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Monetary ‘Reset’ likely soon! Bank Holiday likely!

February 18, 2015

The conditions for a global monetary Reset is approaching fast. We are likely to witness this event in 2015/2016! China is now thinking seriously about a Reset (and their role in a new world economy). Russia wants a Reset (without the ‘dollar’ as the reference point for value). The BRICS want a Reset. The previous Central Banker of the ECB (Jean-Claude Trichet) is now working to create this Reset. This statement (following the photo) confirms the mindset of those who view a Reset as necessary:

This past ECB Governor could play a role in framing the agenda for a new monetary Reset!

Recently we have seen some more confirmation major countries are preparing for a new phase of the international monetary system. During two conferences in China last year, a coming financial reset has been discussed. At the 2014 edition of the Chinese International Finance Forum (IFF) “[..] a new global financial order has been discussed with China.” According to the former ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet. Chinese media reported the three days the forum (including U.N., World Bank, IMF participators) discussed “the new framework for the global financial and economic system”.

Preparations for a monetary reset were also confirmed by Zhou Ming, General Manager of the Precious Metals Department at ICBC during the LBMA Forum in Singapore; With the status of the US dollar as the international reserve currency being shaky, a new global currency setup is being conceived.

Willem Middlekoop’s book is getting a huge audience and this is very positive for change!

A new book called The Big Reset (War on Gold and the Financial Endgame) should be on everyone’s reading list. The author is an ex-journalist from the Netherlands, called Willem Middlekoop. This book lays out the details of why the world now needs this Reset. The planning for a Reset is now mostly complete…as many secret meetings have been held. If you want to purchase The Big Reset visit this website: A second website focusing on monetary reform is called the Official Monetary Financial Institutions Forum: Check out both sites!

The Endgame is fast approaching and a Reset could start later in 2015!

The planning for a Reset (with gold playing some role) is getting serious attention among the elite. The most likely time for a reset will be over a weekend period when nobody is expecting it. Secret meetings and public conferences (some 276) have already been held (according to the OMFIF website) on the issues of a new monetary regime (we could call it a 2nd Bretton Woods Conference). The first Bretton Wood Monetary Conference was held in 1944 in New Hampshire and this international conference resulted in the American dollar and gold emerging as the reference point for monetary value. What is likely to be the new formulae after the coming Reset?

Jim Rickards is also well-informed on the coming Reset! His book is called the Death of Money! The year of 2015 could set this coming Reset into motion!

Much talk is centered on the SDR (the currency of the International Monetary Fund) playing a major role with possibly gold being part of the formulae to give this currency value. But no firm decision has been made public as yet. My sense is that gold will play some role and that prior to this Reset, China and the European Union will want to acquire enough gold to compete with the United States. Supposedly, the USA still has some 8000 tons of gold and China is accumulating gold to compete at this level. The suppression of the gold price plays into this scenario as China is now able to purchase its greater supply at the suppressed global prices.

Many pundits think China may have accumulated some 2000 tons or more as this country is accumulating but not revealing accurate numbers! There goal appears to be 8000 tons!

Does this lady understand monetary issues? Probably not! She is the leader of the IMF, however! Her role may be to act as marketing director for the NWO?

Some talk is also centered on the scenario of breaking the World into some three major regions where each region would have their own ‘reserve currency’. Any Reset is fluid and changing until we have a major economic COLLAPSE…which then creates the environment for a Reset. The Stock Market collapse in the USA could be the catalyst for creating the Reset environment. This could happen in 2015 and then the serious meetings will begin. Take the time to read the new book by Willem Middlekoop, called The Big Reset (War on Gold and the Financial Endgame). I find it well written and mostly in tune to what I have been blogging for the past 7 years. Enjoy! I am:



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