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Market Manipulation: spoofing and naked shorts!

February 23, 2015

Today’s Wall Street Journal (February 23, 2015) covered the issue on market manipulation via computer trading. The article was entitled, “Exchanges, Regulators Call Traders’ Bluffs”. Basically, a trader called Igor Oystacher used his computer in London to enter some 23,000 commands to manipulate cyber prices on the futures exchange (in this example crude oil) so as to make a profit on this spoofing transaction. Spoofing is viewed as rapid-fire feinting to affect cyber prices. I would view this as similar to what is called the rapid-fire ‘naked short’ trading where trades are entered and then exited (within milliseconds) with no delivery involved. The strategy is to manipulate cyber prices so a trade is profitable for the manipulator.

Igor Oystacher faces investigations re: manipulation of cyber prices! This is just the ‘tip’ of the ICEBERG! We now need prosecutors to initiate RAIDS of our Central Bank trading operations in the USA and EUROPE!

In 2014, the CME supposedly fined Mr. Oystacher $150,000. All this manipulation is just a fraction of what is occurring in our cyber markets today. Those who have followed the silver/gold markets recognize that trading strategies such as rapid-fire ‘naked shorts’ have suppressed these metals (their prices) for years. The suspicion is that Western Central Banks are behind this suppression scheme. Our Central Banks do not desire that traders, investors, or the public discover the safe-haven status of historical gold and silver so as to undermine their cyber currencies (dollar, euro, yen, etc.). Suppression of silver and gold is thus viewed as necessary (from the point-of-view of our elite Central Bankers). Proving this suppression strategy is very difficult, however. What we now need is more unannounced RAIDS!

Rapid-fire trading strategies (via algorithms or coded software) can ‘spoof’ the markets and create manipulated cyber prices! Our HFT (high frequency trading) allows this strategy! This should be illegal!

Who specifically is doing the cyber price suppression? Where is this suppression of price occurring? What computer traders are initiating these rapid-fire ‘naked short’ (spoofing) strategies? Which Central Banker(s) are behind the policy? Proving intent and finding out who, where, and when these suppression schemes are occurring is next to impossible. What we need is for a whistle-blower to emerge with specific information! Having worked in a controlled environment myself I realize that getting transparency within the secret halls of Central Banking (their secret trading operations) is not currently possible. This means that cyber price suppression of silver/gold/oil will continue until it ends! Corruption within our secret halls of the elite Central Banking facilities prevents discovery of the culprits! Unannounced RAIDS are now needed!

What we now need are MORE unannounced RAIDS like the HSBC raid in Switzerland! Our prosecutors need to force the issue to expose all the manipulators!

Goldman Sachs trading floor! Could cyber price manipulations be taking place here?

A Goldman Sachs RAID by our prosecutors/regulators would reveal HUGE corruptions IMO! The private audio of Carmen Segarra (now publicly available) reveals ‘regulatory capture’! Our NY Fed is part of the problem!

This lady has secret information which is not getting to the public! We need more of this so that our corrupt Central Banks are exposed for their daily financial manipulations!

Dudley (NY Fed) says: “I don’t think anyone should question our motives”. This guy is not elected, he controls trillions of taxpayer dollars, he is on the Board of the BIS (with diplomatic immunity), who smells a ‘rat’ in the wood pile? A RAID and a full AUDIT is now needed of our FED and their trading operations!

What is now needed is an unannounced RAID on facilities such as the 9th floor of the New York Fed, the Eccles building, the trading floor of Goldman Sachs in New York, the trading floor of J. P. Morgan Chase in New York, and the two trading operations of the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in Basel and Honk Kong. The recent RAID of HSBC in Geneva, Switzerland was a big step in the right direction. This RAID is already revealing huge corruptions at this global Banking operation. We now need our prosecutors and regulators to initiate new RAIDS (unannounced) at the above trading operations. I suspect that HUGE trading anomalies will be revealed and HUGE trading corruptions will emerge from these types of RAIDS. Go for it is my recommendation to our prosecutors and regulators! I am:

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