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The ‘Situation’, then the ‘Problem’, then the ‘Perspective’!

December 29, 2014

We all live in a world which recognizes relativity, is constantly changing, and is dynamic! The ‘situation’ (which I/You experience each moment of now) creates our ‘problem’ which then produces one’s viewpoint or perspective. I have noticed how people change their perspective (including myself) when their individual situation changes. For example: If I am in a position of power and authority over a group (say a business entity) then my situation creates the ‘philosophical’ hat which I will wear. If my business entity (say a real estate firm) experiences a huge loss in revenue and a net loss in income, then this problem forces me to change my perspective/viewpoint (from that which I held prior to the huge loss). This situational reality changes to some degree every day as I live my life. One’s situation leads to a problem which then leads to one’s perspective/viewpoint!

In 2012, Putin and Obama were scheming friends. Today, the situation has changed. Obama’s sanctions, the rouble crash, and the drop in oil prices have created new problems for Russia and Putin! The situation, the problem, creates a new perspective!

Today, we have leaders in positions of Power all around our planet who experience daily changes in their Nation’s situation, their Nation’s problems, and this creates a changing perspective/viewpoint for each of these leaders. Let’s think first about the leader of Russia. Vladimir Putin has recently experienced a serious change in his Nation’s economic situation. The Russian Rouble has crashed, the price of oil (a major source of Russia’s revenue) has plummeted, and Western sanctions have hurt the consumer economy within this Nation. Russia and its leader now must think differently! This SITUATION has created a major PROBLEM which is changing the PERSPECTIVE of Vladimir Putin daily. He must now think differently as a result of this new situation and new problems which have emerged.

Two Chinese ministers offered support for Russia as President Vladimir Putin seeks to shore up the ruble without depleting foreign-exchange reserves. Putin is changing with the changing SITUATION/PROBLEM!

If we look around the globe at various leaders in power we can discern that ‘situations’ are changing daily and new problems are emerging daily. This means that leaders like Janet Yellen (U.S. Fed), Barrack Obama (USA), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Xi Jinping (China), Mario Draghi (European Central Bank), Shinzo Abe (Japan), David Cameron (England), Nicolas Madura (Venezuela), Petro Poroshenko (Ukraine), Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), Bashar al-Assad (Syria), etc. must reflect on a changing SITUATION and change their perspective about the situation/problem on a daily basis. Our dynamic/changing world forces everyone to think anew as we each face new ‘situations’ daily. This shows the RELATIVITY (within a person’s perspective) and constant change in one’s thinking!

Albert initiated the concept of ‘relativity’. This concept is also relevant for all human actions within our social/political community. Situations change and new problems emerge! We all must change our thinking as events change!

Our dynamic/relative world forces each of us to think differently as we grow and learn from all the changes within our economy/politics/science/religion/philosophy. The old days of assuming a static/absolute world are gone! Our world is changing rapidly and knowledge is growing exponentially for nearly everyone. As we all learn and grow intellectually we are required to change our perspective and thinking. This changes our beliefs and our philosophy over time. The concept of RELATIVITY is now obvious to many and the dogmatic absolutism of science and religion are also changing (rapidly) as events transpire within our world. Today, real science (watch the news) is pointing towards a subjective/metaphysical foundation to all of reality. This is a significant change in our Situation!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. I fully agree!

Science and Religion are becoming AWARE that reality is subjective and that uncertainty rules over all situations, problems, and perspectives. The days of dogmatic certainty and absolute truth are mostly over for those paying attention to what has transpired in recent years. Take any issue of substance (say monetary policy or eschatology) and then question a group of experts on their perspectives. What emerges are differing viewpoints and solutions to issues of reality. What we all notice is that each expert has their own perspective on the situation and the problem. These perspectives differ from expert to expert. This reality is evident in politics, military strategy, religious interpretation, scientific understanding, education policy, etc. Views expressed vary from speaker to speaker (with lots of uncertainty presented).

Take any complex issue and ask experts their opinion and we end up with a range of perspectives! Agreement is not generally reached. This shows that our reality is RELATIVE! Individuals, however, act as if their view/perspective is ABSOLUTE!

What we now need to recognize is that all of reality is RELATIVE and changing! There are NO absolutes left which are certain, final, and unchanging. All of reality is in flux with a hodge podge of perspectives emerging from each thinker/expert. The more complex the issue the more diverse the perspectives and interpretations. Each expert presents their viewpoint as if their view is absolute. But when we compare each expert with comparable talent, we end up with confusion. This reveals the relativity within realtime events. Should QE be continued/stopped? Should drone attacks be continued/outlawed? Should immigration policy be fixed/floating? Does science change with the observer effect? Does religious interpretation change with each reader of scripture?

Each culture (belief system) tends to interpret reality differently! Have you noticed the perspective of ISIL and their leader? Have you noticed the Palestinian/Israeli dialogue? Have you noticed the U.S. Congressional polarization over many complex issues? Etc., Etc.

Watch our cyber communication system and notice the relativity in action! What happens within a group when all is relative? What happens is that we all choose some ‘reference’ point and then proceed. Within our monetary environment, people choose a GURU for their reference point! Some choose Mr. X and others choose Mr. Y. This also goes for our female gender! Most will choose some OFFICIAL reference guru who the MEDIA thinks is right, proper, and politically correct (on a given issue). Those who think Barrack has a politically correct view choose Barrack. Those who think Putin will choose Putin, etc. We all choose some reference point to give our perspective respectability! That is how I see it!

Seven (7,000,000,000) people each with a different perspective due to culture, location, education, understanding, knowledge, and philosophy! This is relativity in motion!

The 7 billion beings occupying space on our planet each have a unique perspective (viewpoint)! This demonstrates the theory of RELATIVITY within the human domain!

There are few who actually THINK for themselves on issues of life, politics, science, religion, education, or philosophy. This is why most experts reference other experts to make their point. Human action displays this relativity within our marketplace. The reference point for MONEY today are select Central Bankers who make situations change. For American this is Janet Yellen (and her insider advisers). For most of Europe this is Mario Draghi (and his insider advisers). For Asia this is Xi Jinping (and his select advisers). Guru’s become ‘reference’ points as we all (mostly) are unable to stand as independent BEINGS! We tend to choose some BEING (real or imagined) as our core REFERENCE POINT! Give this missive some reflection and see if this is also your reality! Enjoy! I am:

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