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Central Authorities create ‘reality’ (at least temporarily)!

March 16, 2015

If I place the ‘name’ Dollar on a plastic token, an image within cyberspace, or a paper coupon…and then make these items ‘official’…then the masses (who bow to hierarchical Authority) will assume that these items ARE official legal tender (reality). This is how our world works today. The masses (our consuming unaware populace) will accept whatever our elite OFFICIALS pronounce as legal tender (money)…for their MONEY. The marketplace no longer sets what is official when it comes to money. Authorities RULE! Today, cyber digits are our legal tender money and most everyone has accepted these worthless (imaginary) units as ‘reality’ when it comes to money. The ‘mark of the beast’ technology is now here! Few, however, are AWARE!

The technology is now HERE for end time events to occur! Watch the markets for timing!

I suspect that our algorithms (which now determine all our cyber prices within our global marketplaces) will continue to work…within all our greater global financial system…as long as ‘confidence’ in our official Authorities (their status) remains omnipresent. Whatever works (and is pronounced as ‘official’) should continue to work as long as ‘confidence’ is maintained (by our global cyber traders and our unaware consumers). And if the cyber prices of silver and gold are continually suppressed (as is now possible using algorithmic trading strategies) this should prolong the viability of our digital currencies. The masses of consumers bow to that which is OFFICIAL and that which comes from AUTHORITY. This is how our World seems to work!

Central control is necessary if our ELITES are to rule the masses! Cyber technology allows these events to occur in realtime today! Political POWER is the game of our elite!

Economic reality is created by our ‘official’ authorities…and this reality can be manipulated and massaged as long as general ‘confidence’ is maintained. The ‘party’ of spending and consuming is so addictive and pervasive that any counter reality is unlikely to emerge as long as general ‘confidence‘ in our markets is maintained. The stock market bubbles can be ‘floated’ indefinitely by using algorithmic trading strategies to pump up the key companies…which then maintain public ‘confidence’ in the overall markets. After six years of pumping and priming these markets, it appears that we could have a party atmosphere for a while yet…before the counter-revolution (hard market reality) sets in and changes the trends!


The next blood moon is one of many possibilities as a trend changer! The next blood moon will occur on April 04, 2015 and a solar eclipse on March 20, 2015. The final blood moon will be on September 28, 2015. Will YHWH create an event???

Yes, if I can convince the masses that NOTHING is SOMETHING (as is now done within our cyberspace markets) then I can maintain general ‘confidence’ for all the markets! The masses of consumers do not like to THINK independently (or critically) and this makes it rather EASY for our ‘official’ Authorities to control and manipulate these masses. Market psychology is also reinforced via our ‘official’ media who bow to the ‘official’ Authorities’ propaganda. I notice this daily as I watch the blowhards on CNBC pump their words of ‘confidence’ into our partying financial atmosphere. Confidence is the key to our markets and anything can work as ‘money’ when the masses allow ‘reality’ to be set by those with ‘official’ Authority!

Yes, the technology is now HERE for an elite set of Global Administrators to RULE over all mankind! The masses will fall for this deception as they prefer ‘positive’ thinking over hard REALITY! Money is the ‘tool’ for accomplishing the END result!

American hegemony is the GOAL (rule via a concept called  ‘democracy’ is the method)…MONEY is the tool! A media Psychology of ‘positive thinking’ is the MEANS! Fear helps to create the END! Lack of ‘critical thinking’ allows the RESULT to occur!

Financial markets (feed on ‘confidence’)! Bubbles continue as media promotes ‘positive thinking’ over hard realities! Fantasy is preferred by the unaware masses (as long as possible!). Only the very few can think ‘critically’!

Suppression of silver and gold (our historical monies) must continue, however, so that the trading community buys into the ‘official’ propaganda! This is now possible using algorithmic trading strategies (the ‘naked short’ strategy is most prevalent) for cyber price manipulation. Cyber prices are now mostly created via our algorithmic trading strategies. We now live with algorithms, math, numbers, names, and symbols. All these METAPHYSICAL phenomena have the POWER to deceive the masses of unaware consumers (who prefer a positive party atmosphere indefinitely). Yes, the ‘mark of the beast’ technology is HERE and will GROW exponentially in 2015 and after! Enjoy the new CYBERSPACE economy…as long as ‘confidence’ is maintained! I am:

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