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First Principles of Christian Theology…’false’ and ‘deceptive’!

February 10, 2015

My study of Christian Theology these past few years has led me to the conclusion that the First Principles (of this theology) are basically ‘false’ and ‘deceptive’! The real problem IMO were the doctrines and messages derived from the self-appointed Apostle called Paul (Saul of Tarsus prior to his visionary experience). This writer created some 13 letters (books) which made their way into the New Testament canon and his writings and his implications (derived from his personal thinking) has misled those who follow this false Apostle. Paul created the theology of salvation by grace and the idea that the crucified Rabbi (Yeshua/Jesus) became one’s absolute salvation from human foibles/error/sin (as a result of his death, resurrection, and glorification). This false doctrine IMO has misled millions/billions from the REAL gospel of Yeshua (the Jewish Rabbi) who espoused a much different GOSPEL! What then is the correct Gospel of Yeshua/Jesus? What did he preach prior to his death? Think: Kingdom of God!

An image of a man (who became God) as visions and preaching permeated the World! His ‘real’ message (prior to Christianity) was the Kingdom of his spiritual Father (YHWH)!

A more realistic image of Yeshua during his lifetime! He was an Aramaic Jew! He was fully human and he died as a human! After death he was ‘glorified’ by his spiritual Father!

When I read the writings in the New Testament (say the book of Mark) I distinctly get the message that the person we call Jesus (he was really Aramaic and had the ‘name’ Yeshua or similar for his ‘name’)…and not Jesus.  Furthermore, he was born around 4-6 B.C.E. (fully human) and then his human parents had him circumcised and dedicated on day eight (8) after his emergence from the womb. Who did his parents dedicate him to? Would you believe the God of Israel (Yahweh)! His parents (who believed in this God called Yahweh) did not dedicate his future to ‘himself’ (as if he were God)! This event called Yeshua’s Dedication/Circumcision reveals who his God really IS. Furthermore, after day 8, of his Dedication (at the Temple of Yahweh) he grew in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom (around the Galilee to Jerusalem area) in this Mediterranean environment! He might have been a carpenter (by trade)!

The circumcision and dedication ceremony of baby Yeshua around 4-6 B.C.E.! He was given the ‘name’ Yeshua. His parents dedicated him to their God…YHWH (Eloi)!

The land of Yeshua at the time of the Temple of Yahweh! King Herod ruled and Pontius Pilot and Caiaphas viewed Yeshua as a criminal/blasphemer (during his trial)!

Trial of Yeshua at the Jewish Sanhedrin! The verdict: Yeshua was a blasphemer! His claim to be Messiah was false and his teachings were false (according to Caiaphas, et al)!

At around the age of 30 (give or take a few years) he chose to get baptised by his cousin John (in the Jordan River) around the area called Jericho. The implication is that he viewed himself a ‘sinner’ (under the Law of Moses) and needed this event to further his goal towards perfection. John was baptizing many under the authority of his God called Yahweh (in the Jordan River at this time). So both John and Yeshua viewed themselves as servants of the God called Yahweh. Furthermore, the Temple in the City of David (called Jerusalem) was also called the Temple of Yahweh (and the God of Israel). Yeshua spent much of his time learning the wisdom of the Torah at this Temple facility while he was growing up. So what happened AFTER his baptism in the Jordan River by his cousin, John?

Yeshua was baptised by his cousin, John, in the Jordan River (near Jericho) in 27-28 A.D.! The implication is that he viewed himself as a ‘sinner’ (one who could not keep the Law perfectly/absolutely)! This was true for every child of Abraham/Moses!

Herod’s Temple (the Temple of Yahweh) was where Yeshua learned his theology and Gospel! After baptism by his cousin John he preached about the Kingdom of God! The God of Yeshua (was not himself) but was Yahweh (in Aramaic/Hebrew)!

What appears to have happened is that he had an epiphany (a spiritual experience) which then launched his ministry or Gospel message to the public. His ministry/message was that the Kingdom of Yahweh (Eloi in Aramaic) was at hand. This Gospel was also called the Kingdom of Heaven and/or the Kingdom of God. All these terms meant that Yeshua desired that his God (YHWH) be the ruler over all of Israel (the 12 tribes). His Gospel was meant for the 12 Israeli tribes. He attempted to promote this message by seeking followers who also desired this result (The Kingdom of Yahweh or Eloi). The problem, however, was that his words and message implied to the elite of his day (the Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and the elites at the Jewish Sanhedrin, that he was assuming the role of King of the Jews (and ruler over all the tribes of Israel). This assumption (these elite thought) must be rejected and eliminated from any public proclamation! The elite did not desire to give up their POWER and prerogatives!

