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Inside the clandestine Fed! Some details recently discovered!

January 22, 2015

The institution called The Fed is a rather mysterious and clandestine operation as few are given any clear information about this entity/operation. Official information is mostly shrouded in legalisms and metaphors which few comprehend. I have been thinking and researching about this institution now for many years. Gradually, I am able to discern more clearly some details about this secret and clandestine operation called our Fed (short for Federal Reserve Banking System). Most insiders view this entity as the core of WALL Street Capitalism and the source of all our money, finance, credit, and price/interest rate manipulations. The vast majority of Americans have the concept that this Centralized operation upholds the moral and philosophical principles of America’s Capitalistic Society. But is this operation an ethical, moral, principled operation? Let’s take a deeper look!

This office building called The Fed is located in Washington D.C.!

The Federal Reserve building in Washington D.C. is only part of the control center of this centralized organization. Washington D.C. houses the official meetings of our Board of Governors (7 members) including the Chairperson for the Fed, Janet Louise Yellen. It also is the place where our Federal Open Market Committee meets and holds their mostly secret policy meetings. We all watch and wait for these selected meetings of this powerful committee (called the FOMC) for our market truth. Today, everyone listens and records the precise words emanating from the mouth of our Fed Chairperson, Janet Yellen. Each and every WORD has meaning for the traders and those who invest and speculate (billions) in our casino markets. What else is important to understand about this organization?

The Fed building houses the FOMC and their policy meetings in Washington D.C.!

First of all, we should recognize that our Fed was legally established to be a PRIVATE entity. It is not part (or a branch) of our elected governmental structure. The Congressional ACT which established this operation created a legal entity which is separate (independent) and private in its realtime operations. Woodrow Wilson, our President in 1913, signed on to the legislation which made this entity private and independent. What many do not comprehend about this operation is that its real CENTER of operations (the control room) is not in Washington D.C. It is not part of our Treasury Department nor centered near our Capitol. The real CONTROL CENTER for this private clandestine operation is in the center of New York City. The exact location is 33 Liberty Street, New York. All the centralized trading desks (hundreds of computers) where financial manipulations are initiated are within a huge office building at 33 Liberty Street, New York City. Wall Street and J. P. Morgan Chase are nearby! What else have I discovered?

The Control Room (computer desks) for our FED is the New York Fed at 33 Liberty Street (nineth floor)! The overall authority is under Mr. William C. Dudley!

This realtime trading operation called the New York Fed ‘markets group’ is responsible and active in all the market manipulations which initiate monetary policy for all Americans and for Wall Street insiders today. The office floor where most manipulations and trading decision are made is the 9th floor. Traders arrive at 4:30 a.m. in the early morning and stay late into the early evening to monitor and to initiate their secret trading strategies (both foreign and domestic). According to reports from the website: and other official websites. I have discerned that some 60 traders are involved with trading the proceeds within the official Fed financial account called the System Open Market Account (SOMA). Evidence also suggests that some 400 traders are also involved with the entity called the ‘markets group’. So the trading and manipulations occurring on this 9th floor trading floor are the key to all our markets today. Computers are now the vehicle for all our market manipulations!!!

The computer desks on the 9th floor of the New York Fed (hundreds) make up the markets group and the SOMA traders!

High frequency trading and high-speed computers initiate trading strategies which can manipulate and change our stock, bond, and derivative markets domestically and globally. Recently, the New York Fed chose to farm out part of their balance sheet investments (now some $4.45 trillion) to the private bank called J. P. Morgan Chase. J. P Morgan is now managing, speculating, and manipulating our markets using the income received from some $1.7 trillion of prior MBS investments done via prior QE operations. The annual proceeds which are used for trading from only this single portfolio is around $7 billion (much more if we factor in that MBS instruments are mortgage investments where new funds emerge from refinancing, sales, etc.). Why is J. P. Morgan managing these funds for our Fed? Think!

J. P. Morgan Chase has been officially cited for numerous manipulations/rigging of various markets! Yet they are now trading the proceeds from $1.7 trillion of Fed MBS instruments for the New York Fed!

J. P. Morgan has been officially cited for Libor rate manipulations, electricity rate manipulations, and recently for foreign exchange rate manipulations (rigging). What else could this private bank trading operation be involved with manipulating/rigging? Could they be manipulating silver prices? What about gold prices? What about oil prices? What about electricity rates? What has evolved these past 100 years since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is a CENTRALIZED private trading operation which initiates trading strategies on the 9th floor of the New York Fed at 33 Liberty Street (in secret and without any oversight from any of our elected leaders). Is this Kosher? Is this moral? Is this representative of American Capitalism? How can any real investor/trader have CONFIDENCE or faith in this fraudulent casino operation? How? Why? Think!

J. P. Morgan traders using their computers to manipulate our casino markets!

Anyone with any discernment/judgment can recognize that all our markets are manipulated and rigged today. Computers and centralized traders’ desks are at the CENTER of this rigging/manipulation! And it is obvious to me, having looked into our controlled markets that our Central Banks are at the CENTER of all this rigging and manipulation. Today, I witnessed the DOW stock market increase some 260 cyber points on pure hype and computer manipulations. Our private entrepreneurs are laying off thousands of employees (American Express, Target, Intel, eBay, Halliburton, etc.), yet the indices which are supposed to reflect how our economy is doing deceive the masses. Even sound thinking financial pundits seem deceived on what is happening today! Why all this deception and hype?

Bix understands market rigging better than most! also discerns this reality!

Libor rates, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, electricity rates…all are rigged!

The pundits which see through all this hype, deception, and rigging are few. Some who I respect are Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, Jim Rickards, Eric King, Al Korelin, Howe Street, 321gold,,, and a few others. The vast majority, however, refuse to dig into the deeper issues of our casino Capitalism and our rigged markets. Why all this rigging, manipulation, computer money, electronic markets, cyber currencies, secret Central Bank operations, etc.? Why are so few willing to dig into the details! My personal view is that people do not desire any controversy or understanding as long as they FEEL comfortable and the money keeps flowing. Money rules over all and most people prefer positive and comfortable conversation rather than hard reality and hard philosophy! Human nature reveals itself during times like we experience today!

Gold and Silver prices have been rigged for over 3 years! Who might be behind this rigging? Who would desire that these prices be suppressed? Why? What trading strategies might be used? Think!

Psychological manipulation is easy for the elite who operate in SECRET! Think! Those in control understand the gullibility of human nature!!!

Once the markets crash (which they will) then the positive thinkers and dreamers will vanish with the wind. This is coming in the very near future! A few discern and understand what is now emerging! Our system is corrupt and rigged! Prices are distorted and imaginary! All markets are based on Ponzi economics and Ponzi finance! Cyberspace is where all our money, debt, deficits, and economics resides. Cyberspace is part of our extended consciousness! Consciousness is not understood! Hard reality and deep philosophy is not desired by American public (at present)! Our Central Bankers recognize that the public wants fantasy and rising QE markets! Prolonging the dream for the elite will continue…until it ENDS! Enjoy and think! I am:

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