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Doug Casey’s comments seem to reveal a lack of ‘discernment’!

February 12, 2015

The recent comments of Mr. Casey to his followers and readers (with respect to silver/gold price suppression) seems to reveal a lack of understanding of history and also current events. Personally, I am surprised that Doug and his reputable Research staff can not discern what is obvious to so many others (who observe and think about the history of gold/silver within our financial markets). Why would this astute pundit lack this discernment about the role which gold and silver has played within our markets and why the ‘price’ of these metals is so crucial to the OFFICIAL stability of our fiat (cyber) dollar? Could it be his core metaphysical BELIEFS about the nature of reality (human nature)? Could it be his desire to avoid the hard issues of the real corruption within our Centralized institutions of finance and global economics? The quote below is what Doug recently stated (June 2014). Similar comments from Doug have been repeated in recent days! Many media commentators are confused as to WHY this pundit can not discern ‘price’ manipulation/suppression!

Are Doug’s ‘beliefs’ at the core of his perceptions of reality? I know that mine are!

Doug Casey sits with Kitco News’ Daniela Cambone to talk gold prices, market manipulation and the U.S. government. “Are gold prices being suppressed, asks Daniela? Doug responds: “I consider that

to be ridiculous,”  “I find that counter-factual and actually rather ridiculous.” Casey also talks about Fed policies and says inflation is an eminent threat to the country. He then asserts: “Looking at the marketplace, gold is at a reasonable value right now.”

We have now witnessed nearly four (4) years of ‘cyber’ price suppression in both precious metals (silver and gold) and yet Doug refuses to challenge his own assumptions on this reality. The vast majority of astute pundits who follow the corruption within our halls of finance (such as Eric Sprott,  Andrew Maguire, John Embry, David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts, Jim Rickards, etc.) discern the obvious manipulation/suppression which is now occurring within our markets. I have written about these issues since 2008. Yes, one’s core BELIEF’S do affect one’s ‘judgment’ on current events and on history. Our BELIEF’S (also called one’s Worldview) are powerful metaphysical factors in forming one’s outlook on reality. One’s BELIEF’S create one’s core philosophy of life! This, to me, is the bottom line on issues of reality!

Doug’s ‘beliefs’ and ‘assumptions’ reveal his Worldview! Is he ‘totally incorrect’ on the issues of gold price manipulation/suppression?

If I ‘believe’ that man is basically ‘good’ (at the core)…which I think is Doug’s premise on human nature (being an Atheist)… then I would not desire to assume that our Centralized policymakers would desire to manipulate/suppress/distort/confuse our financial markets with ‘false flag’ programs like the ‘price’ suppression of silver and gold (via computer trading strategies). Why would these ‘good’ policymakers (at the core) want to deceive, distort, confuse, manipulate, and suppress a historical METAL like the gold price? This would make no sense to one who has the core BELIEF (Worldview) that man is basically ‘good’! Could this false premise (in my view) of Doug’s be at the core of his conclusion on issues like ‘price’ suppression and ‘price’ manipulation (of gold/silver)? Doug is not the only pundit with the view that price suppression is not occurring. There are many who agree with Doug. In fact I would wager a vast majority would agree with Doug!

Is Doug ‘right’ about the ‘nature’ of money? What about his view on Inflation? What about his view on ‘price’ manipulation/suppression? What creates one’s Worldview? Why is this important?

Let’s list a few who do NOT discern any ‘price’ suppression of our historical money (gold and silver) and thus AGREE with Doug: Lawrence Summers, Paul Krugman, Jack Lew, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, Jeffrey Christian, and a host of others. All these tend to view the LACK of demand as the reason WHY gold/silver prices have declined since 2011. But are these pundits discerning reality correctly? Is there really a LACK of demand within our Global interconnected cyber markets? All the evidence which I have researched seems to show the exact OPPOSITE. Demand has been growing (globally) and supply has increased only marginally (slightly). Coin sales suggest that demand is strong and growing. Central Bank accumulations reveal that demand is strong. China, India, and Russia are accumulating new supplies at record levels. The Silver Institute reveals that Demand exceeds Supply! So why this disconnect from reality (our marketplace)?

Is Doug aware of the ‘nature’ of CYBERSPACE? Is his ‘consciousness’ within CYBERSPACE? If so, could our cyber trading strategies be at the core of ‘price’ manipulations/suppressions?

I get back to the concept of one’s inner BELIEF’S (also called Worldview). If my core assumptions about human nature are that man is basically ‘good’, then it is difficult for me to assume that such negative events as PRICE manipulation, INTEREST RATE manipulation, TRADING STRATEGY manipulation, CENTRAL BANK manipulation, GOLD PRICE suppression, etc. are really occurring. I simply do not want to ADMIT these negatives about ‘human nature’. Could this be why Doug says the following: “Are gold prices being suppressed, asks Daniela of Kitco? Doug responds: “I consider that

to be ridiculous,”  “I find that counter-factual and actually rather ridiculous.” Why this view, Doug, with all the counter-factual evidence within our markets to the contrary? Anyway, Doug may change his view at some point (I don’t mean to pick on him as a person or on his integrity)! His statements, however, demand some response! Reality is confusing at the core. I think (per my Worldview) that huge ‘price’ manipulations are occurring and have occurred! Enjoy! I am:

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