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Gold and Silver will WIN (eventually)! Why?

March 9, 2015

The absurdity of today’s cyber markets has reached the level of incredulity. Today’s prices for silver and gold are so manipulated that even the elite gold bugs can not discern what is happening. You would think that an astute miner, such as Rob McEwen, would discern that gold/silver prices are suppressed and manipulated. Yet his recent speech at the PDAC does not reflect this reality! Our elite Authorities have deceived the masses into thinking that ‘nothing’ equals ‘something’. This is similar to getting the masses to think that a ‘Unicorn’ is equal to a Kentucky derby winner. The masses of people on this planet are mostly sheeple and extremely gullible…as they look to guru’s for their view of reality. This is similar to saying that most people desire NOT to think for themselves. What a shame!

History and reality is based on experience! Today, our elite Authorities have deceived the masses into thinking that cyber digits ($1, $2, $3, $4, etc.) are real and lasting! What a deception!!!

The serious thinkers (such as Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, Eric King, Chris Powell, and Gerald Celente) are pundits who think independently of the masses. When I read and listen to these thinkers I can discern that they DISCERN the absurdity of today’s cyber markets. The regular financial pundits, however, are mostly undiscerning and captured by the false media and positive thinking. Positive thinking is such a misleading psychology and most pundits fall for this thinking as they desire to please the masses and their newsletter clients. I witness this with the VAST majority of media personnel today! I won’t ‘name’ all the false media personnel (as this would be too subjective)!

Stockman is attempting to inform and educate! This I commend!

Celente ignores hyperbole and seeks reality! This is commendable!

Stockman, Roberts, Powell, King, and Celente see through the fog of our corrupt media and think for themselves. I commend these persons for seeking reality and truth. We need more pundits like these five (and there are many more which I am not posting at this time). My sense, however, is that deception and positive thinking will overwhelm the majority (of media pundits) as people desire ‘pabulum’ rather than ‘meat’. To survive as viable personalities most pundits play to the positive events (this psychology)…even though the opposite is evident to the discerning pundits. I could name all these positive (false) thinkers as I listen to many of them to discern their mentality…but I won’t!  Yes, the road to reality is ‘narrow’ and FEW desire to follow this narrow road!

Roberts is seeking reality and truth! I commend this type of behavior!

Chris Powell is determined to reveal the manipulation and suppression of gold/silver prices! I commend this goal and behavior! 

Eric King of King World News does a fantastic job of exposing the corruption within our markets! Watch his website at:

Eventually, however, reality will prevail and the cyber prices of GOLD and SILVER will reach historical levels. People will eventually desire reality rather than illusion. We are not there yet, however! As of today, people desire positive thinking and deception as their daily routine (the broad road is the road of the masses). Hard reality is for the strong and discerning! The ‘narrow’ road is for those who desire to survive the tough times ahead! Few, however, are followers of reality (this ‘narrow’ road)! We witness this in monetary affairs, political affairs, religious affairs, social relationships, and philosophical affairs. The Paul Krugman’s of this world are the many! Enjoy! I am:

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