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‘Words’ create one’s Reality!

February 17, 2015

One’s metaphysical ‘words’ derived from one’s consciousness create one’s reality! Today, our money is no longer a physical unit (printed paper notes or minted metal coins)…with minor exceptions! Today, some 96% of money transactions are the result of using cyberspace units (also called virtual units or digits within our computer screens). These units are derived from the mind’s of bankers (mostly Central Bankers) who have the Authority to create these units (from their decision-making authority). Imaginary ‘numbers’ get ‘typed’ into the computer screen and these numbers become our legal tender. We should call these ‘numbers’…units of consciousness (as they derive from our metaphysical mind). There is zero ‘substance’ to these cyber units which we trade within our computer screens. Who is aware?

This Central Banker (2006 to 2014) initiated QE counterfeiting for the markets! Copycats are now following his lead!

Those who have been observing our global cyber markets have noticed the concept called QE. This symbol means the same as ‘creating cyber money units out of nothing’. QE is now ubiquitous globally and we can name the counterfeiters who initiate these fraudulent schemes. The most recent QE counterfeiter is Mr. Stephan Ingves of Sweden. He claims that he desires negative interest rates to stimulate consumer demand…and he desires more cyber krona for his select primary dealers to further manipulate the Swedish markets. Recently, we have witnessed Ben Shalom Bernanke with his QE operations. Then we witnessed Mervyn King at the Bank of England with his QE operations. Then H. Kuroda of Japan started a huge QE operation. Then Mario Draghi recently initiated his 1.2 billion euro QE operation. China has also created trillions of yuan since 2008 via their QE operations. Who else is counterfeiting our legal tender?

Stephan Ingves (Sweden’s Central Banker) can increase his official cyber account by merely typing ‘cyber krona’ into his master computer screen in Stockholm, Sweden! Swedish legal tender emerges into his markets for further price distortions and malinvestments! Note the computers in his Central Banking room! There is NO printing of ‘krona’ today (by Stephan)! He increases his account by ‘typing’ krona into cyberspace!

Under our fractional reserve banking regime, any commercial banker can also create loans (now cyber money loans) from merely ‘typing’ imaginary numbers into a recipients cyber account. Legal tender money emerges from the consciousness of a commercial banker and emerges in a recipients account (for spending). What we have going today is a huge fraudulent Ponzi money scheme which benefits select beneficiaries who have direct connections with our banking community. The 1% is benefiting mostly from these QE operations and the 99% must suffer the consequences of being unconnected to the halls of Wall Street. This huge international Ponzi Scheme is now operational as our politicians benefit from this money from heaven. Yes, our legal tender money today is METAPHYSICAL and select recipients benefit at the expense of the masses of consumers who are unaware of how our Casino System works. What a shame!

Mr. Kuroda of Japan is creating trillions of cyber yen from his computer operations in Tokyo, Japan! He just ‘types’ new cyber digits in his computer screen in Tokyo (hoping to create ‘inflation’)!

All our virtual (cyber) currencies are similar to Bitcoin. They reside in ‘cyberspace’ and derive from the thinking of our Central Bankers and our Commercial Bankers! Virtual legal tender is imaginary legal tender!

Mr. Draghi at the European Central Bank just initiated a 1.2 trillion cyber euro operation (QE). These euro’s derive from his mind (or consciousness) and then get ‘typed’ into his master computer screen! He then has legal tender in his account to manipulate and distort our cyber markets!

This Central Banker will testify to our Congress on February 24-25. Listen carefully to her ‘words’ for a revelation of what she might initiate down the road! Watch if she enunciates the word ‘patient’!

To understand what is happening today we need to observe the ‘words’ coming from the mouths of our Central Bankers and their proxies. Watch what our Central Banker (Janet Yellen) says to our Congress next week (February 24 -25). Listen to the ‘words’ coming out of her consciousness! Her ‘words’ are what derive from her thinking! Her ‘words’ reveal her possible actions! Her ‘words’ reveal what is within her metaphysical consciousness. Yes, one’s WORDS are key to reality! Watch the WORDS which come from the mouths of all our politicians as well. Are their ‘words’ revealing sound thinking or are they revealing deceptions and lies? Each person will need to do their own thinking and discernment is a sign of understanding! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Lies and deceptions can emerge from the THINKING of any person (including myself)! A deceived person is generally not aware of their deception! Today, we witness huge deceptions within all of our financial markets! Many of our financial pundits are deceived about the ‘nature’ of our cyberspace markets! DECEPTION and propaganda emerges from the inner ‘consciousness’ of many leaders in high positions of AUTHORITY! Beware!!!

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