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If you seek ‘truth’ (reality) you can be my Friend!

December 23, 2014

My goal since I was in my teens was to seek ‘truth’ (reality) and avoid ‘fantasy’ and cloud nine thinking! Yes, I realize that ‘truth’ is not absolute or final (but relative and situational). As human beings, none of us can live or enunciate ABSOLUTE (final) TRUTH. We all are fallible creatures and this is evident as I visit with all my friends/relatives/associates (in person and via cyberspace). Some friends, however, have my passion for reality and ‘truth’ but the vast/vast majority do not. I can count on my right hand (five fingers) my REAL friends as of today (those with a mindset for seeking ‘truth’ and realtime reality). All my other friends are what I would call ‘virtual’ friends and/or ‘hand waving’ friends. We say Hi and Good-bye but rarely visit or discuss any ‘hardball’ issues of life. Politics, religion, science are usually not discussed. Sports, games, new restaurants, and movie fantasies are ubiquitous, however!

The ‘many’ will choose the Broad Road as it does not require any meaningful change in lifestyle or behavior! A few, however, desire to walk the ‘narrow’ road!

My goal in 2015 is to minimize time with my ‘fantasy’ friends and spend more time with my real friends (those who desire ‘truth’ and realtime ‘hardball’ reality). At age 72, I feel that I no longer have time for my ‘fantasy’ friends or their cloud nine desires. The ‘hardball’ issues are much too important (to me) to waste my time with ‘fantasy’ (cloud nine) friends. What do I mean by ‘fantasy’ friends? To me, I recognize ‘fantasy’ friends within minutes during a discussion over coffee, lunch, or dinner. These friends do not desire to discuss, internalize, or mediate on the ‘hardball’ questions of life or the ‘hardball’ questions of our economy, politics, religion, or science! They seem to prefer to ‘live’ within a cloud nine virtual reality (their own fantasy world of self).

Fantasy thinking tends to avoid the ‘hardball’ issues of realtime reality!

Issues such as: who might win the 2015 World Series or which Presidential candidate is most likely to win the 2016 election or what stock will increase the most within our cyber $ economy, etc., etc. These types of issues and questions (to me) are fantasy issues. Many will visit over coffee or lunch and spend hours discussing these types of fantasy questions/issues. Please leave me out! I will continue to wave my hand and continue to greet each and any of you with a positive word, but I will not spend any meaningful time with you. The issues today are MUCH too serious for me to waste my time on all these fantasy (cloud nine) issues/questions. This will likely mean that my growth in friends will be rather limited in 2015 or after! This, however, is MY choice! If you desire to read my blog in 2015, don’t expect me to address any fantasy questions or issues. From now on, I will focus exclusively on the ‘hardball’ issues of life (as I see them)!

Unfortunately, Western Science dwells on a mindset of ‘certainty’ (as if reality is ABSOLUTE)! We need to recognize that ‘truth’ (reality) is Relative and Changing!

What are some of the ‘hardball’ questions and issues that might surface in 2015 which I will address:

1. Is World War III about to commence? What is the evidence and why?

2. Can America continue to pursue its policy of ‘might makes right’ (global hegemony) in 2015?

3. Where is America’s foreign policy leading given its determination to use ‘might’ to solve its goals?

4. Is the Middle East about to enter a religious Civil War? Why is ISIS (or a successor) here to stay?

5. Why is the Macro Evolution theory a false messiah (a myth and a fantasy within Science)?

6. Does Western Science pursue ‘truth’ (reality) via their materialistic mindset? Why not?

7. Why is our Money mostly a myth derived from a fantasy (called ‘Value’)? What are the fantasy foundations underlying Capitalism and Western economics?

My position on this planet is NOT your position (this means that we each view reality somewhat differently)! We could say that my perspective may not be your perspective (this is what I mean by reality and truth being RELATIVE)! 

It would appear that MOST will choose the Broad Road (also called the State/Collectivist road) and FEW will choose the narrow path (that which leads to real individual freedom and a NEW System where the individual prevails over the STATE)!

The above are just a few questions and issues which I will likely address in 2015. If any of these issues are ones which you do not desire to dwell upon, then please don’t visit my blog or me (when at coffee). I doubt that I will have any ‘time’ for any of you who desire to avoid these ‘hardball’ questions/issues. Once again, my goal since a teen was to pursue ‘truth’ and reality. This means that I do separate myself from the vast majority of mankind and their desires for walking the ‘Broad Road’ (to eventual destruction). To me, it’s the ‘narrow road’ which eventually leads to reality, truth, and life (and few there be who desire to walk this road). As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days prior to a new global SYSTEM. Most will eat/drink/party and attempt to avoid the ‘hardball’ issues of life! Not me! See you in 2015 (especially if you also desire to walk this ‘narrow road’)! I am:

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  1. hallenberg2005 permalink
    December 23, 2014 7:11 pm

    don i’m 73, but it’s my 7 year grand daughter i fear for.two items of interest: 1) todays devotional by richard rohr,”silence as an alternate consciouness”. the two correctives of spirituality are silence and service. you really need to read the daily page and a half, but it allows one hope.(to cope)!! 2) today mish’s article”russia under attack” excellent view point. see the last sentence,”the wrong reaction could ‘trigger implosions in the quadrillion of derivations’.”   scott


    • December 23, 2014 8:26 pm

      Thanks. D On Dec 23, 2014 7:11 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



  2. Sunshine permalink
    December 24, 2014 10:35 am

    Hi Don: I am having a great time reading your comments, and consider myself truly “one of your friends” .

    I live in Eugene Oregon where the worldwide church of god was founded by Herber W. Armstrong. I, like you was a member for a few years, and then had a calling to leave and pursue “truth” in my own way.

    I also am an old (81) read estate appraiser who has asked similar questions to those you raise in your articles.

    I am fully aware of what is taking place before our eyes on a daily basis, and watch and endure waiting for the end of all things (which are at hand).

    I will continue to enjoy your blogs, (along with more than 7,000 others who have not bowed their knees to baal), so do not dispair, all is in good hands.

    When you find yourself with nothing to do, drop me an email at

    I am Raleigh –

    PS: Let us continue to look for the highest and best use for mankind as we try to qualify to become Kings and Priests in the world to come “of which we speak”.


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