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A Philosophy of ‘Freedom’ demands Relativity!

February 25, 2015

Many of my close friends are of the view that we need ABSOLUTES to live on this planet. I would take issue with this view! In reality, we need to recognize that each person is unique, different, and subjective. This means that the 7 billion unique persons on this planet ALL have a point-of view (which is relative/subjective/partial/less than absolute). The problem with a RELATIVE philosophy is that governing man becomes nearly impossible! Who can govern man if ALL is relative, subjective, and less than absolute? This is a huge issue and we need to transcend human RULERSHIP if we want a true philosophy of FREEDOM.

How can FREEDOM emerge without a philosophy of RELATIVITY? Impossible!

The goal of every person IMO is to be totally FREE to choose. Milton Friedman, deceased economist/philosopher, wrote a book called ‘Freedom to Choose’. I read this book back in the 80’s and I totally agree with Milton that FREEDOM is the goal of every person on this planet! But can FREEDOM be achieved under the RULE of man? I would suggest, NO! As long as I or someone desires to RULE over another person (via government and/or institutional procedures) freedom can not emerge (for everyone)! If I am under the rulership of another human being (via laws, rules, edicts, dogma’s) I am subservient to another human being! This is not real FREEDOM!

Milton understood that FREEDOM demands each person’s right to CHOOSE!

America was founded on the principles of FREEDOM. The key concept which creates real FREEDOM is the concept of a CREATOR. The American Declaration of Independence states that ‘all men/women are created equal’ and we are endowed by our CREATOR with specific RIGHTS. Freedom is one of these RIGHTS. For freedom to emerge for our planet we need to think in RELATIVE terms. I need to be subservient to the CREATOR and allow each person whom I come into contact with to be a unique, subjective, separate, relative human being! Once I implement ABSOLUTES that are unchanging and fixed (for myself or others), I create an environment of slavery for those under this ABSOLUTE dogma! Can you discern this message? Freedom demands a relative point-of-view!

The above words need to be internalized and made immortal! Freedom demands the equality of each person! This does not mean equal production! This means equality as a unique/subjective/less than absolute…created BEING!

Currently, we have some 7 billion unique human beings on this planet. Each desires to be FREE and INDEPENDENT from the absolutes of another! This is understandable! Who wants to be a SLAVE of another person who assumes that their VIEW is ABSOLUTE? In reality, all is relative and this philosophy is absolutely (relatively absolutely) necessary for FREEDOM to emerge for our planet! A philosophy of Freedom demands RELATIVITY! A philosophy of FREEDOM demands a CREATOR as the ultimate SOURCE! The American Declaration of Independence provides this core philosophy! All men/women are created equal and endowed by their CREATOR with unalienable rights! Think on this principle! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Watch this video on the philosophy of freedom:,

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