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How long can ‘Cyber’ heroin pump up our Markets?

January 8, 2015

We experienced five days of the DOW index declining and we now have two days of sharp increases! What is happening to cause this UP and DOWN market (in the USA, Europe, ASIA, and many Emerging market stock exchanges)? Would you believe Cyber heroin? What our Central Bank trading rooms can now accomplish is equivalent to the drug called heroin. Central Bank traders can pump up the stock markets via COMPUTER trading strategies (artificially). This is now possible as all our Stock Exchanges are electronic. These electronic markets allow our Central Bank trading rooms to manipulate the stocks electronically via select high frequency trading strategies. Central bank policy makers recognize that our cyber markets could crash totally if they are not manipulated by these strategies.

Central Bank manipulations continue as the SOMA (the Fed trading account) has unlimited cyber $$$ for new trading strategies (it seems)! Money from ‘heaven’ continues to flow into our electronic markets!

What we need to recognize is that all our markets now are electronic and operating within cyberspace. Cyberspace markets are similar to virtual reality and there is no material reality to these markets. This means that stock prices and all prices could go to zero if all was left on its own. So to prevent a total collapse (a coming reality) these Central Bank manipulators inject cyber heroin (unlimited cyber money) into these markets to prevent them from collapsing. This can continue for as long as the general market is oblivious to what is happening behind closed doors. The biggest culprit behind all this manipulation and cyber injection of digits is our own Central Bank. The trading room for our Central Bank is located on the 9th floor of the New York Federal Reserve building, 33 Liberty Street, N.Y.

William C. Dudley and Simon M. Potter appear to be the elite policy makers behind much of the realtime manipulations! I assume that our gold/silver markets are also manipulated by this trading room at the New York Fed! Central Banks now control and rule over all our Global Electronic Cyber Markets!

The two key manipulators (unelected insiders) operating this trading facility are Simon Potter and William Dudley (both private insiders with power and authority to act so that our electronic markets don’t collapse). The account used by these traders for market manipulations is called the System Open Market Account (SOMA). This account now exceeds some $4.5 trillion (an increase of some $3.7 trillion since 2008). This cyber account is most likely used to fund all the ongoing trading manipulations which keep our Stock Markets from collapsing. The Dow index consists of only some 30 major stocks and only some 8 major corporations need to be manipulated UP to affect the overall index. So cyber manipulations by our Central Bank trading room is likely the culprit for these volatile markets which we now experience.

Cyber heroin (new cyber $$$) continues to pump UP our electronic cyber markets! The Fed is mostly behind all this pump priming! The Trading Desk(s) at the N.Y. Fed can manipulate all our markets! What will 2015 bring when the general public become AWARE of all this centralized manipulation?

If you watch CNBC daily (as I do) you will note that they continually refer to the FED as the source for keeping our Stock Markets liquid and growing. Practically all traders recognize that our FED is behind all the markets with their computer manipulations and trading schemes. This entity manipulates the silver/gold price to give their phony dollar currency credibility with the deceived trading community. If gold and silver are suppressed, then our phony cyber dollar is viewed as sound, stable, and strong. This is psychology 101 and our insider banksters understand how to use trading psychology to effect emotions within our markets. Those who are discerning have figured this manipulative strategy out. The vast trading community, however, does not care about all this manipulation as long as the markets continue their UPWARD trend.

Below the N.Y. Fed (underground) is all the real money (gold)! Our elite banksters, however, do not desire that the gold price reflect actual supply/demand prices. They manipulate these prices to give credence to our phony cyber $$$!

When will the overall market overrule all these manipulators at the FED and the other Central Bank trading rooms? This is the 64,000 dollar question. At some point all this manipulation will be exposed as totally artificial and meaningless as real growth and prosperity can not occur indefinitely using these strategies. In the meantime, however, we could witness more Cyber heroin from our Central Banks to maintain the ILLUSION of soundness and creditability within our global electronic (cyberspace) markets. Watch and enjoy the manipulation as it occurs. The game is rather comical when you discern what is happening within our halls of greater ‘intelligence’ (our elite authoritarian deceivers). The game is getting rather obvious to many and this may eventually lead to reality and the removal of cyber heroin (a complete collapse of all our electronic markets will then occur). Watch and Observe! The day of reckoning is near. I am:

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