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POWER often produces lying, deception, avarice, scheming, and slavery (for the masses)!

January 11, 2015

Concentrated political power is the most dangerous ingredient for suppressing human progress and individual freedom IMO! A good audio to listen to which brings home these principles is the recent interview of Lord Monckton, a British scientist, on King World News: Also watch this video from Fox News: Lord Monckton points out that a small cartel of elite climate experts are attempting to create a World Ruling Government which would rule over our entire planet using their deceptive ideas and polices for global control! America and Britain are part of this world ruling cartel (as of today) and the United Nations is at the center of all events leading to this Global Governance of our planet.

America’s Founding Fathers would NOT approve of Global Governance (by select elites)!

Global Governance can not be viewed as a relationship between EQUALS!

The mindset of the elite who desire global POWER for their schemes and purposes reveals human nature at its lowest (highest in the mindset of the elites). Human nature desires to play God and Rule our planet for their desires and purposes. These elite (when in power) will LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, DECEIVE, and CONFUSE the masses to accomplish their goals for worldwide Rulership over our entire planet and the seven billion citizens (now residing upon our planet). Why this mindset and why this desire for Rulership and Control over everyone? The core problem is Human Nature. At the core of human nature is the desire to play God. The elite do not view the concept of a Creator God as a reality. This means that THEY (the elite) must Rule this planet and decide who gets what, when, where, how! These elite assume that their view of reality is final and absolute! This dangerous mentality will reveal itself when our economy crashes!

What is now emerging are events which will collapse our entire global economy in 2015-16. This crisis will empower the elite to move forward with their global governance agenda. This video reveals some of the trends now developing which will become tools within the hands of the elite’s once our economy crashes: Fox News and other media networks are now recognizing that our new technologies could/will lead to a new World soon. We now have electronic tatoo’s for authenticating a person’s credibility (in the minds of the elites who have positions of POWER). We now have cyber money which allows our Central Banking Elite to rule over all of finance and money! We now have local and national police who are armed to the hilt for purposes of subduing anti-Statist polices, statutes, and laws. All this has emerged in just the last few years!

Today’s Cyber Money creates Centralization and Global Governance over our economy (avarice within our banking cartel is dangerous for the individual and individual freedom)!

Global Governance at the United Nations is leading to our New World Order under the auspices of the elite! This type of government makes SLAVES of most of mankind!

We now have the U.N. and their centralized rulership and control. We now have Agenda 21 and the plan to create global governance with select elite RULING over our planet (the climate agenda is central). We now have the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) devising policies and plans for global governance over the world economy. Currently, all the Central Banks (via their internal communication network) are using the concept of global DEFLATION to further centralize control over all national economies. All this is happening at warp speed and in REALTIME (daily). We could witness these elite schemes and plans emerging within a few MONTHS or later in 2015.

Those who desire to abandon the Founding principles of America and follow these elite (who often lie, deceive, cheat, steal, and confuse) to further their Global Governance Agenda will discover that this trend will dominate all events soon… UNLESS Americans (especially) wake up and resist this trend. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts exponentially. Resistance is now needed (non-violent and verbal resistance) so that our elected leaders WAKE UP to what is happening in front of their eyes! A revolution in THINKING is what we now need. Our elite, who DO NOT believe in a Creator Source (God), will bring us this global SLAVERY if we allow this to happen. The ultimate war/battle is spiritual in nature! Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty! Now is the time to wake up and speak up! All this can be done without any overt violence, guns, or destruction. WORDS and NEW THINKING are the best weapons against the elite in POWER! I am:

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