The Jewish elite rejected the message/gospel of Yeshua as they viewed him as desiring to play God over them! Their God was Yahweh (also called the God of Abraham/Moses) and they assumed that they were Yahweh’s chosen! Yeshua (they thought) was a criminal!

The elite religious leaders assumed that they were God’s chosen and that Yeshua and his band of rag-tag peasant followers were deceived imposters. The Jewish elite questioned Yeshua about his Gospel and his teachings and they eventually totally REJECTED his Gospel (The Kingdom of Yahweh God as their Ruler) with Yeshua merely as the messenger. The elite desired that Caesar (the symbol of Roman rulership) remain King over them and that Yeshua (and his Gospel) be put to death for blasphemy and falsehood (a false and deceptive gospel contrary to historical Judaism). These elite did not view Yeshua as their Messiah or their King! A trial was initiated under the Roman political system and eventually this Galilean carpenter/teacher was executed via crucifixion (the common death methodology at that time). The Jewish elite then had him buried near-by in a rock-hewn tomb. They assumed that all had been finished with this death/burial ordeal! Were they to be surprised!

Anti-Semitism emerged after the death of Yeshua! This hatred continues even until today! Anti-Semitism is a spiritual perception within one’s consciousness!

Yeshua was executed (via Crucifixion). Yeshua gave up his ‘spirit’ (showing complete death)! Once his ‘spirit’ left him (his body/brain) his mortal self died!

Yeshua ‘appeared’ to select disciples (after his resurrection)! Was this ‘appearance’ a VISION within the consciousness (mind) of these followers? Did his God (YHWH) glorify Yeshua’s ‘spirit’ as a conscious body/brain…indicating that he was alive in the ‘spiritual’ realm (also called our immortal self)? This is a possibility! Socrates also viewed his real inner self as ‘immortal’. 

The above history (initiated by this baptized Galilean) was mostly misunderstood as Yeshua was not attempting to install himself as King (but he did desire that his God be KING). Yeshua understood the history of the Israelites and this history revealed that man can not RULE himself successfully. God (YHWH) must rule over each unique person if a right relationship is to occur between fellow Israelites and their Gentile friends. His Gospel and his Message was primarily meant for all the 12 tribes of Israel (not the Gentile nations/persons). After his death, however, visions and dreams developed within his close followers (disciples) and they assumed that he had risen from his 3 day death in the tomb. This gradually became called the RESURRECTION (as these spiritual inner visions seemed real within a person’s consciousness/mind). Today, the vision of MONEY seems real to the many!

The KINGDOM OF GOD was the real Gospel message of Yeshua! This real message was NOT the message of Christianity, however! Christianity created a ‘false’ doctrine perpetuated mostly by PAUL and those associated with this converted Jew!

The symbols above reveal the God of Israel (YHWH)! This God was invisible and had no ‘image’ which one could visualize within the mind! Yeshua worshipped this invisible God! Christians worship an ‘image’ of the messenger…who proclaimed this invisible God!

Years later (upon reflection) his followers came to the conclusion that God (YHWH) had raised (resurrected) this mortal body (of Yeshua) after being dead. Then as years past, other disciples had similar visions (like Saul of Tarsus) of a ‘glorified’ Yeshua and this created the Christian Religion which became mostly the official religion (doctrine) of the known World after Constantine the Great adopted this religion (after his own visionary experience of a Cross). Later, after the death of followers like Peter and Paul, the Roman Catholic Religion emerged as the Official Christian Doctrine for everyone. The concept of Salvation from ‘sin’ via a belief in the death and resurrection of Yeshua (then elevated to CHRIST and later part of a Trinitarian God). This became the new Gospel for mankind and the World.

Saul of Tarsus (later the Apostle Paul) created the Christian Religion (mostly)! Paul wrote some 13 books of the NT and created the theology called Christianity! Paul desired his own ‘salvation’ and hoped the answer was in the death and resurrection of Yeshua!

The Apostle Paul (and his thinking) created the Christian Gospel and its Message of Salvation! Paul did not know the historical Yeshua! His gospel emerged from a VISION some 3 or so years after the death of Yeshua in Jerusalem!

