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The ‘inner’ Dollar vs. the ‘outer’ Dollar! They are ‘different’!

March 5, 2015

Let’s learn about two different ‘dollars’ to better understand where we are today! Back in 1776 America signed the Declaration of Independence and our Nation had its beginning. At this beginning we did not have any American currency. We had a British currency system along with a hodge podge of colonial currencies. But in 1785 a historic decision was made to initiate an American currency system with an American basic currency unit. The decision was made (most likely by Thomas Jefferson) that the concept (name) Dollar would be the American currency unit. This decision created the ‘INNER’ dollar. This was a huge decision that changed America into a unique and powerful Nation!

Thomas Jefferson thought up the concept of an American dollar for our official currency unit! This was most likely around 1785 (give or take)! The idea created our ‘inner’ Dollar!

Read the words on this 1775 Continental dollar! Benjamin Franklin initiated this paper currency (an ‘outer’ dollar) prior to our becoming a Nation. Note the deceptive words which imply that the unit is exchangeable into a real Spanish milled (silver) dollar!

I call the 1785 dollar ‘INNER’ as it was merely a ‘name’ and a ‘symbol’ derived from the MIND of Thomas Jefferson. Then in 1789 our first President was chosen and Thomas Jefferson was chosen as our first Secretary of State. From 1789 to 1792 our first Congress discussed the concept of an American currency system and the creation of an American currency unit. In 1792, our Congress adopted the basic currency system proposed by Thomas Jefferson in 1785 (with help from Alexander Hamilton). The result was legislation called the Coinage Act of 1792. This Act was the foundation of our American currency unit called the American Dollar.

Image of our First mint in Philadelphia. This is where our first ‘outer’ American dollar was created. This dollar was composed of 371.25 grains of pure silver!

To make our new American dollar viable in the marketplace, the Coinage Act of 1792 DEFINED the ‘inner’ concept of Dollar into an ‘outer’ Dollar. Our ‘outer’ Dollar emerged as a minted coin (mostly pure silver) which contained 371.25 grains of pure silver. Simultaneously, a physical mint was established in Philadelphia which minted silver into the ‘outer’ American dollar. You can witness this ‘outer’ American dollar by looking at the following image. This image is a replica of our original ‘outer’ American Dollar. Look closely at this image. Why is the image and the minted coin different from the ‘inner’ American Dollar of 1785. Can you discern that the ‘inner’ Dollar was totally a mental abstraction?

This is an image of a 1794 silver dollar minted at the Philadelphia mint! This was one of your first ‘outer’ Dollars!

From 1792 until today (2015) we live with the concept of an American Dollar as our currency unit. This unit was made our legal tender for monetary transactions. The unit, however, has changed in meaning over the years as this unit has been defined in various ways over these past 223 years. America’s currency unit has been defined in terms of silver, than gold, than fiat paper, and now as a Cyber currency. Today, we are back to an ‘inner’ Dollar as the unit is created out of the metaphysical MIND of banksters. The best example for understanding this ‘inner’ Dollar is to think of all the QE operations of recent years. What specifically is a QE dollar?

The Bernanke cyber dollar emerged after 2008. This cyber unit derives from the ‘inner’ thinking mind of a Central Banker. This is an example of an ‘inner’ Dollar!

Since the financial crisis of 2008, our money has become mostly a unit within Cyberspace. Cyberspace is an artificial/virtual/imaginary/metaphysical/memory Space which does not EXIST within our Space/time Universe. This makes our Cyber dollar also an ‘inner’ Dollar similar to what Thomas Jefferson dreamed up back in 1785. This cyber unit is created ‘out of nothing’ and then becomes an image within our computer screens. This image within our computer screens is created via pulses of light (photons) which have ZERO rest mass. In other words, our Cyber Dollar is ‘no thing’ physical and we should think of it as METAPHYSICAL. We could also think of this unit as a ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’ (mere metaphysical ‘information’ derived from human CONSCIOUSNESS).

Our 2015 Cyber dollar gets ‘typed’ into the computer screen and emerges as an ‘image’ (pixels of light) within my/your computer screen! This is really an ‘inner’ Dollar!

So what is our Dollar today? It is a unit of information (within cyberspace). It is metaphysical in nature. It is virtual and imaginary. It derives directly from the MIND of banksters (not from our natural resources). And it can not be found, located, or discovered within our material/physical UNIVERSE. Look all around you and see if you can ‘find’ this ‘inner’ Dollar called our American dollar? Look outside your computer screen. Look in your room. Look outside your house or office. Look in the soil of planet Earth. Look up in the  heavens (where we see our moon, Sun, and stars). Look and Look. I don’t think you can discover any ‘object’ within our material universe which corresponds to the ‘name’ American Dollar.

Follow the paper (‘outer’) dollar into Cyberspace and what do we get? Pixels of light produce an ‘image’ which is mere ‘information’! There is no physicality/materiality to this unit! It is Metaphysical (an ‘inner’ dollar)! Banksters ‘type’ numbers into a computer screen to produce this dollar!

Think and Enjoy this exercise. I Challenge you to ‘find’ the currency unit called the American Dollar within our ‘outer’ material Universe! Keep in mind that the ‘name’ dollar on a piece of green paper does not DENOTE a ‘dollar’ (within space/time). Paper is paper. A paper object is called a paper object. Also note that the ‘name’ dollar on a metal coin does not DENOTE a ‘dollar’ (within our material universe). A metal object is a metal object (iron, copper, lead, silver, or gold). The ‘name’ on a metal object does not represent the word Dollar (as an ‘object’ within our universe). So look and seek for this ‘object’ which many call our American Dollar. Can you ‘find’ it? Can you ‘locate’ it? Can you ‘discover’ it? Where is it? Think: (hint) consciousness! I am:

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  1. March 6, 2015 1:04 pm

    Hi Don: Being an old appraiser guy myself, thought I would email a suggestion for a topic that you might like to pursue. COMPETITION – the most destrctive principle under the heavens. The principlse of cooperation I fear will be a long time coming until all of the oppostion to it is removed. Enjoy this old “excess profit breeds ruinous competition” from
    that old guy from Russia. A friend in Eugene – Raleigh–


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