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The Cyber Price of Silver is interesting! Why?

January 29, 2015

Today, the spot price of silver (Ag) declined (substantially) via computer trading and this was most likely caused by various trading strategies (like the ‘naked short’ trade) on our electronic exchanges. Let’s look at the following chart from which shows the trading (of silver) on our cyberspace markets. The message should be getting more clear for our financial pundits who deny that our markets are being manipulated. Look closely at this tick chart of prices from opening of trade until noon (the green tick line) on January 29, 2015.   (click on this link for a better image)

The spot price of silver opened at $17.90 on January 29 (at 8 a.m.) and then this price was manipulated down to a low of $16.75 by noon (on the tick chart above). This drop of $1.15 (6.4%) happened within our cyberspace markets and via computer trading strategies. Within four hours computer algorithms (initiated by some source) sold contracts on the Globex electronic exchange and the Nymex exchange to drop the price of silver (within our cyberspace markets) by 6.4%. Was any of this drop in price a result of actual Supply/Demand changes in the physical metal? Did the supply of physical silver increase during this four-hour period? Did the demand for the physical decrease within this four-hour period? I don’t think so! This drop was pure algorithmic manipulation (of price) via computer trading strategies!

Who would have a self-interest in manipulating this price DOWN by 6.4% (within our computer screens) when supply/demand has not changed (knowingly) within the global physical markets. The evidence points totally to computer manipulations (via digital trading strategies like uncovered shorts). Producers of silver know that their all-in production costs are now over $20/ounce, yet our computer (cyberspace) markets create artificial ‘prices’ which are mostly meaningless and totally distorted (with a motive to drive DOWN this price). Who would have an interest in manipulating silver (and also gold) ‘prices’ DOWN (now for over 3.5 years)? Would normal investors and speculators have this motive? Would producers desire this result? I don’t think so! I think we need to look more deeply into some different motives which surround the history of silver/gold (as prior historical monies)!

As a Central Banker who desires that my cyber dollar be viewed by the market as strong, viable, and our future currency…I would not like to witness sharp increases in any historical money like silver and/or gold. This is anathema to my philosophy of desiring cyber money for the entire planet…going forward! Yes, as a Central Banker who creates cyber currencies from my consciousness (out of nothing) I have no interest in our market traders wanting to ‘push’ up the price of either of these historical currencies (money). In fact, I (a Central Banker) hate the barbarous metals called gold and silver. To me, these metals are past history and what I now desire is for these metals to vanish into the dust bin of history!

Since our electronic markets now allow me to use computer trading strategies to manipulate these ‘prices’ DOWN (whenever I desire), I will do this! Who will know what I am doing behind my closed bankster doors? Who would point their finger at me when I am mostly invisible to all the market trading taking place? My motive is (destroy silver/gold) as viable future currencies and my mode of operation is ‘naked shorts’ or similar trading strategies! What investors, speculators, and traders focus upon is PRICE of these historical metals! I do not need to wait for supply/demand today to determine ‘price’ as I can now create the ‘price’ that I desire via my computer (cyber) trading! I can sell ‘uncovered shorts’ on the Globex market (creating the fantasy of more supply) and this will drive DOWN the cyber ‘price’! This is easy today given that all our markets are now within cyberspace!

I will allow some range in ‘price’ to occur (within a bracketed range) to give traders and gold bugs (and all the silver/gold pundits who write about these metals) the impression that the ‘price’ is valid but I will not allow this ‘price’ to escalate or reflect and REAL supply/demand factors. Philosophically, I hate silver/gold as viable currencies and I do not want the public or the vast majority of investors to give these metals any status as future (potential) currencies (money). Sentiment is important in our markets and I (as a Central Banker) with unlimited cyber funds can now manipulate these ‘prices’ indefinitely! I can manipulate (continually) until all the silver/gold is purchased and off the global markets! This could be for many years and this should destroy sentiment for these metals as money! What a neat scheme!

Is my logic sound? Is it likely that a specific Central Bank is manipulating the ‘price’ on silver on our electronic (cyber) markets? Could a group of Central Banksters (in consort) work to accomplish this objective (continual price suppression)? Personally, I think so! Human nature is corrupt at the highest levels of finance and politics. This is what I have learned from my study of history and also my personal experience with the elite (who occupy positions of POWER). Think on this and give my premise some thought! What we witness today are corrupt bankster elites who are suppressing and manipulating various ‘prices’ via their computer trading! This goes for silver, gold, oil, and other strategic resources!

Who started the philosophy of a Central Bank and the idea of a ONE WORLD SYSTEM? What was the philosophy underlying our Federal Reserve Banking System from its start? Who was the MIND (consciousness) behind our Fed system back in 1910 and after? His initials were P.M.W! Whose son, with the initials of J.P.W, continued the idea of Central Banking (during the F.D.R. administration) after the last Great Depression in 1929-37? My goal as a Central Banker is ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT where man rules over all (is this the elitist philosophy underlying the current global thinking)?! Think! Ask yourself what is the mindset of the elite who desire to rule this planet? I am:

The philosophical mind behind the concept of a Central Bank (1868 – 1932)!

The son (of the mind) behind the concept of a Central Bank (1896 – 1969)!

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