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Today’s American $ – a complete JOKE! Why?

March 1, 2015

Our American dollar is now a metaphysical unit which has no connection to our material reality (our goods and our physical production). We call this ‘dollar’ a ‘digital’ dollar. Another ‘name’ is our ‘cyber’ dollar. Another ‘name’ is our ‘virtual’ dollar’. And I would suggest that we should also call this unit our QE ‘dollar’. The unit is pure FICTION and has been such for some 43 years. Dollar units are created from the Consciousness of Banksters (via loans) and the friends (the super wealthy) of these Banksters have mostly benefited. Today many call these the 1% (the super wealthy who control Wall Street) who can borrow and spend without any serious consequences. The economic equality gap has now reached such monstrous levels that even the elite are feeling guilty for all the favors.

The average Bull market is 2.1 years. Our current one is now 5.5 years! The END is nye!

We all live physically and socially within a material universe…supposedly composed of a substance called ‘matter’. All the objects which we ‘see’ (observe) seem to have some mass and they occupy space. Common examples are: trees, tables, chairs, planets, stars, silver, gold, oil, dogs, cats, autos, human bodies, roads, rivers, Sun, moon, and stars, etc. Scientists discover NEW objects daily (via our telescopes and such) and then give each object or thing a ‘name’. Scientists have generally assumed that our Milky Way Galaxy (a ‘name’ for an observation in our night sky) contained four huge arms spiraling out from a core (called a black hole). Today, some scientists have suggested that we have only two arms (not four).

Prior to the 1930’s we all thought the entire Universe was within this object called the Milky Way! Today, we realize that there are billions of galaxies and trillions of stars!

Anyway, if we give some ‘object’ or ‘thing’ a NAME and later discover that the object was imaginary, we then need to remove the ‘name’ as representing this object. Historically, people would look up at our MOON and see all kinds of weird images. Some reporters would give these sightings various ‘names’ to give readers of their newspaper the impression that these images were REAL and that they EXISTED on our moon. We have now had astronauts on our moon and the close-up pictures have revealed that there are no ‘lakes’ or ‘goblins’ on our moon. The problem with ‘names’ is that many people think that a ‘name’ (derived from my/your mind) is also an ‘object’ or ‘thing’. But is this valid thinking! Are ‘names’ (like the ‘name’ dollar or pound) things which EXIST? Just what does the ‘name’ DOLLAR denote within our material universe?

Imagination of moon creatures and other weird images were reported by newspapers back in the 1950’s. We now know (after visiting the moon) that it is barren of life and water!

Objects are given a ‘name’! But is there a difference between the ‘name’ and the ‘object’? Where does a ‘name’ derive from? 

Back in 1785 our political leaders decided that America should have their own currency unit. We had separated from our Mother Country, Britain (via the Revolutionary War) and we desired our own money system (pounds, shillings, pence were not desired). So what should be the new official ‘name’ of the American currency unit for our new Nation? The decision was made (around 1785) that the ‘name’ DOLLAR would be our basic currency unit. A currency unit is necessary (within a Capitalistic economic system) so that VALUE can be calculated in the marketplace. The concept of VALUE is subjective so inventing an official currency unit helps with the calculation of VALUE.

The Piece of Eight or the Spanish milled dollar was what Thomas Jefferson used as a reference point for defining the American dollar! 

But is a mere ‘name’ (like ‘dollar’) sufficient (by itself) for calculating VALUE (of say a cow, bushel of wheat, etc.)? Does not this ‘name’ (dollar) need to denote some REAL thing (object) so that we can make a value calculation meaningful? What credence does a mere ‘name’ have when calculating Value? Think in terms of barter (one good for another). How is VALUE derived in a marketplace full of goods and items which people desire to exchange. Do people desire merely a ‘name’ (without any definition) as their substitute for VALUE? I don’t think so! Names and Numbers help with calculation but each currency ‘name’ needs to be tied and/or defined in terms of some ‘thing’ real (material)!

The role of a currency is to help calculate VALUE! This is why a sound currency is essential for trade!

After some thought on the above issues, both Alexander Hamilton (our first Secretary of Treasury) and Thomas Jefferson (our first Secretary of State) proposed specific ‘definition’ for this word/name called Dollar. The decision was made that our American Dollar should be ‘defined’ in terms of a REAL object called silver. The reference point for this decision was the Spanish silver coin called the ‘piece of eight’ or the Spanish milled dollar (which circulated within our colonial marketplace and which traders accepted as a valid item of VALUE). After an assay of this coin it was determined that it contained some 371.25 grains of pure silver. This assay then served as the reference point for ‘defining’ our American Dollar.

The importance of a SOUND currency is reflected in the above legislation! Today, we create $$$ out of nothing and provide favored benefits for the 1% (the super wealthy)!

The Coinage Act of 1792 was passed by our Congress (after a review of the above logic) and our American Dollar (as defined above) became the basic currency unit for America. This process of selecting a ‘name’ for our currency unit (in 1785) and then defining this ‘name’ in terms of MATTER/MASS (Ag) served to give people ‘confidence’ that the American Dollar had substance and viability in all trading markets. The idea that trading would emerge over time into a marketplace of mere ‘names’, ‘numbers’, and ‘symbols’ (as today) would have been laughed off the political stage. Who would trade mere ‘cyber numbers’ (as today) for goods and services within the International marketplace?

Today, cyber money (called dollars) get created by ‘typing’ numbers into a computer screen! What a JOKE on the intelligence of our international traders (of real goods)!

Now let’s fast forward to March 1, 2015. What do we have for a currency unit today? Our government no longer creates our currency unit via minting metal coins (of real silver) and we now don’t even print paper notes for most of our monetary transactions. Today, we just THINK up numbers within our metaphysical Consciousness and then TYPE numbers into a computer screen as representations of real currencies. Our ‘dollar’ (which started out as a defined unit) has evolved into a UNIT of Consciousness (a no ‘thing’ unit) which Banksters can type into select computer accounts via their psychological whims. QE is a good example of what is now happening within the corrupt ‘halls’ of our Bankster clans!

Cyber money and cyber criminals are the new mode of financial warfare in 2015!

We call today’s Dollar a digital currency; a virtual currency; a cyber currency; an imaginary currency; and a unit of consciousness currency. Today’s currency (and this includes all global currencies) are now a complete JOKE and an embarrassment to all thinking people as trading for goods is no longer a VALUE for VALUE transaction. America has enjoyed a favored status within our World as a result of its POWER and MIGHT (militarily). America helped to win WW II and this helped us to create a Dollar which was viewed to be AS GOOD AS GOLD. All this ended with the closing of the gold window in 1971 but Americal is still living on the momentum which the World gave America after winning the global WAR in 1945.

Cyber money is used to SUPPRESS cyber prices of silver and gold! Who do you think is behind this price suppression scheme?

Today, our POWER and MIGHT is waning fast and our monetary ‘tricks’ are being viewed as a JOKE (from the viewpoint of our counterparties to trade). QE revealed that our ‘dollar’ is NOTHING and that it is created OUT OF NOTHING. Bernanke demonstrated (via his QE policies) that the Emperor had no clothes. Our Fed is a JOKE and our ‘dollar’ is a JOKE. The rest of the World is now catching on to this illusion, delusion, JOKE. A RESET of the entire System is now needed! 2015 could be the YEAR for this Reset! Watch our phony stock markets as they begin their CRASH into oblivion (zero)! This process may take YEARS, but the beginning of the END is NYE! Enjoy the ride! I am:

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