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The Fed, Cyber Money, Deflation!

January 6, 2015

We need to abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. We need to recognize that Cyber Money is not workable under Capitalism. We need to be aware that Deflation is now emerging with a vengeance! The above three issues need to be publicized and broadcast to the masses of people in America. These issues are not taught in any of our institutions of higher learning. We now need to educate the masses so they become aware of these issues and why we need a New System going forward! Let’s briefly review each of these issues:

We now need a NEW economic system going forward!

1. Our Federal Reserve banking system needs to be abolished as it is not representative of American values or the desires of our Founding Fathers. America is based on the concept of individualism and freedom. The Fed is based on Centralized control and market manipulations of prices, values, and crony corporate favoritism. Wall Street and Central Bankers should not be controlling our economy and our future. Yet this is what has evolved under the auspices of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (now over 100 years in operation). Our elected politicians do not seem to desire to change this corrupt institution which should be viewed as Unconstitutional. We now need to inform our elected representatives that we desire to ABOLISH this centralized (private) operation which has corrupted our politics, our money, our economy, and our freedoms. Send a message to your elected representative if you agree with this missive!

2. We also need to get educated on the evolution of money and currency. Our founding fathers desired that money not be Centralized and Controlled by a cartel of corrupt bankers. Thomas Jefferson warned us about the consequences of a Centralized Banking Institution. Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and John F. Kennedy each/all recognized the corruption within our Centralized Banking operations and the consequences of having unelected/private persons operating and controlling our money. Money is what creates cartels. Money creates favoritism. Money creates crony corrupt corporations. And Money pollutes the minds of our politicians.

A Central Bank (privately operated) should be viewed as UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Cyber money evolved after the closing of the gold window in 1971. Computerization and digitization have allowed our Centralized Bankers to create our money ‘Out of Nothing’, ‘Out of thin Air’, ‘Out of their inner Consciousness’. This has led to the 1% controlling most of our Wealth. This has led to private individuals operating behind closed doors to manipulated all our asset values, prices, and investments. This has led to the $700 trillion derivatives market. This has led to all our DEBT and DEFICITS. This has led to the desire of these private administrators to desire a One World Banking System for the entire planet. Cyber Money should not be viewed as Official legal tender. Cyber money is within cyberspace. Cyberspace is part of Virtual Reality, Simulated Reality, and Imaginary Reality. Can you discern this message!

Cyber Money consists of cyberspace digits (1’s and 0’s). This type of money leads to Centralization via our private Banking Cartel System!

3. Cyber Money leads to Deflation over time. The reason for this result is because Cyber Money does not allow consumers access in sufficient amounts. Inflation and Hyper-inflation results when Central Banks create printed (paper) notes in excess. Cyber Money, however, is within cyberspace. This type of money/currency circulates mostly with the banking cartels select dealer banks. This money does not get to the consumer ‘pockets’ (in sufficient amounts) so that price inflation can occur exponentially. The end result of Cyber Money is gradual Deflation of asset values and most prices (assuming a constant supply of goods/services). What is now emerging with a vengeance is Cyber Deflation! As asset values collapse, money disappears into Cyber heaven. This creates Deflation over time!

Deflation is occurring in most sectors of our economy. Food prices have been volatile and could be an exception to this deflationary trend!

We could witness some price inflation in goods and products where supplies diminish. An example would be select Food items (corn, wheat, soy beans, coffee). If insufficient Food items are not created in increasing amounts, then we could witness Price Inflation in these select items. Overall, however, we will likely witness substantial DEFLATION is most goods and services going forward! This means that Stock Markets will mostly decline over time. All our electronic cyber markets could experience a collapse as these forces of Deflation gain momentum. The trend has started (2014) and I sense that this will continue into 2015 and 2016. Eventually, all our Cyber Markets could collapse as Deflation gains a foothold on our Global markets.

In conclusion, our Fed, Cyber Money, and Deflation are forces which we need to think about for 2015 and 2016. Our monetary system is unstable and mostly subject to volatile emotions and computer manipulations. All these manipulations will eventually lead to a Lack of Confidence in all our Global Markets. Central Bankers are mostly at fault! We need to Abolish the FED! This institution should be viewed as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Talk to your colleagues and elected representatives on these issues (assuming you agree with this assessment). Enjoy and pass this message on to others! I am:

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