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Prices can now be ‘electronically’ controlled and manipulated!

February 3, 2015

We now live in a digital age and our money has become an ‘information’ unit within cyberspace. Today, I traded an ETF  (one of my gold ETF’s) within my Fidelity account and transferred funds from one bank account to another. All this was done in a matter of seconds (increasing my checking account, decreasing my savings account, and changing my investment account). All these electronic accounts can now transfer digits ($$$) from one account to another within our cyberspace medium instantaneously. These electronic actions now also create our stock indices, our bond indices, and all our global trading operations. All is becoming digital/electronic/cyber. The old ‘printing’ operations are now mostly eliminated as ALL can be accomplished electronically within cyberspace (in milliseconds). What a new world we now experience. But what are the downsides of this new world?

This electronic chart shows now digital (cyber) prices are manipulated in realtime in Hong Kong, New York, Sydney, and London! This tick chart reveals the algorithms which manipulate prices on our electronic exchanges! All prices are now expressed digitally within cyberspace markets!

I executed my money transactions via a smart phone while siting in my car! I transferred digital money from my savings to checking and traded my Fidelity investment account! All my official money is now digital and within cyberspace! 

The positive aspects of this new world can be understood readily from the above actions which I just accomplished electronically. For an individual, money (cyber units) can be electronically transferred from account to account and from sender to recipient within milliseconds. All I do is click (type) my instructions into my smart phone and all the above transactions are completed. In fact, I will soon be able to ‘speak’ my instructions into my smart phone and accomplish these transactions even quicker. All this is amazing and great for the individual who has sufficient cyber digits in their accounts. The bank teller’s love these new innovations as they merely type and click there teller computer screens to accomplish all these digital transactions. The average person has now bought into this new digital age. Now let’s think further about these new innovations and technologies! Let’s expose some of the negatives!

For the past 3.5 years I have watched my gold and silver investments decline by some 50+% as a result of cyber trading manipulations (of spot prices for Ag and Au within our cyber computer screens). My average silver investments (mostly mining companies) have declined over 60% and my ETF symbol (called the Central Fund of Canada) has declined some 50%. How can this happen in a free market where the supply of silver and gold are supposed to set our ‘prices’? When I check the global supply/demand statistics for the metals called Ag and Au ( I discover that demand for these metals has increased (globally) and supply has remained mostly constant (globally).

So why would my silver mining companies and my ETF’s decline by 50 to 60% when supply/demand forces should actually cause these ‘prices’ to INCREASE? Does this make sense if our markets are free and representative of supply/demand forces? What is the issue which we now need to address which is not transparent and legitimate within our markets? Are you aware that trading strategies (within our electronic markets) can ‘manipulate’ and ‘suppress’ prices of key commodities? Are you aware that the ‘spot prices’ of both silver (Ag) and gold (Au) have been consistently manipulated, controlled, and suppressed by trading strategies? Yes, ‘prices’ today can be controlled, manipulated, and suppressed by computer trading strategies via a computer screen located (anyplace) within our global trading markets (any location on our planet earth with a computer). Are you aware of this? Let’s think about how this could be accomplished!

Today, our trading markets are nearly 100% electronic and trading strategies are accomplished by clicking buy/sell keys on our computer keyboard. This can now be done via all our smart phones (some 5 billion now in operation globally) or via a laptop computer or via a special high-speed computer. What happens today within our silver/gold markets are what we call ‘paper’ trading transactions (which really should be called ‘digital’ trading transactions as no paper is involved). What I can do today is manipulate the spot price of silver or gold via my trading strategies. One strategy is to ‘sell’ these metals SHORT (called short selling) via a digital (electronic) transactions where there is NO delivery of the metal. The actual physical metal is traded but there is no ‘exchange’ between buyer and seller of the physical metal.

