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Silver crashes 5% in seconds within our Cyber Markets! Why?

February 17, 2015

Today’s cyber silver price crashes on our electronic markets in seconds. This silent crash is accomplished using algorithms within a memory space called CYBERSPACE. All those who talk about ‘supply/demand’ as the movers of price should look and think about this tick chart. Check out this link and think about the ‘nature’ of a cyber tick chart:

Live New York Silver Chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

This tick chart is within ‘cyberspace’. What is ‘cyberspace’?

What pundits need to comprehend and think about is the ‘nature’ of our financial markets today. It seems like 99+% of financial pundits do not comprehend the ‘nature’ of cyberspace. Our global financial markets are now nearly 100% within ‘cyberspace’. If you are reading this missive at this moment you are reading text created within ‘cyberspace’. If you look at our monetary symbols ($1.00, etc.) you need to comprehend that these symbols are now units of memory (consciousness) within ‘cyberspace’. Today, we use computers, digits, and cyber concepts as our legal tender (money). The old days of printed notes and metal coins are mostly history. Think about the ‘nature’ of cyberspace!

This tick chart reveals how our cyber prices ‘flow’ from moment to moment! Pulses of light energy create this image within our computer screens!

If you are ‘reading’ this missive you are within ‘cyberspace’ with your consciousness. The text that you read is within ‘cyberspace’. The ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ which I use to denote our legal tender ($$$) are within ‘cyberspace’. The unit we call our ‘dollar’ is now a cyber currency. The unit we call the ‘euro’ is now a cyber currency. The unit we call the ‘pound’ is a cyber currency. There are some 140 cyber currencies on our planet which ‘flow’ within our computer screens. Invisible frequencies and pulses of light (photons) move these cyber currencies from computer screen to computer screen. Traders now use ‘algorithms’ and coded software to manipulate all our cyber prices within our computer screens. Are you aware of this?

Invisible pulses of light move our metaphysical data (cyber money) from computer screen to computer screen at near the speed of light!

Do you realize that robo traders (mere coded software using algorithms) accomplish most trading transactions today. These transactions are done within a computer screen using trading software. The click of a computer key or a computer mouse can execute a trade. An algorithm (programmed within our cyberspace system) and within our computer screen can execute cyber trades within milliseconds. Today, traders can ‘enter’ and ‘exit’ trades merely to effect the cyber prices of a commodity like silver. None of these actions have anything to do with the supply/demand of physical silver. The entire purpose of most trading today is to affect the cyber price so that cyber profits can be generated within the computer screen for a trader. Are you aware of this?

Robo traders and algorithms execute most trades today! Supply and Demand have no meaningful role in setting our cyber prices today! Focus on the tick charts above for details on how our cyber prices get determined!

Go back and click on the above link from Focus on the tick chart and the time periods (located at the bottom of the tick chart). Notice the electronic exchanges which now allow cyber trading to manipulate all our cyber prices. Note the word: Globex, Hong Kong, Nymex, London, and Sydney. All these ‘names’ refer to electronic exchanges which allow cyber trading of commodities (such as silver). Note the green line (today’s tick activity) which creates our cyber price for silver. Traders create this tick activity with their speed of light trading within this memory space called CYBERSPACE. Most of the trading is now done electronically (with no human input) via ALGORITHMS. Are you aware that today’s silver prices are determined by cyber trading with algorithms and coded trading software?

Notice the sharp price changes (often within milliseconds) to manipulate the price of silver! This same manipulation is prevalent within our gold and oil markets to effect the cyber price!

Yes, we live within a metaphysical memory space called ‘cyberspace’ and this space is within our CONSCIOUSNESS. The word called ‘metaphysical’ means that all trading is now within our inner spiritual space (often called one’s MIND). Your reading of this missive is being accomplished within YOUR mind or consciousness. Are you aware of this? My ‘mind’ is a metaphysical space separate from my brain activity. I write this text and manipulate my ‘words’ via my metaphysical thinking. This is what all our global traders do today. They think and then create a computer program for executing trades…designed to manipulate cyber prices so cyber legal tender can be accumulated within their cyber computer screen (financial account). Our Central Bankers do this via their trading desks. Our Hedge Funds do this via their trading desks. Computer machines (within cyberspace) now RULE our financial markets! Who is aware?

This lady has the Authority to create her ‘metaphysical’ legal tender (called the ‘dollar’) from her inner consciousness! Watch her actions…derived from her words! Will the word ‘patience’ be removed from her metaphysical statements come February 24 – 25 (the next report to our Congress)?

Isn’t it time to WAKE-UP and notice what moves our markets today? Ask yourself if you understand the ‘nature’ of cyberspace? Ask yourself if you understand the ‘nature’ of today’s legal tender (our cyber currency units)? Ask yourself if you comprehend the nature of an ‘algorithm’? Ask yourself if you understand our electromagnetic spectrum and speed of light frequencies? Ask yourself if you comprehend the difference between physical silver and cyber silver (that which is within a cyber tick chart) as the above link demonstrates? Think about the ‘nature’ of CYBERSPACE! That is my cyber missive for today! Watch our CYBER financial markets as they begin their decent from on high! This could start when trader ‘confidence’ wanes and crashes! Enjoy this day! I am:

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