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Cameron and Gingrich desire American ‘ACTION’! Why?

January 15, 2015

In todays Wall Street Journal both Newt Gingrich and David Cameron revealed their beliefs and their Statist views of reality. Gingrich wants America to hold hearings on the issue of radical Islamism which he believes is out to take down America and its values. David Cameron wants new strategies for countering terrorism via monitoring internet communications by his intelligence agencies. He does not like the fact that Facebook and other social media entrepreneurs encrypt data so that centralized intelligence agencies have no realtime access to private communications. He is now in Washington talking to our President Obama on this issue of secret messaging between so-called terror organizations and/or anyone who governments view as having EXTREMIST views.

Newt makes a strong case for his belief that radical Islam is not understood by our elites and that it is now time for them to hold extensive hearings (in Congress) to gain understanding of the issues. Issues like, why does radical Islam advocate beheadings? Why do these believers hate America and the West. Why do they not desire our type of freedom? What motivates these believers to desire their Islamic Caliphate? How can America and the West defeat these radicals is what Newt wants our Congress and our elite leaders to understand? He claims that we need a serious (comprehensive) strategy for winning this battle. Newt ends his article by saying that we need an offensive strategy against these radicals! Read his article on page A13 of the WSJ, January 15, 2015.

Radical Islam has absolutist beliefs on reality! ALLAH is the Source!

Personally, I agree with Newt on his view that we all need to get fully informed on the thinking of radical Islam. Moderate Islam and radical Islam both desire an END to Western interference and Western hegemony over the Muslim culture. America, however, wants to impose (it would appear) its beliefs of Democracy for everyone on EVERYONE. This has been the manifest destiny of the USA and its Western coalition since the end of WW II. America’s military Might and America’s beliefs (of mob rule via Democracy) have been forcing all mankind into an End Game mentality. It will be interesting to follow the aftermath of Newt’s proposal to our elite leaders. He is proposing that hearings start immediately and that a new comprehensive offensive strategy be in place by the end of 2015.

David Cameron and Barrack Obama meet to discuss issues of surveillance and encryption!

David Cameron is now (January 15-16) meeting with our President Obama on the issue of internet surveillance by governmental security agencies. David’s beliefs seem very Statist and Collectivist and I, personally, could not support any of his views on monitoring internet communication. This, to me, is very dangerous to our privacy and to our individual liberty. We will need to watch and evaluate what he and Obama decide after these current meetings. My sense is that more Statist strategies will be proposed with more centralized surveillance continuing over all human communication via the internet. It will be interesting to observe what definition emerges on their belief that EXTREMIST views must be monitored and controlled. What will emerge as the definition of the word ‘extremist’?

David appears to desire MORE State surveillance over all social networks and private conversations! The issue is encryption and access by governmental agencies!

Yes, beliefs are what move each of us. Atheists are motivated and moved by their philosophy. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and such are moved by their beliefs. Scientists and philosophers are moved by their views and beliefs. All humanity has core beliefs which determine our goals and our destiny. This also goes for those who are labeled ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists’. Beliefs derive from our inner metaphysical ‘ideas’. These ‘ideas’ are spiritual at the core. So the battle on this planet is a battle of BELIEFS and/or a SPIRITUAL battle. We are now in the End Game of this battle and we all need to participate by thinking about our own personal beliefs. Are my beliefs based on a solid foundation of reality or are they based upon myth and fantasy. This is a question that is ongoing and continual!

At the core of human action are our BELIEFS (derived from our metaphysical ‘ideas’)!

The two articles which you may desire to read are: Why We’re Losing to Radical Islam, by Newt Gingrich, page A13, WSJ, January 15, 2015 and Cameron’s Encryption Fight, page B7 of the same paper. Mr. Cameron and Obama are scheduled to meet for a working dinner, Thursday, as well as additional meetings and a news conference, Friday. Mr. Cameron, a conservative, could put pressure on Mr. Obama to pick a side in the fight between privacy advocates and law enforcement over secret messaging in our digital age. I would tend to wager that both Cameron and Obama will come down (philosophically) on the side of Statism with you/I as individuals being secondary! The proposal by Newt is the bigger issue IMO. Enjoy! I am:

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