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Update: Why $$$ suppression of silver/gold ‘prices’ will continue!

February 11, 2015

Few financial pundits seem to understand the ‘nature’ of our markets today. Most pundits live in a ‘past’ epoch (mentally) where their ‘thinking’ creates huge deceptions in their awareness. Are you aware that cyber prices (that which creates our silver/gold prices today) are the result of  computer ‘trading’ strategies? These trading strategies are accomplished within our electronic (cyber) markets via mostly mathematical ‘algorithms’. Today, I can trade in stock markets and futures markets using a ‘short’ (shorting) trading strategy to suppress the cyber price of silver/gold in milliseconds, continually, endlessly, and in realtime daily. There is no stopping ‘me’ (if I have the trading $$$) from suppressing the cyber price of silver/gold ‘forever’. This reality is now ubiquitous in our electronic inter-connected cyberspace markets (which are global today)! Who is aware of this?

silver chart

This tick chart reveals the ‘nature’ of today’s cyber price suppression. The supply/demand of the physical metal is not relevant to execute today’s trading strategies. I can use the concept of ‘shorting’ silver (with no delivery involved) to suppress the cyber price! This is equivalent to trading ‘phantom’ contracts or shares to manipulate prices! Yes, imaginary (phantom) trading of silver is now suppressing these prices!

Our deceived ‘traders’ are now using strategies like the ‘naked short’ (in our electronic futures markets and a similar strategy in our stock markets via reverse ETF’s). Traders can ‘enter’ and ‘exit’ a trading strategy in milliseconds via an algorithm or in minutes via clicking their mouse button. Computers which transfer information (buy/sell/short/long/put/call strategies) via speed of light computers now ‘enter’ and ‘exit’ trading strategies to accomplish their price manipulations in seconds, minutes, or hours. This new reality is now the ‘means’ for suppressing our silver/gold cyber prices continually. These strategies have been continual for nearly four (4) years and few seem to notice. Why this lack of ‘awareness’?

My sense is that pundits are unaware of their own ‘consciousness’ and this makes them ‘assume’ that today’s cyber prices are the same as historical paper prices. This lack of awareness is creating stupidity within our advisor markets and among our leading economists and thinkers. None seems to discern that all our financial markets are now within ‘cyberspace’ (a metaphysical memory space that is within one’s ‘consciousness’). Prices are not being determined within our outer space/time material universe. The use of paper money has mostly disappeared and all our so-called money (legal tender) is now a unit of consciousness; a unit of nothing; a metaphysical unit; a digital unit; a cyber unit. Why can not anyone discern this reality (there are a few exceptions but the number is probably less than 0.05%)?

Anyway, the ONLY way this cyber price suppression will stop is if some individual/group/company buys up all the physical supply so that the suppression scheme is exposed as a ‘fraud’. If all the ‘physical’ supply is in the hands of strong savers (who hold the inventory as a safe haven) then this so-called ‘paper’ (cyber) suppression scheme will get exposed as a ‘fraud’. Trading strategies in our electronic markets will also become fruitless and ineffective. Cyber price suppression will then stop and the 4 year fraud of cyber price suppression will come to a stop. Could this happen in 2015? Yes, I think so! There is a gradual awareness building that our computer trading strategies are the issue. We now need to make more of our financial pundits AWARE and knowledgable of how our cyber price markets work. Enjoy! I am:

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  1. Spartacusstoo permalink
    June 24, 2015 7:17 pm

    For sure, the scheme has no impetus to end. That said, does not mean other outside forces cannot take over this market. I am inferring China, Russia, India and other nations with the new Chinese Infrastructure banking facility where mostly all of the BRIC’s nations and then some have signed on. Then there is he Shanghai Gold Exchange and the Hong Kong gold and silver traffic into mainland China.

    This pivot East is coming to an end where the bullion banks of the west become exhausted in terms of the Precious Metals, particularly gold as it would appear that China desperately wants their currency, the yuan included in the IMF basket of sovereign currencies.

    Presumedly, this Sept. is the time when China makes its big currency move inclusive of announcing how much gold they have accumulated; many times the official number in order to back the yuan with gold and thereby challenging the dollar.

    In general, it appears that we are going to experience a paradigm shift in world hegemony outside of the USD.

    In my humble opinion we are in store for some fireworks this fall even more so than currency issues. There is just too much debt world wide and it is debt that can never be repaid, so something has to give, and soon.


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