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New Mindset is now needed! 2015 and afterwards!

January 5, 2015

If we humans desire to move forward in a positive direction, then we need a NEW mindset going forward. The problem with our current mindset is that events continue to spiral downward as our leaders choose to perpetuate a failing system. What is now needed is new thinking and a desire to abandon the mindset of yesterday. Let’s review some concepts which need to change and also some new concepts which need to emerge within our thinking. Ideas create action and false ideas lead to destruction and negative results. Now is the time to ‘delete’ old concepts and thinking and adopt a NEW mindset for 2015 and afterwards! Let’s bullet point some old and new thinking for review:

The OLD mindset of absolute truth and objective reality is now FOLLY! All is really subjective and final knowledge is a myth for us humans! We now need to start from the premise that WE know nothing (with certainty)!

New thinking leads to different results! We now need a NEW mindset going forward! People must come first (under freedom for all) and problem solving secondarily!

Human freedom (under man’s rulership) is impossible and complete folly! Playing King of the Hill is old thinking and leads to complete destruction of all mankind (in time)!

1. Currently, our leaders are promoting a mindset of trying to SAVE a sinking ship called Capitalism. This mindset is destined to fail completely. Capitalism is now OVER and done and our leaders are now trying to promote the deceptive mindset of cyber money and cyber economics. This is a fatal mistake which will only lead to financial Armageddon and a global dictatorship over all mankind. Do we the people desire to change our thinking or follow our deceived leaders into perdition?

Capitalism is based upon an Objectivist philosophy. Today, our entire global marketplace is Subjective! This means that Capitalism can not work going forward! We now need a NEW SYSTEM!

2. What we now need are NEW leaders with a new mindset of ‘problem’ solving. What has emerged from our prior failed thinking are huge and growing global problems. We witness the problems of money, the problems of poverty, the problems of unemployment, the problems of debt, the problems of conflict over natural resources, and all the geo-political problems of war and destruction. We now need to recognize that our SYSTEM is the problem and that a NEW system is needed.

A new MINDSET based upon People first and Problem Solving second is needed!

3. The mindset of trying to find a SOLUTION within the current paradyme of economics and politics can only lead to more conflict, poverty, war, destruction, and dis-unity. There is NO solution to our problems if we assume that our current SYSTEM is viable. Today, our money is a complete ‘joke’ and the administration of our financial house of cards is also a complete ‘joke’. Today, our deceived leaders assume that IMMAGINARY money, credit, and debt can create a growing, prosperous, vibrant economy. This is total FOLLY and we need to recognize this folly and the thinking associated with it.

The above image is based on the false concept of VALUE (which we thought was objective)! In reality, the concept of VALUE is subjective and imaginary! The old thinking, however, has NOT changed!

4. Our current SYSTEM is based on complete deception and mostly fantasy thinking. The foundational concept of Capitalism is the concept of VALUE. This concept was viewed as objective when our world functioned upon a fixed gold or silver standard. Today, however, our fantasy Casino system is based on imaginary cyber money/currency. Our ‘dollar’ is a complete fantasy within our metaphysical mind. All global currencies, today, are complete fantasies within the MINDS of our leaders/administrators/policy makers! The concept of VALUE (which underlies all currencies) is a subjective fantasy! Who can discern the fantasies which our leaders are pursuing to attempt to SAVE this dying Casino of imagination!

Capitalism assumed that VALUE could be objectified! This, however, is a myth (fantasy)! The concept of ‘value’ is subjective/personal/within our metaphysical MINDS!

5. Our conflict over natural resources and prices of these resources (oil, etc.) only leads to war, political manipulations, and the destruction of innocent lives caught in the crossfire. The mindset of trying to SAVE this confused, deceptive, and false model of economics (called debt based Keynesianism) can only lead to more negativity, more confusion, and to the eventual collapse of all structures of government, education, and progress. This is evident as we all WATCH our house of economic cards collapse in front of our eyes! Now is the time to recognize that our MINDSET is confused, misinformed, and mostly corrupt!

Conflict via Obama Drones and other war strategies for gaining CONTROL and rulership over others is complete FOLLY! Man ruling man leads to complete destruction of man! Who discerns consequences?

6. A NEW mindset would focus on a new model where PEOPLE come prior to money and politics. People come prior to war over natural resources. People come prior to all our DEBT and imaginary cyber currencies. People (the 7 billion) on our planet should be our focus and problem solving should be our priority. We now need a NEW MODEL which puts people first! And this new model needs to view the WHOLE before the part. The entire planet and the 7 billion people should provide us our MODEL for a new MINDSET and new thinking!

A NEW model would focus on the 7 billion people ‘first’ and THEN the issues of economics and sustainability! Freedom for everyone must prevail and CENTRALIZATION with man ruling must be abolished forever! If not NOW, then WHEN?

The mindset of our Congress (assuming solutions within our existing paradyme) is total FOLLY! We need to SEE the bigger picture and recognize that our OLD mindset (Capitalism under Objectivism) is completely unworkable/folly…going forward!

7. We now need to abandon the OLD mindset of trying to RULE the planet. Man is totally incapable of ‘ruling’ anyone other than himself/herself. Ruling over others is not a healthy mindset going forward! Everyone needs to get involved in issue of PROBLEM solving (within their own local market). The centralization of control over others is a losing mindset. The desire to find a SOLUTION within our current Nation State System is folly and destructive. We need to THINK about people first and problem solving under a NEW MODEL second. A new mindset is now needed! Who discerns? Who understands? Who is ready to abandon the current failed SYSTEM of welfare Capitalism (a form of Socialism/Communism) within a monetary regime of CYBER warfare and cyber manipulation! Think ANEW! I am:

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