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Evolution of American $1.00…from SOME ‘thing’ to NO ‘thing’!

March 2, 2015

Let’s review the evolution of the currency unit called the American dollar. Let’s notice what happens as we separate the ‘name’ Dollar from various objects used to represent our dollar. This is fascinating! Watch the evolution and debasement process as it progresses!

1. The ‘name’ dollar started out as representing a minted silver coin (1792). Watch what happens over time.

Notice the ‘name’ Dollar imprinted on this silver coin. The ‘name’ Dollar started out in 1792 as representing 371.25 grains of silver minted into a coin. What happens if we SEPARATE of ‘name’ dollar from this silver coin (and place the ‘name’ on a paper object)?
2. The next evolution is engraving the ‘name’ Dollar on a paper note (a gradual debasement of our currency unit has started). This started in 1863 and after.
Engraving the ‘name’ Dollar on a paper note (as above) creates some debasement in value and most consumers do not notice. Now what happens if we SEPARATE the ‘name’ Dollar from a paper note (and type merely the ‘name’ into a computer screen)? Watch!
3. After starting with the ‘name’ Dollar representing a silver coin (1792) we debase the ‘name’ by engraving the ‘name’ on a paper note (1863). The last step in the evolution (debasement) process is when we SEPARATE the ‘name’ Dollar from both the coin and the paper note (leaving merely the ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’).
The final debasement of the ‘name’ Dollar is when we merely create the ‘number’ $1.00 and type this ‘number’ into a bankster computer screen (say 1980 and after).
Now the ‘name’ Dollar represents ‘NO thing’ (it is not imprinted on a silver coin and it is not engraved on a paper note). The ‘name’ Dollar has now evolved into a METAPHYSICAL unit of consciousness (circulating as a Cyber dollar)! Does this $ exist?
The above evolution of the ‘name’ Dollar is very interesting and enlightening. Our elite leaders (our politicians) desired that our Dollar be sound and physical at the start. Then gradually, our Dollar was debased by SEPARATING the ‘name’ from a metal silver coin. Then we SEPARATED the ‘name’ from a printed paper note. Then finally we merely allowed the ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’ to represent our Dollar. This final step created what we now experience as our Cyber Dollar. This Dollar is not physical or material (it is not imprinted or engraved on a ‘thing’). In fact, this Dollar is totally METAPHYSICAL (a unit of consciousness derived from a bankster’s MIND). Many call this our QE Dollar!
Ben Shalom Bernanke initiated America’s QE Dollar. It was not silver and not paper! It was merely derived from his thinking and then TYPED into the computer screen!
QE consists of official counterfeiting our Dollar symbols and typing these symbols into the computer screen!
What an interesting history of the ‘name’ Dollar. Can you discern this evolution? Can you SEPARATE a ‘name’ like the ‘name’ Dollar from each of the above objects (silver coin and then a paper note)? Can you discern the FINAL evolution…when our Dollar becomes merely a ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’ (circulating in cyberspace)? Think of $$$$$ and 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00. Now circulate these ‘numbers’ within your computer screen…called CYBERSPACE. What do we end up with? I would suggest we end up with a unit that is NOTHING, NOWHERE, NO FIXED LOCATION, A UNIT NOT WITHIN OUR MATERIAL UNIVERSE!!! Enjoy!
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