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Why is Capitalism Over? One metric tells all!

January 17, 2015

There are many who dislike me when I claim that Capitalism is over! It seems that many (mostly the 10%) do not want to understand how Capitalism has evolved over the years. What we now need to recognize is that we don’t have Capitalism in the USA or any part of our planet today. Capitalism is based on specific principles (a materialistic philosophy) which is no longer relevant (given what has evolved these past 234 years). Are you aware that the wealthy 1% now own some 46% – 48% of all the planet’s physical wealth? This metric by itself shows that our current casino Capitalism can not continue much longer. The wealthy 1% can not continue to own this huge percentage of wealth and expect that Capitalism will prevail. The 99% will not stand for this (once fully aware)! Awareness is what we now need on the planet!

The fact that a few wealthy elites have dominated Capitalism (these past 40+ years) is evidence that this philosophical system is unsound and not worthy of our support going forward. Today, our Central Banks entertain this 1% and allow these wealthy few to continue their dominance over the masses of working citizens (who produce all our wealth). A thought revolution is now occurring to educate the masses via our global internet communication network. As more stress enters our existing failed system, the 99% will find ways to collapse this phony casino non-system which many still call Capitalism. Let’s review a couple additional principles of historical Capitalism which are now defunct and meaningless!

Capitalism is based upon specific principles (a philosophy) which must be viewed as real. The core principles are the concepts of ‘value’, ‘money’, and ‘currency’. Let’s get updated on these core concepts for additional understanding. Those who avoid this updating are now part of the problem and not part of our future solution. My prior teaching on these issues (some 40 + years) reveals to me that the vast majority of educated citizens (especially the Baby Boomer generation) are mostly uneducated on these principles and the changes which have occurred. Let’s briefly review three concepts for further understanding:

1. VALUE: at the core of Capitalism is this concept called ‘value’. Do you understand this concept? Are you aware that this concept was perceived as objective and a reality of nature when Capitalism started? Yes, people thought that there was such a ‘thing’ as VALUE (intrinsic and/or inherent within objects/goods/products). Even Thomas Jefferson viewed ‘value’ as intrinsic within a silver coin in 1792. The vast majority of thinkers (economists and philosophers) now recognize that this prior perception is false (a myth and a fantasy)! In reality, there is NO SUCH ‘thing’ as objective VALUE (within any item of wealth on this planet). Value is not an objective reality! So what is ‘value’ today? Where does ‘value’ reside? Let’s think!

In reality, the concept of ‘value’ is totally SUBJECTIVE and within each person’s metaphysical consciousness (mind)! This means that all items of wealth (the core of the system we call Capitalism) can not be valued or priced objectively today. This fact (a subjective concept of ‘value’) creates huge distortions in prices of all items of wealth over time. Price discovery is mostly mythical when people understand that the concept of ‘value’ is subjective and internal to each person’s perspective/subjective thinking. Capitalism can not survive given total subjectivity in the reality of this concept (called ‘value’)! Are you aware of this? Value (this concept) is absolutely fundamental to Capitalism (as a System)!!!

Prices are now decoupling from perceptions of ‘value’! Both ‘prices’ and ‘values’ today are mere units of subjective imagination! Neither exist as objective realities!!!

2. MONEY: the concept of ‘money’ is another concept which emerges from the underlying concept above (i.e., Value). The purpose for ‘money’ is to measure/calculate/derive objective ‘values’ (of all items of wealth) which are produced and exchanged. Money was invented to serve as an objective proxy for the above concept which we call ‘value’. When our money item was silver and/or gold, these metals provided some objectivity for measuring ‘value’ in the marketplace. The objectivity was not perfect or completely objective, but it was somewhat workable for maintaining somewhat stable PRICES. Today, both silver and gold have been abandoned (removed) from our official ‘Capitalistic’ system. This is why we now have a CASINO economy and no real price stability or meaningful price discovery! Are you Aware?

Are you aware that ‘money’ emerges (is invented) to serve as a tool for measuring ‘value’? Today, we do not have any market based ‘money’ and the concept of ‘value’ is pure subjective imagination!

3. CURRENCY: the concept which we call our currency unit (dollar, euro, yen, pound, krona, etc.) was created (originated) for another specific purpose. The role of a currency unit is to help us CALCULATE  ‘value’ when we buy/sell/trade. A currency unit is really a tool for deriving a mathematical result for ‘value’. The result which we calculate is the value/price of a unit of wealth (bread, butter, lumber, wheat, steel, copper, houses, cars, etc.). Today, our currency units have evolved into units of nothing (mere symbols created out of nothing) which we visualize within our cyberspace computer screens. Cyber currencies are not real or part of the wealth which Capitalism is supposed to create for us. Are you aware of this? Do you understand the nature of cyberspace?

A currency unit is invented to assist with the calculation of ‘value’. Today, we have cyber currency units (derived from consciousness) which have NO objective existence and No value!

Are you aware that the core concepts of historical Capitalism are now defunct/meaningless? Are you aware that the concept of ‘value’ is subjective and immaterial? Are you aware that our cyber currencies (mere subjective numbers) can not objectively MEASURE value today (leading to price distortions, malinvestments, and cyber market collapses)? Are you aware that what we call MONEY today is an ‘imaginary’ symbol/number/name? Are you aware that mental symbols ($$$) are not part of physical reality and/or material wealth? Are you aware that all our debt/deficits/savings/investments/speculations/IRA’s/401K’s/pensions, etc. are now mere accumulations of immaterial ‘numbers’ within our CONSCIOUSNESS (displayed within our computer screens and internalized via our metaphysical consciousness/mind)?

Science studies material reality (that which is outside one’s consciousness)! Today, however, our cyber money involves CONSCIOUSNESS and extended consciousness! This creates a New World for economics and the philosophy of economics!

Finally, are you aware that one’s consciousness is where all our financial information now resides? The concept of cyberspace is what we call the ‘space’ where all our financial records now reside. What is cyberspace? Are you aware that cyberspace is not wealth and is not within our physical space/time universe? The information within a smart phone reveals the nature of cyberspace. All the text, images, words within our cyber smart phones reveal that this information is really an extension of one’s metaphysical consciousness! Yes, consciousness is now more important than Capitalism, Value, Money, and Currencies. Think about the above and ask yourself if Capitalism is not now OVER? Enjoy/Think! I am:

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