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Speak the word ‘Patient’ and Cyber Money Flows into Stocks!

December 25, 2014

It’s amazing what a ‘word’ will produce in the MIND’s of followers (our traders)! Janet Yellen spoke the word ‘patient’ and her followers hit the buy button on their computer trading platforms. The result produced an increase of 1,000 cyber points on the Dow Index over 6 days. This is a gain of 6% in 6 days. Imagine what could happen if Janet speaks again with the words I will be ‘more patient’! We could witness multi-thousands of increase (trillions of cyber $) in the various stock indices (possibly). WORDS are powerful boosters of confidence in today’s cyber currency world. Central bankers can merely SPEAK a positive WORD and money from heaven flows (like a river) into our cyber stock markets. Today our MONEY is imaginary (a unit of consciousness) so this makes a lot of sense. Just ‘speak’ and money flows into the cyber markets as traders click their computer trading strategies!

A WORD (from Janet Yellen) can create confidence and a flow of cyber money into stocks! Say the word ‘patient’ and traders will punch computer keys so that stock prices increase (creating billions for select recipients)! The Dow Index increased some 1,000 cyber points in 6 days! This is a 6% return! Can this continue?

This situation would NOT be possible if we still had silver coins, gold coins, and paper notes as our money/currency. Would traders dig into their storage bins and fork over real physical coins and paper notes when a WORD is spoken by a private banking AUTHORITY? I doubt it! Today, however, we live with imaginary cyber digits (1’s and 0’s) which flow from computer platform to a Stock Exchange platform at near the speed of light. These cyber digits can create a 1,000 point increase (billions of $ gains) in the Dow in days. The increase works out as 1% (on average) per day for 6 days. If this could continue for a year we could witness a cyber Dow Index increase of 365%. Does this make us all prosperous, wealthy, and happy? Is the Dow Index representative of a prosperous, growing, economic system? Not in my model!

Dow Index reaches historic high with a single spoken ‘word’ from the most influential Authority over our finance casino! Is this Capitalism or what? Practically all our global exchanges gain from mere spoken ‘words’!

All our electronic cyber markets have turned into a HUGE joke for those of us who discern what is happening. Bankers and Central Bank Authorities (Yellen, Draghi, Kuroda, Carney, Ingves, etc.) merely ‘think’, ‘punch computer keys’, and ‘wau lau’…millions/billions/trillions of cyber money units appear (within select computer screens) and get attached to select recipients for their spending, speculating, and trading, etc. Money from heaven (created out of the human spirit) flows into our global cyber markets as representations of real wealth and supposed prosperity. Typically, the 1-3% gain the most from our imaginary (favored) cyber markets. The vast global public (the 97%) are totally unaware and uneducated about all these Authoritarian gimmicks, deceptions, and shenanigans.

Modern Central Banking started in the USA with the decision of Woodrow Wilson! He and his advisors chose to create the Federal Reserve Act which led to the private Federal Reserve System (our Fed)! Many view this Act as unconstitutional as Article I, Section 8 & 10, of our Constitution were subverted!

The masses who walk the BROAD philosophical road are totally unaware of what is happening within the corrupt halls of finance and banking. None seems seriously interested in discovering the inner workings of these Authoritarian institutions and private (planned) manipulations (by our elite). Who is Janet Yellen? Ask the sheeple on the street and few could associate her (or her ‘words’) with our Stock Exchange Markets or even with the word Fed. Who is Mario Draghi? Who is Mark Carney? Who is Stephan Ingves? Few have any idea as these personalities are not generally associated with the cyber gains within our electronic markets. And our Institutions of ‘higher learning’ have not educated any of their students on these issues of reality! The gimmicks of Central Banking, QE operations, secret FOMC meetings, naked short trading strategies, etc. are not taught to our students!

December 24, 1913, changed American history! A private Central Bank emerged from a decision by President Wilson. After some 100 years of operation we now witness mostly ONE authority (the Fed managers) punching computer keys to create our QE cyber dollars, interest rates, etc.! This evolution is not taught in our institutions of higher learning!