All this history developed mostly AFTER the death of this Rabbi called Yeshua from Galilee. The REAL message of Yeshua was eliminated (forgotten) and the Kingdom of Jesus or the Kingdom of Christ replaced this REAL Gospel (which was the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Yahweh). Jesus became the Christian God and Salvation from Sin became the core of the gospel message. This entire history is now being exposed as mostly a ‘deception’ and a ‘false’ Gospel. In reality, Yahweh is still the God of Israel and (for many) the God of our Universe. Yeshua’s Gospel is NOT being preached and a FALSE Gospel is being disseminated all across the World. Deception has become so powerful among the Christian elite that many are unable to discern what has happened. Today, we live with a cloud of deception and it all goes back some 2000 years to the experiences which happened during and after the LIFE of Yeshua (mostly on and after 31 A.D.)!

The Gospel of Salvation (from sin) is desired but is never realized within realtime reality! In reality, every Christian is still living in ‘sin’ and unable to get fully redeemed!

Being SAVED (in a final form) is deception! Few, however, discern this deception!

Paul hated Yeshua believers (and he desired to kill them)! But he had a VISION (of the glorified Yeshua) and this changed his thinking! He developed his theology of Christianity for the public! The ‘vision’ was real and within his inner Consciousness!

The above is a shortened overview of what has happened within the theology called Christianity. There are many nuances which are not being presented here. The big picture overview is all that I am attempting to present in this missive. Each person will need to dig into their own view of history to discern if my presentation is relatively accurate. As of today, however, I do think that the above history gives you an overview of how deception can emerge from human experiences which are spiritual in nature. All of us are spiritual beings (in my view) and deception is part of living on this planet. Digging into hard reality is necessary if we desire to discern real ‘truth’. Today, millions and billions live with another huge deception called MONEY. Deception is rampant on our planet! Read my prior blog messages to discern the deceptions in the economic realm of reality! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. Evidence for the REAL Gospel of Yeshua which was the KINGDOM OF GOD and/or the KINGDOM OF YHWH (and not the ‘person’ of Jesus as presented by today’s false ministers) follows:

1. The “Kingdom of God” (Greek: βασιλεία τοῦ θεοῦ, Basileia tou Theou) and its equivalent form “Kingdom of Heaven” (Βασιλεία τῶν Ουρανῶν,Basileia tōn Ouranōn) in the Gospel of Matthew is one of the key elements of the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament.[3] Drawing on Old Testament teachings, the Christian characterization of the relationship between God and humanity inherently involves the notion of the “Kingship of God”.[4][5]

2. “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” John the Baptist and Yeshua proclaimed the nearness of God’s Kingdom (Matthew 3:2; 4:17; Mark 1:15). A literal translation is “has come near.” The long-awaited rule of God was near. This message was called the gospel, the goodnews. Thousands of people were glad to hear this, and many responded to this message of John and Yeshua.

3. After training His 12 disciples, Jesus (Yeshua) sent them out “to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick” (Luke 9:2). After His crucifixion and glorification, Jesus (Yeshua) appeared before His disciples and continued “speaking of the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God” (Acts 1:3).

4. The Kingdom of God means the Rulership of our Creator. The Kingdom of God means the Government of the invisible spirit BEING which works through each person uniquely. Providence is another concept which portrays the universal sovereignty of the All Mighty Source. God is invisible to our five senses but can be perceived within one’s inner Consciousness.

5. Everyone is created in the ‘image’ of our spiritual Source. Our SOURCE consists of two personalities or spirits. I have two OPPOSING personalities within, two opposing spirits within, the negative and the positive within, good and evil within, peace and war within, joy and sadness within, christ and anti-christ within, and love and hate within. This battle between opposites creates our HUMAN NATURE.

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  1. hallenberg2005 permalink
    February 12, 2015 11:18 am

    in response i would like to hi lite your11/26/14 article that had a picture of plato’s cave:most of us are content to live in the shadows and not seek the sunshine. also i agree with your above points 4 & 5.we need to revert back to a practice that was common in the church prior to the late middle age “resting in god”. now its been revived through contemplation/centering prayer, making space for god/reality/love or as in the beatles song just”let it be”. silence and service are as good of a motto i can think of for anyone.the tree of life represents our spiritual consciousness or non dual thinking. the tree of good and evil represents our ego consciousness, dualistic, either or thinking. these two trees in genesis 2:9 serve as ideal metaphors for our mind.


    • February 12, 2015 3:36 pm

      Agree. D the tree of good and evil represents our ego consciousness, dualistic, either or thinking. these two trees in genesis 2:9 serve as ideal metaphors for our mind.

      On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 11:18 AM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



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