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Time, Value, and Dollar – do not ‘exist’! Why?

March 7, 2015

Let’s think about the concepts of ‘time’, ‘value’, and ‘dollar’. What we need to recognize is that these ‘names’ do not refer to any ‘thing’ which EXISTS (within our greater material universe). There ‘names’ refer strictly to IMAGINARY conceptions (that which is totally within our mind/consciousness). First let’s define the words EXIST and IMAGINARY.

When we look out at our material universe we can observe that which ‘exists’! That which we ‘imagine’ within our inner consciousness should be viewed as ‘imaginary’!

1. imaginary:  existing only in the imagination and or one’s mind (within one’s consciousness).

synonyms: unreal, nonexistent, fictional, fictitious, pretend, make-believemythical, mythological,

2. exist or exists: have objective reality or being. to have being in a specified place; synonyms: be foundoccur: survive, persist, last, endure, stay, remain.

The above definitions provide us with evidence on what is meant by the words ‘imaginary’ and ‘exist’. I would add that to ‘exist’ the object needs to occur OUTSIDE my inner mind. An example would be the ‘name’ unicorn. Unicorn is defined as: a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead. Other examples could be the ‘tooth fairy’ and ‘Santa Claus’. Now let’s focus on the monetary ‘name’ Dollar. Does this ‘name’ denote an object which EXISTS? I would suggest, NO. The word or name which we call ‘dollar’ merely refers to that which I derive from my mind (with no outer referent).

A ‘unicorn’ is created by our mind and does not ‘exist’ within our material (observable) universe! Other examples are the ‘tooth fairy’ and ‘Santa Claus’!

The word or name which we call ‘dollar’ started out as an imaginary word/name (within one’s mind) and then it became attached to an object (like a minted silver coin) which then gave us the idea that this ‘name’ referred to a real object within our material universe. We can type, print, engrave this ‘name’ Dollar on various objects (which exist) to give people the perception that a ‘dollar’ also exists. In reality, however, there is NO object/thing within our greater material universe which we can identify as a Dollar. Try and find/locate/discover this object right now. It is impossible! Why? because there is NO Such Thing as a Dollar within our material universe!

Without a specific ‘definition’ (as above) a DOLLAR is merely an ‘imaginary’ unit of consciousness! Today’s dollar is an ‘illusion’ within our MIND!

Today, we use a ‘inner dollar’ (that which is within our imagination) as our legal tender money. This is absurd if we desire to have ‘objective’ money (which survives and lasts). Inner money is subjective money and this creates price distortions, huge volatility in our electronic exchanges, and eventual monetary collapse! What we now call our cyber dollar (digital in nature) is also merely a ‘unit of information’ which derives from our ‘inner’ imagination. Where is this cyber dollar within our greater material universe? Can anyone find/locate/discover this unit. If not, then why are we confident in the survival of this imaginary unit? Why is our banking system ‘pushing’ this inner dollar on us? Think about this absurdity!

A ‘cyber dollar’ also does not ‘exist’ within our material universe! It merely appears to ‘exist’ as we see an image within our computer screen! This creates an ‘illusion’ of reality!

The other concepts mentioned above, namely TIME and VALUE, are also totally imaginary ‘names’ or ‘words’. There is NO ‘time’ that anyone can identify within our OUTER material universe. In reality, we all live within the NOW moment (always and forever). There is no ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow’ that we experience as human beings. All we experience is ‘successive moments of now, now, now’! Time, like our dollar, is an imaginary ‘name’ which is merely useful to provide order and regularity for human thinking. There is no ‘objective’ reality to either of these ‘names’/’words’.

‘Value’ is made-up and one’s imagination is essential to discern what it is! ‘Time’ is also made-up and imaginary! Our ‘Dollar’ is also made-up by our politicians!

There was NO ‘big bang’! This is an ‘imaginary’ conception (deception/illusion)! Time is always NOW! Look all around and see if you can ‘find’/’locate’ TIME!

In conclusion, we need to recognize that ‘time’, ‘value’, and ‘dollar’ are inner ‘names’ which have served as tools for developing order and regularity within economics and social relationships. The reason for understanding these ‘names’ is so we can understand why events are now leading to a period where these ‘names’ could become meaningless. Our ‘dollar’ is soon going to disappear and vanish into ‘money heaven’. The concept of ‘value’ will then also take on new meaning. And the concept of ‘time’ will take on new meaning. Concepts which do not EXIST (outside my/your mind) are temporary in nature. Imaginary ‘names’, like dollar, disappear when people lose confidence in their objective reality! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. I might add that the word  ‘imaginary’  does not mean that the Almighty Creator is not real (within one’s consciousness). All ideas derive from the metaphysical realm and are, therefore, more real than physical objects!

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