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Philosophy: ‘names’ vs. ‘objects’! What does this reveal?

February 22, 2015

While on my daily 2 mile walk today, I noticed various objects along the roadside. This one object had a ‘name’ called saguaro cactus. As I walked further I noticed another similar object with the ‘name’ golden barrel cactus. I then noticed another object (similar) with the ‘name’ prickly pear cactus. Later on my walk I noticed an object with lots of color. This object was given the ‘name’ turpentine flower. As I looked up while walking I noticed another object which has been given the ‘name’ cloud. Some of these objects were cumulus clouds and some cirrus clouds. What is my point?

My ‘name’ is DON! This ‘name’, however, is not ME! It merely ‘points’ to ME! Do you discern this meaning? My body is an ‘object’ and my ‘name’ is derived from my Mother’s MIND! Names are arbitrary units of consciousness used to help us relate and communicate!

My point is that I look out at nature (our material world) and notice all kinds of different objects on the land, water, sky, etc. All these objects were given a ‘name’ by some human being. This same ‘naming’ situation continues as we discover new objects, species, plants, etc. within our material world. Where, however, do we derive all these ‘names’? Do we just make up a ‘name’ and then get agreement from others? Do select committee’s and organizations have people employed who ‘think’ up unique ‘names’ for all the objects which man discovers (from the dawn of history to today)? Are not all these ‘names’ merely subjective units of our consciousness (our inner mind)? To me, this is rather obvious!

All the above images were observed on my walk today! These ‘objects’ have been given unique and specific ‘names’ so we can differentiate them as we communicate and think!

All the planets which I look at in the evening are objects which man has given a ‘name’. Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans, Hebrews, Arabians, etc. noticed objects (up in the sky and on land) and then each object (also called a ‘thing’) was given a ‘name’. What does this reveal about human nature? To me, this reveals that we all live within TWO realms of reality. The realm of ‘naming’ (our mind) and the realm of material reality (things, objects, items). This reality is also given a philosophical ‘name’ which is called Dualism. Dualism is the concept that I receive ‘ideas’, ‘names’, ‘words’, etc. within my MIND (inner world) and I then apply these metaphysical units (names) to ‘objects’ (things) in my OUTER WORLD.

The ‘objects’ in our SKY are mere ‘things’! We humans give each unique ‘object’ a NAME. Notice the unique ‘names’! Which human person thought up these ‘names’? Does anyone know? These ‘names’, however, came from someone’s MIND!

If we apply this Dualistic philosophy to economics we should be better able to understand a concept like Dollar, Yen, Euro, Krona, Ruble, etc. During my walk today I did not witness any ‘object’ (thing) that I could ‘name’ Dollar. I also did not observe any ‘object’ which I could ‘name’ Yen, Euro, Krona, etc. Why is this so? Could it be that there is NO SUCH THING as Dollar, etc. within our material/physical world? I would suggest, YES! I would suggest that the ‘name’ Dollar is merely a unit within my MIND which is not located anyplace/anywhere. So where is it? I would suggest that the ‘name’ Dollar is merely an item within my mental WORLD. We could say that this ‘name’ is within my CONSCIOUSNESS!

This image/object is PAPER! Many call this paper ‘object’ by the ‘name’ Dollar! But is it really a Dollar? Think! What is the difference between the ‘name’ Dollar and a PAPER ‘object’ engraved with this ‘name’? Burn the paper…what happens?

So what is my point? My point is that we all live within TWO realms of reality (mostly unaware)! We live within our INNER world and we also live outside our inner world (that which we can call our OUTER world). My ‘inner’ world is where my ‘names’ (like the ‘name’ Dollar) reside. My ‘outer’ world is that which I SEE with my eyes as I walk the streets within my neighborhood. Even at this moment as I type this missive I am living within these two worlds (inner and outer). The words that I type are derived from my ‘inner’ world. The object which allows me to type is my laptop computer. This reveals these TWO worlds which we all live in (mostly unaware)!

Dualism reveals the ‘nature’ of reality! Our ‘names’ are phantoms which we apply to ‘objects’ for the purpose of communication and understanding! All ‘names’ are ARBITRARY units derived from MIND! My/Your MIND is an ‘inner’ experience!

The big problem that I witness today within economics is the radical change which has taken place with our MONEY. Today, we do not have much physical money left to circulate from buyer to seller, etc. Most of the ‘objects’ which we used for buying products (metal coins, etc.) are no longer being used. Today, our entire financial environment has transitioned into a new ‘inner’ world which we can call CYBERSPACE. Some call this new world VIRTUAL. Others call it DIGITAL. My point is that this new world is mostly an ‘inner’ world which we can call an EXTENSION OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. This is a world of ‘cyber’ digits; ‘cyber’ information; and ‘cyber/virtual/digital’ communication. Our Dollar (that which many still view as a metal coin or a paper note) is now NOTHING (it is not a ‘thing’ or ‘object’)! Are you aware of this?

Cyberspace is where all our money resides today! This memory space is part of our ‘inner’ experience! When I walk within my neighborhood, I do not observe this memory space as an ‘object’! Think of ‘cyberspace’ as virtual and similar to my/your MIND!

Take a walk outside in your own neighborhood. Look at all the ‘objects’ which you pass during your walk. See now many ‘objects’ you can give a ‘name’ (from your metaphysical memory)…your ‘inner’ world. Focus on this philosophy which we call Dualism (two realms of reality)! Notice that all ‘objects’ within your observations can be given a unique ‘name’. If you discover an ‘object’ without any ‘name’, then maybe you can THINK up a ‘name’ from your metaphysical MIND (which we can use for this ‘object’). Also notice (as you walk) that your MIND is active and thinking up all kinds of invisible images as you walk. What are these invisible (metaphysical images)? Where do they come from? Are there any NEW images or words emerging?

Take a walk in your neighborhood and notice all the ‘objects’! Can you ‘name’ each ‘object’? Where do these ‘names’ derive from? This is Dualism in motion!

What we need to realize is that we all LIVE within TWO realms of reality. This dualistic philosophy is what is the foundation of reality, economics, science, religion, and philosophy! Dualism is the foundation of our history of MONEY. Dualism is why money, currency, and legal tender ‘names’ emerged to assist us with transactions in our greater MARKETPLACE. Dualism is what all my missives are based upon! Dualism is my philosophy of life! Personally, I think you also live with this philosophy but maybe you are UNAWARE! Think about the message in this missive and see if it makes sense to you? Enjoy! I am:

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