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Roberts: Dow is either ‘rigged’ or ‘decoupled’ from reality!

February 18, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, said (on RT media) that our Dow is either rigged or it totally misrepresents the declining nature of our markets. He also said that the Greek’s should default on their debt to the ECB and others and start a new slate by borrowing from Russia or the BRICS to support a new currency (my paraphrase). Personally, I fully agree with these perceptions of Paul Craig Roberts. I think he is discerning the markets correctly! The stock exchanges all around the globe are mostly ‘rigged’ by computer trading and cyber funds (created ‘out of nothing’) by our Central Banks. This rigging is so obvious to many of us, yet the majority of financial pundits refuse to admit this reality to themselves. Denial supersedes common sense IMO!

Paul is right-on when it comes to our markets and the Greece situation! Check out his website at: 

The rigging of the silver/gold markets has been so obvious to those of us who understand the history of money. Our official administrators need to rig these markets so the masses of deceived traders (and the public at large) will continue supporting the fiat cyber dollar and not seek a safe haven in these historical precious metals. Americans have mostly abandoned any investment in our precious metals as the ‘price’ suppression scheme has been so relenting and constant. The past 4 years have revealed this ‘price’ suppression to the discerning pundits. The vast majority of undiscerning pundits, however, refuse to admit the obvious (mostly to protect their false assumptions about the nature of reality). This is how I see it!

Stock markets are rigged, oil market is rigged, and silver/gold market is rigged!

Our Dow Index is now over 18000 even as our wealth and prosperity is waning! Has this index decoupled from the reality of wealth creation? Personally, I think so!

What is most likely to happen over in Greece with their new leaders? Will these leaders bow to the pressure of the Troika (the ECB, the IMF, and the Euro leaders) so as to remain within the greater entity called the European Union? Will these leaders abandon their vows to forgo the ‘austerity’ program so that the people of Greece can create a new economy? What pressure will the Troika invoke to change the minds of these newly elected leaders so they abandon their election commitments? We should find out within a few days or less. My sense is that the people of Greece will not respond favorably if the ‘austerity’ program is continued. The unemployment rate is over 25% in Greece and growing!

Will the people win or will the Troika win! We should know in short order!

The other aspect of finance that is now so obvious that I express humor when thinking about this issue is the QE counterfeiting issue. Why can not our financial pundits discern this counterfeiting operation when Central Bank after Central Bank initiates new counterfeiting schemes. It boggles my mind at the stupidity of our watchmen over our markets. I will state, however, that the real discerning minds (like Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, John Embry, Jim Rickards, Eric Sprott, Felix Zulauf, Andrew Maguire, Nigel Farage, and Egon von Greyerz) all have come out strongly stating that our markets are ‘rigged’ (with gold/silver markets being the most obvious). This discernment by these pundits is heartening!

The rigging scheme is done with HFT computers and also via Algorithms! Today’s markets are rigged with coded software programs that execute trades automatically!

Today, the cyber charts on silver demonstrate that programmed algorithms are bracketing the cyber ‘price’ of silver…after the 5% take-down yesterday. If the cyber ‘price’ reaches $17 or $18 we should witness another huge shorting action by our trading manipulators. The shorting is now done mostly by algorithms within our electronic Futures Markets (the Globex Electronic Market seems to be the choice of most of our shorting actions). Go to and click on the charts for daily updates on this rigging/manipulation by select trading desks. It’s so obvious to me and to those with discernment! Unfortunately, there are many pundits who refuse to seek any serious discernment! Why do you think this is so?

The CME Globex Electronic Trading Platform is ideal for suppressing silver/gold prices in realtime! Who are the culprits who desire that these cyber prices be suppressed? Think about who benefits!

Ask yourself these questions when you think about our markets today: Why should anyone ‘pay’ any taxes to our governments today…when cyber money can be created by our Central Banks ‘out of nothing’? If money can be created by stealth operations like pressing computer keys, why not let our Central Banks pay all our tax obligations to our politicians? Why should the people of Greece suffer from so-called ‘austerity’ when the ECB could purchase all the Greek debt via the stroke of a computer key? If our cyber money today is ‘nothing’ and without any ‘substance’ and within a metaphysical memory space called ‘cyberspace’, why not cancel all debt on our planet and start over from scratch? If the above is valid (and our elite Central Bankers know this) doesn’t it make common sense that suppressing our historical money (silver/gold) must continue so that this con game can continue? Enjoy! I am:

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