The vast majority of financial pundits also assume that our monetary system operates as a ZERO SUM GAME (meaning that for every winner there is a loser). In reality, however, this is mythology and fantasy! QE (this counterfeiting operation) shows that ‘money’ derives from nothing, thin air, authoritarian thinking, and enters the market subtlety to manipulate both winners and losers. Fractional Reserve Banking (now mostly with zero fractional reserves) is another example of finance for the elite and nothing for the working masses! Where is the equity and fairness? Why do the non-producers and select elites (in POWER) benefit at the expense of the powerless? Is this Zero Sum? Does dumping ‘naked’ short contracts on the Globex electronic market represent a zero sum game? What do you think?

Silver is manipulated on the Globex electronic market via ‘naked’ shorts to suppress the price! Prices are now really cyber creations! Why?

Some pundits (like Bob Moriarty of 321gold) assume that options and futures are zero sum games. The winners gain (+) less the losers loses (-) result in zero, says Bob. But is this valid today where a Central Bank (or its proxy) uses money created out of ‘thin air’ to purchase ‘naked short’ contracts (dumped at select time periods) to suppress the prices of silver and gold (and where there is no delivery of a real physical metal as part of the trade)? There is no settlement involved in the transaction. This happens with our high frequency trading (now at the speed of light) where a trader ENTERS for seconds/minutes and then EXITS the trade (often called an ‘uncovered’ trade). Does Bob’s logic work in today’s manipulated Centrally Controlled markets? I don’t think so!

Bob Moriarty says that the Futures/Options market is a Zero Sum Game!

What is camouflaging as our Wealth today? Are imaginary cyber numbers/symbols ($$$$) equivalent to real physical Wealth (bread, butter, meat and potatoes) which are produced from nature? What is the PURPOSE of money and trading today? Isn’t the GOAL of economics supposed to increase real physical WEALTH for the overall economy? Do our Central Bankers understand the difference between cyber money and real physical Wealth? Cyber money has no physical existence within our greater material universe. Cyber money has zero value (intrinsically). Cyber money is really an abstract number unit (not real MONEY). Imagine if we STARTED a new money system from scratch today! Would anyone choose cyber digits (1’s and 0’s) as units of VALUE (which represent physical WEALTH)? Think of a BARTER economy to understand the origin of Money and Currency!

The origin of Capitalism starts with Barter! Money emerges from this trading marketplace! Underlying money is the subjective concept of ‘value’! Money (the physical item) must be perceived as having ‘value’!

Our entire global cyber system (as applied to finance and economics) is now a corrupt system. We need to replace this non-system (now a gambling casino) of imaginary BETS with a NEW SYSTEM which creates real Wealth (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, healthcare, etc.) for all 7 billion global citizens. Why should the 1-3% (a select elite) control the survival of the 97%? We started our Capitalistic System back in the days of Agriculture where the 97% (farmers) were mostly in control of their own destiny. Today, our Capitalistic System has evolved into a global cyber CASINO where only a few benefit and the masses are slaves of the Rulers. Does this make any common sense?

We live with a House of Cards (a Casino of bets)! When will the wind emerge to blow this House down? Only God really knows!

When will this House of Cards collapse from all the mal-investments and value distortions? I thought 2014 might initiate this collapse. It now looks like 2014 (6 days left) will not create our collapse. We will need to wait and see what 2015 brings. My sense is that the day of reckoning is not that distant, however. Our cyber economy is volatile and subjective. This type of non-system is rather vulnerable to rapid change (today to the downside). The Fed is tapering, real estate is under stress, oil prices are cratering, Europe and Russia are under stress, our Stock and Bond markets are in a Bubble, and our unsustainable Debt is continuing to increase! We could give our Fed credit for the delay in our down Cycle. The key is our traders ‘confidence’ level going forward! Enjoy for today! I am:

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