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Reality vs. Illusion! Who can discern the difference?

January 14, 2015

Reality is based on what we experience in the NOW moment! Think about your own experiences in realtime (now). I/you live our lives in the NOW continually and always. We all discern what is real from that which we experience in the NOW. We start life in a past moment of ‘now’. We then live moment by moment in the ‘now’ as we experience life going forward. Even when we sleep my/your consciousness is active in the ‘now’. In reality, there is NO ‘past’ and NO ‘future’ (only ‘successive moments of now’). So why do so many people prefer to live with ‘illusions’ and ‘delusions’ (assuming that there is a ‘past’ and a ‘future’)? An illusion/delusion is what we ‘think’ in our mind as we live our lives (until we become ‘aware’ of the falseness of our thinking). Illusions are prevalent as many are blinded to obvious realities!

Think of reality as :  Successive moment of NOW…now…now!

The idea of a PAST…as being real…is the biggest hoax on our planet! Where is this thing called The Past? I have never experienced this so-called thing called PAST. Personally, I think in the ‘now’, act in the ‘now’, and live in the ‘now’ (continually)! There is no PAST for me (ever). There never has been! The concept of the ‘past’ is a typical illusion/delusion of the thinking mind! In reality, I/you always REFLECT (via our memory) upon a prior moment of ‘now’. Our reflection is really a NOW memory! Many then call this the PAST (as if this ‘past’ existed). In reality, I/you use our NOW memory when we reflect on a ‘past’ event (which was experienced in a prior moment of NOW). The PAST is a myth, illusion, deception! Few, however, are AWARE of this! Few seem to think in the NOW (which is all we have)!

A ‘now’ memory is what we need to call the PAST! A ‘now’ expectation is what we need to call the FUTURE! What we live (continually) are:  successive moments of NOW!

So many people THINK as if the ‘past’ and the ‘future’ exist as real events. This is pure illusion/delusion! Let’s think about a prior event called QE. When did this event begin? Who invented this operation called QE? NOTICE that we are now REFLECTING upon a prior event which happened in the NOW. We are (right now) reflecting upon the time period when this event (called QE) started? Who started this operation? Who was the Fed chairman who thought up this event called QE? Notice that we are (right now) using our MEMORY (within our consciousness) to reflect and think about a prior NOW event. Did this prior event EXIST? Was this past event some ‘thing’ which we actually can experience within a ‘past’? I would suggest NO! What we do is reflect (always) in the NOW (using our now memory)…as our Consciousness is always active in the NOW! The concept of a PAST is ILLUSION!!!

Really! My SUN rises (within my consciousness) within the NOW moment (always)! The writer of the above image is living an ILLUSION (but unaware)! The so-called PAST assumes no eternal CONSCIOUSNESS (mind/spirit)! The idea of origins in a PAST (what many call Evolution) is pure myth/fantasy/deception)! Think NOW (past does not exist)!

Watch this video for a greater understanding of reality on this issue of life! Watch another video: Watch and experience this video for greater understanding: The vast majority of mankind THINK (falsely) about reality as we live it! We need to become AWARE that there is NO past and NO future. Reality is NOW (always and continually)! This means that what we experience NOW (mentally) is what people back in 6000 B.C. also experienced. The NOW moment is reality (always) and it is the same for everyone (although we all perceive events uniquely).

Our realtime internet reveals that NOW time is reality! I can instantaneously communicate with anyone on our planet in the now moment! This missive is being sent now and being read now! Our thinking needs to reflect how we experience life!

Our problem is that we have trouble THINKING in the now! Our MINDS want to wander from ‘past’ to ‘future’ (avoiding the ever-present NOW)! The deception of a ‘past’ and a ‘future’ is subtle! Start to change your thinking on this issue of philosophy and I suggest that your WORLDVIEW will also change (for the better)! What science calls the PAST is really a ‘now memory’ which we experience in the NOW (always). Draw a timeline from birth to now (this may help)! Think in terms of successive moments of NOW (then reflect in the now to discern that which was experienced in a prior moment of now)! Enjoy the above videos! Personally, living in the NOW is exciting! I am:

P.S. When did LIFE begin? Where did LIFE begin? What is the origin of LIFE? What is LIFE? Are you AWARE that ‘life’ is always lived in the ETERNAL NOW (forever)? There is NO origin for life (per Evolution)! There is NO beginning for life (independent from life)! Life is one’s INNER spirit! Life is a ‘name’ for that part of me/you which is ETERNAL (also called our ‘consciousness’)! It’s all understood when the concept of NOW is fully understood! The beginning/origin/continuation (of life)…is always NOW (forever…eternally)! The Law of Biogenesis also reveals how life emerges ONLY from prior life! What does the ‘name’ LIFE denote? Think of spirit! Life is spirit and spirit is eternal!

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  1. hallenberg2005 permalink
    January 15, 2015 10:17 am

    of interest are martin armstrong’s comments,”time unifies everything and nothing could function,move,or exist without time, yet we do not bother to even explore what time is all about. einstein said it best for his entire theory of relativity is about time.’..for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and the future is only an illusion, although a convincing one’.” armstrong will be publishing a book soon called the geometry of time.i think this ties into the “now”, but, i believe his slant concerning time will be about: cyclical analysis – the key to our future. scott h. 


    • January 15, 2015 4:21 pm

      Personally, ‘time’ does not exist (it’s totally a concept within our mind used to create order and consistency). Motion, however, is real and we witness this separate from ‘time’. D

      On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



  2. hallenberg2005 permalink
    January 15, 2015 5:38 pm

    interesting  motion rather than time. however, please comment on the article cycles and the flow of time 12/29/14 


    • January 16, 2015 12:25 pm

      I did not find the article on the armstrong site. Could you create a link for me or send me a copy. Thanks. D

      On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 5:38 PM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



  3. January 15, 2015 10:01 pm

    I move with the rotation of the earth at some 800-1000 mph. This motion is not the same as ‘time’. Time, however, is derived from this ‘motion’. I think of ‘time’ as a concept within my consciousness and ‘motion’ as that which is outside my consciousness. My stationary position on our planet allows me to experience ‘motion’ as a separate process.


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