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Cyber Money ($$$) is decoupling from Material reality!

January 26, 2015

What is now happening in many of our markets (globally) is that our phony cyber money is causing a decoupling (a separation) of physical wealth creation from the measure of currency wealth (our cyber stock exchanges)! One obvious example is the cyber INDICES over in India. This index is currently over 29,278 (an increase of over 8% in just 17 days). Has the real wealth of India grown by 8% these past 17 days? This is crazy economics as actual physical wealth has not been growing sufficiently to reflect this huge increase in the electronic Stock Exchange in Mumbai.

The Bombay Stock Exchange hit 29,278 on January 26, 2015! Where is the material growth which reflects this number? Are our markets decoupling from physical reality?

The last 5 years indicates a slowing in real growth in India from their prior levels. The measure of real growth in material wealth (our prosperity measure) is supposed to be represented by our Stock Exchanges and their indices. But we now have electronic Stock Exchanges and speed of light trading (and all this is mostly trading within Cyberspace). This cyber trading (via speed of light computers) is changing all our markets and causing some markets to decouple from physical reality. The Stock numbers increase daily (it seems) while the physical wealth creation is starting to slow and decline (in many areas). Is this rational economics? Why is the issue of the NATURE of our money now important?

Real material growth of Wealth in India is slowing yet the indices continue UP! What is the problem? Has our measure of growth (our money) become the issue?

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is an Indian stock exchange located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Established in 1875 and is considered to be one of Asia’s fastest stock exchanges, with a speed of 200 microseconds and one of India’s leading exchange groups and one of the oldest stock exchanges in South Asia region. More than 5,000 companies are listed on BSE, making it the world’s top exchange in terms of listed members. India’s economy decelerated in the second quarter of fiscal year 2014/2015, raising doubts about the government’s ability to revive the economy. The quarterly slowdown reflected that growth in the all-important manufacturing sector was virtually stagnant, marking a notable deterioration over the 3.5% increase observed in the April-June period. Agriculture slowed from a 3.8% increase in Q1 FY 2014/2015 to a 3.2% rise in Q2 FY2014/2015 as a result of a weak farming harvest due to a bad monsoon.

Stock Exchanges are now Electronic and within Cyberspace! Does this change the NATURE of reality? What are Cyber currencies? How do they get created?

As I write this missive, the electronic stock exchanges over in Europe are all UP (in our cyber money units). The FTSE 100 (Britain) is up, the DAX (Germany) is up, the CAC 40 (France) is up, and the Stoxx 600 (an index of some 18 countries across Europe) is up. The purpose of these measures of economic prosperity (we assume) is to give us accurate indices of growth in our real material wealth. But is this happening today? Why are so many Stock Exchanges going up, up, up while the real material wealth (and our prosperity as a society) are going mostly DOWN. Europe has been suffering from deflation in prices for many years and yet the indices (reflected in our cyber currencies) are volatile, uncertain, and going UP. Why is this so? What is the problem with our ‘money’, our Stock Exchanges, and our computer trading, which creates this dichotomy?

Our Cyber stock exchanges go UP, DOWN, UP…irrespective of real prosperity and real growth in our material wealth! Is this rational? Is this logical? What is happening with our MONEY? Why this decoupling and schizophrenia within all our global markets?

I certainly don’t have all the answers, yet I would suggest that part of the puzzle is our phony cyber currencies which we now create OUT OF NOTHING to supposedly grow our prosperity and wealth. The cyber currencies (including the almighty $$$) are NOT measuring what they are supposed to measure. One reason may be that these currencies are non-physical units (merely part of our non-physical consciousness). Since our money is phony (imaginary and within cyberspace) this creates huge distortions in their use as tools for measuring VALUE (and material wealth). What we use for our money today (their core NATURE) are units within cyberspace (I call these units Cyber Money). These units are created merely by typing metaphysical numbers into our computer screens. All our money today (some 96%) are cyber currencies! Are you aware of this situation!

Draghi desires inflation and more material growth yet he uses Cyber euros (created from his consciousness) as the tool for this growth. Is this rational economics? or schizophrenia? What do you think?

The NATURE of our money has changed in recent years and this allows traders (via their computers) to manipulate prices and values irrespective of the growth in a company’s physical production of material wealth. Today, prices should be viewed as immaterial and non-physical. Stock prices should be viewed as units of our collective CONSCIOUSNESS. All our measures of economic value are now metaphysical measures (as our money is metaphysical). Who is aware of this reality? We are living with money that is located within a different realm of reality from our physical production (say oil, gas, lumber, food, etc.). Oil is a physical commodity which is crucial to our prosperity and our growth. To measure production of this commodity (or any commodity) we need a measure of value which is rational and logical (based on physical reality).

Cyber money is within Cyberspace! Where is this ‘space’? How does this Cyber money get created? Can this type of money (its ‘nature’) work for creating new production, wealth, prosperity? What do you think?

Today, all our money is phony (funny) money which gets created OUT OF NOTHING and represents ‘no thing’ (nothing)! This type of money is metaphysical and within a different REALM of reality from our real/physical/material WEALTH. Are you aware of this? QE money is an example of our phony Cyber currencies! QE is merely a counterfeiting of currency units to attempt to create more material prosperity. This type of money is ‘imaginary’ and can not be considered viable for logical/rational measurement of value. Cyberspace money is derived from banksters who merely  TYPE money numbers into the computer screen. Where do these money numbers come from? Would you believe directly from the banksters consciousness (mind). This is not rational! This is not logical! This is really schizophrenia!

All our markets are now schizophrenic! The logic is missing! The rationality is missing! Where is this leading? Who understands today’s markets? 

Yes, all our markets are now starting to decouple from material reality and material wealth creation. To continue the use of PHONY (funny) money which is subjective/imaginary/cybernetic is a form of SCHIZOPHRENIA (a delusion/illusion/mental sickness). We now need to think about the NATURE of our money and why our economic systems are collapsing globally. Who wants to learn and understand? Read this missive a couple of times to discern its meaning. A decoupling of our money from material reality has started. This will lead to a total collapse of all our Stock Exchanges (in time). Watch and learn! I am:

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