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Fed gives Treasury $468.8 billion from QE operations!

January 12, 2015

Our corrupt Federal Reserve Bank has transferred nearly 1/2 trillion of phony cyber $$$ to our Treasury’s financial account since 2009, says the Wall Street Journal today. All these counterfeit cyber $’s were the result (earnings) of our Fed ‘Asset Purchases’ under QE operations. What does this reveal about our corrupt Federal Reserve System? We now have a centralized banking operation which creates $$$ ‘out of nothing’ and then earns bogus income (from these actions) which they can transfer to our Treasury for their internal spending. Does this represent money earned legitimately? NO, NO, NO! These $$$ are totally counterfeit numbers which resulted from counterfeiting our $ (digitally) and calling the earnings (from QE) legitimate legal tender. This is PURE corruption!

Does this lady understand counterfeiting? What about creating $$$ ‘out of nothing’? Is she aware or blinded by her advisors and the system?

Read the article on page 14A in Monday’s WSJ. It’s entitled “The Fed Cash Machine”! Why are American’s paying any taxes to our corrupt Treasury when our private Central Bank can create legal tender ‘out of nothing’? Let our private Fed create counterfeit $$$ for all the ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ of our politicians! There is NO need for Americans to sweat and labor for phony digital $$$ when our Central Bank can merely push computer keys and create unlimited $$$ for each and every political spending desire. We should call these Fed operations ‘money from heaven’ as all these $$$ come from the spiritual realm of reality (human consciousness)! Why labor and sweat for money when Yellen and Company can create unlimited $$$ with their high frequency COMPUTER on the 9th floor of the New York Fed Building?

Why are Americans paying any TAXES? Our Fed can create ‘unlimited’ $$$ via the computer! $468.8 billion transferred to our Treasury by the Fed! Read WSJ article!

Money has become meaningless and a pure fantasy of the human mind. This fantasy operation at all our Central Banks is now leading to a Global New World System (centralized within the private halls of select office buildings and administered by unelected elite’s who have no real concern for the real welfare of common people)! Economics has been turned into a betting Casino where traders who produce NO real wealth earn fantasy $$$ from computer operations. How can this be called Capitalism? How can this be viewed as sound Accounting? How can Counterfeiting and Price manipulations lead to prosperity for our country and the world? Where is the morality in all of this? Can anyone ‘smell’ a rat in the wood pile? Think! I am:



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  1. January 12, 2015 2:33 pm

    Good Information.


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