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Our Cyber Currencies DESTROY free markets/free enterprise!

January 7, 2015

The concept of free markets generally applies to trading and exchanging goods/services within a marketplace. Prices are supposed to reflect changes in supply/demand. Many assume that we still have free markets and free enterprise on this planet. This, however, is now a myth and a fantasy. Today, all our currencies (which we use to ‘price’ our goods/services nationally and globally) are NOT subject to supply/demand or Free Market processes. Today, our Central Banks (and our Fed is the best example) control the supply of dollars and manipulate demand (for dollars) with their policies, favoritism, and realtime schemes. Since our ‘money’ is NOT subject to a Free Market, this means that all which underlies our monetary system (production, distribution, exchange, savings, and investments) are also NOT representative of a Free Market System and/or Free Enterprise! Think about historical Capitalism as an example.

Symbol money (now in cyberspace) is NOT subject to forces of Supply/Demand!

Within historical Capitalism our ‘money’ was subject to the forces of supply and demand as people increased the supply via mining and minting. Demand and prices would be determined from these material forces of supply and demand. As speculators, traders, miners discovered more ‘money’ (gold/silver) this supply would reach the markets as new coins were processed and minted. Supply would enter the marketplace from human discovery and processing of our ‘money’. Even paper notes (backed by a physically defined money) could serve to reveal prices when free market forces were working. This process (under historical Capitalism) allowed the forces of supply/demand to work for everyone!

Cyber money is not subject to forces of supply/demand! This means ‘prices’ get distorted and malinvestment grows!

Today, however, our Cyber currencies (which get created ‘out of nothing’) enter cyberspace (our computer screens) and this Supply of money distorts and manipulates all our market prices and values within the greater marketplace. Demand for these Cyber currencies is controlled and funneled to select recipients via our Central Bank authorities and their proxies. QE and fractional reserve banking are examples of how ‘money’ (cyber digits) get funneled to select recipients and where the greater forces of supply/demand are made mostly meaningless. Central Bankers can create, control, manipulate, and distribute these Cyber digits to their select recipients (Dealer Banks, etc.) to accomplish select objectives for their secret policy-making committee. How can this be viewed as Free Enterprise or a Free Market System?

Central Banks (like our Fed) create, control, and manipulate the supply/demand of money and this prevents real ‘price discovery’ for market participants!

The production and distribution of the most important item within Capitalism (money) is Controlled, Manipulated, and Distributed by merely a ‘few’ private cartel bankers operating in secret within the closed doors of select Central Banks around our planet. Does this sound like Free Market Economics? Does this sound like Free Enterprise? Not in my model! This sounds like pure corruption of Capitalism and Free Market processes. Today’s Cyber currencies are totally created, controlled, and manipulated by merely a ‘few’ secret (private) cartel members who RULE over the entire planet and its destiny! Does any of this sound like Freedom for the masses? Does it sound like Freedom for the productive worker? Who (in reality) creates all the WEALTH within our society? Do these Central Banker rulers create any WEALTH?

Economic ‘wealth’ comes from the land. Money should also come from nature if Capitalism is to work! Today, our Cyber Money comes from immaterial Consciousness!

The purpose of economics is to create real physical WEALTH for the planet and the people. What is ‘wealth’? Historically, ‘wealth’ are all the things which emerge from the soil of our planet. We call these items by the name, Natural Resources! It’s our natural resources (oil, lumber, grains, water, sand, etc.) which labor uses to create all our products and wealth. Central Bankers do not create any of this material wealth for our planet. Why should Central Bankers be in charge (RULE) over all of the economic forces which create our wealth and prosperity? Why should private cartel members (who most citizens do not know, visit, or elect) have the authority to RULE over our survival as people and a society (and the entire planet…now some 7 billion people)? Does this make any ‘common’ SENSE? Not to me!

Ron Paul perceives the many dangers of money and centralization (on our freedoms)!

Money is the ‘life blood’ of any Capitalistic economic system. Capitalism, historically, was based on Free Market forces and Free Enterprise for all aspects of the system. Money was no exception and this is WHY money (under Capitalism) was a ‘material’ item derived from our Natural Resources. The concept of ‘money’ being derived from immaterial (non-physical) forces…such as the Consciousness of a secret monetary committee…meeting behind closed doors, was not viewed as SOUND, proper, or Constitutional by any of our knowledgeable Founding Fathers. Think about Thomas Jefferson and/or Alexander Hamilton. Did these founding fathers desire that ‘money’ emerge from nothing? Would they approve of ‘money’ being typed (keyed) into a computer screen within Cyberspace? I don’t think so!

Let me issue and control all the ‘money’ and I can RULE the planet for my purposes!

Today’s cyber money is totally unrepresentative of any of the principles of historical Capitalism. Furthermore, cyber money can not lead to any meaningful Free Markets going forward. Cyber money distorts all our prices and all our values (economic, political, and social). Having Central Bankers ruling over economics makes NO common sense. We now need to understand what has evolved these past 100 years since the creation of our Fed. The results are not representative of American Values. We now need to immediately ABOLISH this entity called the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Sooner the better! Why should America compromise its CORE values (individual freedom/economic freedom) for Slavery under an elite group of private manipulators operating behind the closed doors of select banking facilities in New York, Basel, or other locations on our planet? Enjoy! I am:

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