’ Smart Phone. Then further to my left is another ‘thing’ which I call my tablet. But when I look around my location (right now) I can not find or locate any ‘thing’ called Dollar. I can open my billfold and a green paper note emerges. But this paper note merely has the ‘name’ Dollar printed upon the note. Where is the ‘Dollar’?

The ‘names’ of above images are: tablet, smart phone, and laptop computer! Each ‘name’ denotes/refers to an ‘object’ within our space/time Universe! But what does the ‘name’ Dollar refer to?

I also have a Silver Eagle coin which has the ‘name’ Dollar engraved upon the coin. But where is this ‘thing’ which we all call Dollar? We all THINK that our dollar represents part of our wealth…part of our financial security!  We THINK that this unit of currency (called by the ‘name’ Dollar) EXISTS within our space/time Universe. We assume that this unit is being ‘printed’ or ‘created’ as some ‘thing’ which EXISTS. But does it? Does the ‘name’ Dollar refer to any ‘thing’ within our space/time Universe? Can anyone on our planet FIND/LOCATE this ‘thing’ someplace on/in/above our planet…called Earth? Where is this ‘thing’ that everyone assumes EXISTS? Does the ‘name’ Dollar really represent some ‘thing’ which EXISTS? Is your ‘wealth’ really within your consciousness (your imagination)? Give this some thought!

Notice the ‘name’ engraved on this silver coin! The ‘name’ Dollar is merely engraved on this coin and consumers then ASSUME that the ‘name’ Dollar is this ‘thing’…but is it? Where is the ‘thing’ called Dollar?

Yes, reality is tricky and deceptive and most human beings can not discern or comprehend that which is REAL from that which is ‘imaginary’. Today, we have millions of financial pundits, economists, banksters, and politicians who ASSUME that ‘a dollar’ is real and exists. They assume that their wealth is real and lasting! They look at their computer screen and SEE an image or images which APPEAR to represent this ‘thing’ called Dollar (their wealth). They look in front of their face and witness ‘NUMBERS’ (in a computer screen) and they then assume (within their metaphysical MIND) that these ‘NUMBERS’ are real and representative of some ‘thing’ which EXISTS. Are all these astute financial pundits DECEIVED? Are all these economists, commentators, traders, speculators, investors, politicians, and consumers DECEIVED…and unaware of that which is ‘real’? Think about this concept which we call DECEPTION! Does a deceived person realize that they are deceived? Why can most not differentiate between that which is material and that which is imaginary?

Traders, today trade what? What is a ‘number’ within Cyberspace? Can anyone find/locate/discover/hold this ‘thing’ called Dollar (now a number in cyberspace)??? Where is this ‘thing’ called the Dollar?

Yes, we all LIVE within TWO realms of reality. The obvious realm is the realm of Apples and Oranges. The realm of cars, houses, trees, concrete buildings, planes, satellites, computers, bodies, and OBJECTS seems real and present! This obvious realm is what we SEE when we LOOK around us. But is this realm ALL there is? Is the realm of matter and material objects ALL we experience? What about the INNER realm of words, ideas, symbols, names, and imaginary images? This realm is different from all the OBJECTS (apples and oranges) which we SEE (with our eyes)! This realm is an INNER realm which we can call our CONSCIOUSNESS! This realm is not the same as the realm of Apples and Oranges! This realm is METAPHYSICAL and does NOT exists (as a ‘thing’ or ‘object’)! Are you Aware of this?

Dualism (or TWO realms of reality) reveal that ‘names’ are IMAGINARY! Numbers are also IMAGINARY! Symbols are also IMAGINARY! Where does the ‘name’ Dollar derive from? Think! What is a ‘mental abstraction’ and what is CONSCIOUSNESS? Where do ALL ‘names’ and ‘words’ derive from?

Are you AWARE that the currency unit called DOLLAR is within this INNER realm? Are you AWARE that the ‘name’ Dollar derives from one’s inner/metaphysical realm called our CONSCIOUSNESS? Are you AWARE that the ‘name’ Dollar is a mental abstraction (product of one’s inner MIND)? Finally, are you AWARE that ALL ‘names’, ‘numbers’, and ‘symbols DERIVE from this inner metaphysical REALM? Yes, the ‘name’ Dollar does NOT exist (as a ‘thing’, ‘object’, or ‘material’ item). LOOK all around you and continue to LOOK when you go to your work place. See if you can FIND this ‘thing’ which all our economists, financial pundits, media commentators, traders, speculators, investors, and BANKSTERS call the DOLLAR! I challenge you to ‘find’ this ‘thing’ and present it to me! Enjoy the challenge! I am:

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