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Prosecutors ‘Raid’ HSBC Bank! Who’s Next?

February 20, 2015

The Swiss Bank System is under investigation for money laundering, FX manipulations, manipulation of Euribor (interest rates), protecting tax dodgers, and other shenanigans. Some are saying that this raid is unprecedented as it was unannounced. This is what Yahoo News reported:

Swiss authorities on Wednesday raided British banking giant HSBC’s Swiss unit as part of a money laundering probe into the bank that has been accused of helping clients to dodge millions of dollars in taxes. Watch this video:–sector.html

The investigation comes just days after HSBC Switzerland became the centre of a global scandal following the publication of secret documents claiming it assisted many of its wealthy clients in thwarting the taxman. “A search is currently under way in the bank’s offices,” Geneva’s top prosecutors said in a statement.

The above behavior by one of the largest banking conglomerates on our planet reveals that this type of criminal behavior (by banking elites) is most likely taking place within all our large American Banks as well. Yes, money rules this planet and those in control of our money (now mostly ‘private’ banks) need to be scrutinized as this is where real corruption lies. Corruption and money go hand in hand and centralized money systems breed corruption. Favors and sleight of hand maneuvers by select elites has been the mode of operation for thousands of years. It used to be Kings and Royalty (who would clip coins of their intrinsic value so that Power Centers could fleece the masses)…now its Private executives with special privileges within the ‘halls of private rooms’ and ‘secret chambers’ in and around select Banking Facilities!

The AIG deal and other private shenanigans need to be investigated via a new public AUDIT! Timothy Geithner was CEO of the New York Fed at the time!

The Daily Bail reports: Why did the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, whose Chairman was Stephen Friedman (a Goldman Sachs board member who resigned from the New York Fed earlier this year when it was revealed that he had made $5 million by purchasing shares in GS with the knowledge that AIG would be paying counterparties at par and that Goldman would be getting a $13 billion windfall — when no one else had this information) and whose President was none other than current Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, why did this New York Fed choose to pay AIG’s counterparties 100 cents on the dollar when AIG itself had been negotiating for steep haircuts with claimants, AND why did they then pressure AIG executives to keep quiet about the decision even discouraging AIG from disclosing the ‘par-payments’ to its shareholders in required SEC filings?

Newser reported above! Also, this: (NEWSER) – Those interested in why federal regulators seem unable to rein in big banks might want to check out a new ProPublica report and a companion piece airing on public radio’s This American Life this weekend. The reports center on secret recordings made by Carmen Segarra, a Federal Reserve specialist… More »

Is it now time for our American prosecutors/regulators (say the SEC or a State Attorney) to start a RAID of the New York Federal Reserve Bank? The New York Fed basically ‘controls’ the day-to-day operations within all our American financial markets. This secret cabal (meeting on the 9th floor at 33 Liberty Street, New York) needs to be investigated IMO. This private operation can manipulate ‘interest rates’, FX currencies, create manipulations of prices via their trading operations, and who knows what else! Corruption within banking is a historical reality. The Fed should be viewed as an ‘unconstitutional’ entity IMO. Who knows what shenanigans are occurring on this 9th floor at 33 Liberty Street, New York. The other private entity which could be ‘raided’ would be the near-by facility called J. P. Morgan Chase.

Warren demands corruption hearing! I fully agree! Now is the Time!

We can only hope that all these private corrupt operations will eventually be ‘audited’ and ‘prosecuted” for their violations against the best interests of the workers and the common man. Centralized authority over money was what Thomas Jefferson and many others felt would bring Americans into servitude. Now is the time for our regulators, prosecutors, and informed citizens to seek truth within these ‘halls of monetary corruption’! The HSBC ‘raid’ is hopefully only the beginning! Read the above links to gain a more detailed understanding of the issues which underlie all these corruptions! With regard to the Greek debt situation, it appears that more word games are being played to get some type of agreement. It is unlikely that the new leaders of Greece can stand up to the pressure from the Troika elites.

(NEWSER) – Greece and its creditors in the 19-country eurozone reached an agreement today on the country’s request to extend its bailout. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the eurozone’s top official, says the deal will extend Greece’s loans for another four months. The Wall Street Journal‘s take: “The four-month extension falls short of the six months Greece had requested Thursday and strengthens the hand of the country’s creditors in negotiations for a follow-up deal.” Stay alert! 
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