The speed of trading today allows me to trade (enter a trading strategy and exit the same strategy within seconds and/or minutes) merely to manipulate ‘price’. If I desire to ‘suppress’ the price of silver or gold with funds (say within a Central Bank trading account or a private trading account) I can use a trading strategy like SHORT selling (where the underlying metal is traded but NO delivery is involved). This trading strategy (executed at near the speed of light via my computer) allows me to artificially increase the digital supply of (say) silver within our cyberspace markets (our global computer screens) and this then allows me to artificially ‘suppress’ the ‘digital’ price of silver within these cyber markets. All traders today focus their trades on this concept we call PRICE (and ‘prices’ are now digital)!

The digital ‘price’ (say of silver) is manipulated via speed of light trading strategies in our realtime markets (one strategy is called the ‘naked short’ strategy). Since the entering and exiting of a trade is done within seconds and there is NO physical delivery (exchange of the underlying metal) the digital PRICE (say of silver or gold) is suppressed and we witness this decline in price in our cyber trading account. This is a serious negative to our digital trading markets! Select computer traders (most likely within our Central Bank trading rooms and/or a private Commercial Bank) can suppress, control, and manipulate select strategic metals or commodities via their computer trading accounts. Why would a Central Bank desire to do this? Why would official AUTHORITIES (let’s assume our own Fed as an example) desire to suppress the digital PRICE of a metal like silver or gold? Why are gold/silver still viewed as REAL money by many? Why would our Central Authorities prefer that gold/silver (as money) disappear?

What few seem to understand is that historical MONEY (chosen by our free markets for hundreds of years) has actually been real silver and gold (coins, bars, and paper instruments backed by these metals). Yes, our real markets used to be FREE and trading used to reflect the actions of real human traders. Prices used to be set by trading of metals (with delivery) within open trading markets. We used to call this type of trading by the name The Open Outcry System. Human beings in trading pits would exchange paper instruments (reflecting the trading of real physical metals) to create PRICE changes in our markets. This was a system where trading actually involved the trading of physical metals/commodities. This has now changed due to our cyberspace/electronic markets. Trading strategies (at near the speed of light) and digital trading (like a ‘naked short’) where NO delivery of the physical metal is involved now creates our PRICES! And our ‘prices’ today are DIGITAL (within cyberspace)!

The new digital/electronic technologies which are so much liked by most consumers and individuals (now over 5 billion smart phones are in operation globally) can also be used by our Centralized Monetary Authorities (or private entities/proxies) for their manipulative policies (like the suppression of our silver/gold prices). This has been occurring now (ubiquitously) for some 3.5 years IMO. Phantom electronic trading strategies (like the ‘naked short’ strategy) have caused my trading accounts to decline (unfairly) as a result of digital PRICE manipulations. Is this Free Market Economics? The overall silver/gold industry has experienced this cyber manipulation daily and within realtime daily electronic markets (note the decline in digital stock values for all our mining companies). This unfair manipulation of PRICE (within our electronic trading markets) is certainly part of the reason.

Certain trading desks (most likely within our Central Bank network or their proxies) appear to be involved in digital PRICE suppression, digital price manipulation, and digital price control. We witness this within all our electronic stock indices, bond indices, interest rates indices, derivative indices, investment accounts, and commodity indices. PRICES (the life blood of Free Market Economics) are now manipulated daily merely to keep our insolvent global banks from collapsing into cyber heaven. The ECB (European Central Bank) just implemented a counterfeiting policy called QE (1.1 trillion digital euros) to help keep their Eurozone digital bank accounts from collapsing into cyber heaven.

The USA and the Britain (from 2008 to 2014) used digital counterfeiting (called QE) to keep our digital markets from collapsing. Japan is using digital counterfeiting to pump up their digital markets (using trillions of digital yen). Today, we witness our DOW and all the other global stock indices increasing/decreasing from digital manipulations (in realtime) and via computer manipulations using select trading strategies! Yes, all our markets today are RIGGED and MANIPULATED and CONTROLLED via the computer! Few financial pundits seem AWARE! Think about the negatives which have occurred from our new Digital Age technologies (as well as the positives)! Do you (we) desire to be a digital SLAVE to computers? Is this the FUTURE  for our global citizens…Slavery to digital machines and to our Centralized Authorities who manipulate us (electronically)? Think and learn! I am:

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