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Yellen ‘lied’ (or deceived) Senator Bob Corker at Hearing??? Let’s consider!

February 26, 2015

At the February 24 Senate hearing on Monetary Policy, Janet Yellen stated that “her portfolio of $4.5 trillion (also called the Fed Balance Sheet) does EXIST. Bob Corker asked her if the $4.5 trillion of assets was REAL and EXISTED. Yellen stated, yes Senator, “they do EXIST”. This is technically a ‘lie’ (or a deception or a lack of understanding by Yellen). Today, the entire portfolio of assets (treasuries and mortgage securities) making up the $4.5 trillion within the Fed balance sheet is LOCATED in what is called CYBERSPACE. Yellen can observe (within her computer screen) the ‘numbers’ and details about the $4.5 trillion but, in reality, these ‘numbers’ (representing dollars) are actually within CYBERSPACE. So let’s focus on the issue of ‘existence’ and if these ‘numbers’ are ‘real’. You can read what the WSJ said about this on page C12 of Wednesdays, Wall Street Journal (under the heading: Overheard)!

Bob Corker, Tennessee Senator, asked: Do your securities (on your Fed balance sheet) EXIST! He was curious if the securities were ‘real’ and within our space/time universe!

When Janet claimed that the $4.5 trillion ‘exists’ she is implying that the ‘numbers’ (the assets) are ‘real’ and within SPACE/TIME. She is implying that these assets are material objects that one can ‘find’ and/or ‘discover’ within our material Universe. Is she correct? Can cyberspace ‘numbers’ (representing the $4.5 trillion of assets) be ‘found’ and/or ‘discovered’ within our SPACE/TIME universe? I would suggest, NO! In reality, ‘numbers’ stored within CYBERSPACE do not ‘exist’ and are not ‘real’ in the sense that Bob Corker asked. Bob Corker implied that these assets (numbers or dollars in ‘cyberspace’) may not ‘exist’ and may not be ‘real’. Was he correct? Did Janet ‘lie’ when she stated: yes, Senator, they do ‘exist’!

Janet’s response to Bob Corker was: “yes, Senator, they do EXIST”! Does Janet understand that all these securities are now within CYBERSPACE? What is ‘cyberspace’?

What this dialog reveals is that Janet Yellen does NOT understand the ‘nature’ of CYBERSPACE (where her $4.5 trillion of assets is now stored). Cyberspace is NOT material/physical/objective SPACE. In reality, ‘cyberspace’ is virtual/artificial/non-existent/metaphysical space (it’s a memory space within our metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS). What is ‘consciousness’? Consciousness is NOT within our material/physical Universe (that which we think of as ‘existing’). Cyberspace is like our ‘extended consciousness’ which can not be ‘found’ or ‘discovered’ within our material ‘space/time’ universe. Try and locate a ‘cyber’ dollar! Try to find a ‘cyber’ dollar! Try to hold a ‘cyber’ dollar in your hand! Try to ‘discover’ a ‘cyber’ dollar (or the $4.5 trillion Fed balance sheet) within our SPACE/TIME universe! Go for it!

All our Fed assets are now in Cyberspace! But who understands the ‘nature’ of Cyberspace!

Do ‘numbers’ (representing dollars) in Cyberspace ‘live’ within our material/physical Universe (and ‘exist’)? Does Janet Yellen understand the ‘nature’ of cyberspace?

Does Janet Yellen’s computer screen (the ‘numbers’ she ‘sees’) represent that which we call our ‘space/time’ material Universe? How does one access ‘cyberspace’ WITHOUT A COMPUTER? How does one ‘locate’ and ‘get’ a cyber dollar(s) which are within ‘cyberspace’? Not possible!!! All human beings are now SLAVES to this fraudulent reality!

Definitions of Cyberspace (where Janet’s $4.5 trillion of QE asset purchases are stored):

The putative or apparent ”space,” be it mental (within consciousness), electronic, or ”virtual,” in which computer phenomena, operations, and experiences take place; in particular, the universe of computer networks.

The space in which computer transactions occur, particularly transactions between different computers. We say (imply) that images and text on the Internet exist in cyberspace, for example. The term is also often used in conjunction with virtual reality, designating the imaginary place (within one’s memory) where virtual objects exist. For example, if a computer produces a picture of a building that allows the architect to “walk” through and see what a design would look like, the building is said to exist (saying that images ‘exist’, however, does not mean that they DO ‘exist’) in cyberspace.

I would suggest that either Janet Yellen is deceived about the ‘nature’ of cyberspace or she is unaware of where her $4.5 trillion of assets are ‘stored’ or she ‘lied’ to Senator Bob Corker at the hearing! Which is it? Did Janet ‘lie’ (probably not as she probably was deceived and unaware of her deception). She can ‘see’ numbers in her computer screen and she ‘sees’ all the documented cyber assets within her computer screen. But she, probably, is not savvy on the ‘nature’ of these virtual/artificial/non-existent cyber assets! My conclusion is that SHE should not be viewed as ‘lying’ but I would view her statement to Bob Corker as misrepresenting reality and a deception on ALL who are aware that CYBERSPACE  is not within our material/physical UNIVERSE! That is my view on this matter! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. In reality, all our public DEBT and all our public SPENDING (including the Fed’s QE asset purchases) are NOW outside our material/physical Universe of Space/time. Practically all global debt is also now within cyberspace (the metaphysical consciousness of people). All our fiat currencies are now Cyber Currencies (illegal units of tender IMO). We live within this memory space daily with our mobile smart phones and our computer screens. The human race (all people on our planet) are becoming robots and slaves of Cyber money (which does not EXIST within our greater material UNIVERSE). What a tragedy and fraud against human FREEDOM!

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