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Ninety-Six % (96%) of our ‘money’ now in Cyberspace!

February 5, 2015

Yes, our money, debt, savings, investments are all stored in what is called ‘cyberspace’. Only some 4% of monetary transactions are now ‘outside’ of cyberspace (also called space/time reality). We still use paper notes and some metal coins for our money transactions but this is diminishing daily as consumers, investors, and our banks force us all to use cyber currencies for our buy/sell decisions. Historical money (which was physical and within space/time) is being eliminated so that cyber money (within our computer/mobile phone screens) prevails as legal tender going forward. Yes, our banksters are gradually making us all cyber slaves to their cyber currencies. When our economy turns down everyone will start to wake-up to this reality. So what is cyber money?

We all recognize Bitcoin as a virtual/digital currency BUT how many are aware that all our bankster currencies are not Digital/Virtual/Subjective/Imaginary/Cyberspace units?

Let’s think about our computer screen and our mobile smart phones which we now all use daily for information and for our monetary transactions. When I look at my cyber checking account or my cyber saving account or my cyber investment accounts, I do this via my mobile smart phone. I have Apps which provide me access to all my financial accounts which are all in cyberspace. If I should want to hold or exchange these cyber units, I must do so by transferring the digits to another computer screen. I also, on occasion, discover that these Apps do not work and this makes access to my cyber digits impossible. I am now a victim of cyberspace and the authorities who control my financial cyber units (called money). So what is this space called CYBERSPACE?

Some 96% of our money units are now within cyberspace (our mobile/computer screens)! Are you aware of this? Money is now a Cyber Unit!

Are you aware that cyberspace is a virtual space? Are you aware that cyberspace is an imaginary space? Are you aware that cyberspace is a memory space which is not with space/time reality? Yes, cyberspace is not without our space/time universe. Why would anyone desire that our legal tender (what we call ‘money’) be located within an imaginary/virtual/artificial memory space? Most of our public has heard of the concept called Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a virtual currency which we experience within our cyberspace computers. Are you aware that ALL our global currencies (dollar, yen, pound, euro, krona, etc.) are now merely ‘names’, ‘symbols’, and ‘numbers’ within cyberspace? Yes, our bankster friends merely ‘type’ or ‘key’ or ‘click’ these cyber currencies into a computer screen and then distribute the digits! Is this a sound monetary policy for our economic growth and prosperity?

Cyberspace reveals itself within our computer screens! Pulses of light and screen pixels produce the images which we now call MONEY! Can this type of ‘money’ produce freedom and prosperity?

When I go outside and look at space/time reality (like the stars, moon, sun) I do not witness cyberspace. Why? I would suggest that this is because ‘cyberspace’ is really an extension of my consciousness (and not within space/time reality). In other words, cyberspace does not really EXIST within our space/time universe (what science calls our material world). Cyberspace is virtual/imaginary/metaphysical/spiritual and within our metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS (mind). What we have for our money, savings, investments, debt today does not actually EXIST. This means that everyone is trading imaginary currency units (digits) which should be viewed as mere INFORMATION. These digits are actually worthless for measuring the VALUE of physical assets (our home, car, land, boat, etc.). Think about the ‘nature’ of our money today!

Space/time reality is what we see with our eyes when we look out into Space! Cyberspace, however, is not this type of space. Cyberspace is a ‘MEMORY’ space within our metaphysical consciousness! We see ‘images’ and ‘text’ within a computer screen!

When our country started our currency unit was physical and objective. Thomas Jefferson and our Congress defined our ‘dollar’ in terms of a physical metal. The mental abstraction called ‘dollar’ was defined specifically as 371.25 grains of Ag (silver). Did you know this? The purpose for creating our ‘dollar’ was to measure VALUE of assets produced (these assets were called WEALTH). To measure VALUE it was necessary to create a currency which EXISTED and which could be exchanged (physically) from person to person. All our money started out as a physical item (with a ‘name’). The ‘name’ DOLLAR denoted 371.25 grains of a metal called Ag (silver). Today, all this has vanished into cyber heaven!

When American money started the ‘name’ DOLLAR denoted a silver coin! Today, the ‘name’ Dollar denotes ‘no thing’ … also called ‘nothing’! Do you comprehend what this means for our future growth and prosperity?

Yes, cyber heaven is where all our currencies now reside (96%). What does this mean going forward? Can imaginary/virtual/subjective cyber currencies bring us prosperity and growth? My view is…absolutely NO! Cyber money exists because our Central Banksters desire to create these imaginary units to further their control over all of us. Today, all money revolves around our Central Banks. Central Banks pump up our stock markets, manipulate our interest rates, suppress prices of silver/gold, create counterfeit units (called QE), and promote the wealth concentration of the few (the 1%) over the many (the 99%). Is this leading to progress for our World? My sense is…absolutely NO! We now need to understand what is happening and protest! Protest can be non-violent and verbal! Think about the future of our planet! I am:

P.S. The ‘name’ DOLLAR evolved from a mental abstraction in 1785, then was defined and became 371.25 grains of silver (minted into a coin) in 1792, then a paper note (backed by silver and/or gold) until 1933, then a mere paper note (unbacked) until 1971, then a cyber digit (within cyberspace) 1985 -2015. Note how this ‘name’, which we call the DOLLAR, has changed over our history.

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