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What’s good for the Goose may be bad for the Gander!

December 21, 2014

Black Swans are now appearing at many locations around our planet. Gas prices in the USA are down to $2.00/gallon in many areas as the prices (of goods and services) in Russia start to escalate. The price of crude is down to $57/barrel (dollars) and the ‘value’ of the rouble is now 58-R/$ (a devaluation from 35-R/$ just a few months ago). So what is good for the U.S. ‘goose’ may be bad for the Russian ‘gander’. We live in a world of cyber currencies, cyber exchange markets, and cyber volatility. This is our new world…in this digital age where speed of light transactions (via pulses of light frequencies) change prices and values within milliseconds. Algorithms and high frequency trading now dominates all our global markets. Are you aware of these recent changes within our markets?

What’s good for the U.S. Goose may be bad for the Russian Gander! What do you think?

Gone are the paper notes and metal coins (now only some 4% of all monetary transactions) and emerging (rapidly) are imaginary cyber currencies which circulate at near the speed of light. The speed of light is 186,000 miles/second. Today, our computer trading can use these light frequencies to transfer ‘numbers’ from one computer to another. Numbers, my friends, are legal tender and our money. Each country which creates their own ‘numbers’ give their currency number a ‘name’. The ‘name’ for the U.S. money ‘number’ ($1.00) is Dollar. The ‘name’ for the Russian money ‘number’ is Rouble (also called Ruble). As we go around our planet each country which creates their cyber currency ‘number’ gives their ‘number’ a unique ‘name’. This means that ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ now rule over economics and finance!

Our entire planet now operates within Cyberspace for our economics and our finance! Cyberspace warfare is now ubiquitous globally! Watch our cyber markets as they change from millisecond to millisecond!

We can identify each countries currency ‘number’ by its chosen ‘name’. The legal tender ‘number’ created for the 28 countries in the Eurozone is given the ‘name’ Euro. The ‘number’ for Sweden (SEK1) is given the ‘name’ Krone. The ‘number’ for Brazil is given the ‘name’ Real. All these currency ‘names’ are now ‘numbers’ within cyberspace and these ‘numbers’ get created merely by ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen. This means that our MONEY today starts within the consciousness of Central Bankers and then gets ‘typed’ into cyber reality (our computer screens). Today, we trade, buy, sell, invest, speculate, etc. with cyber (imaginary) NUMBERS. I call these ‘numbers’ UNITS of consciousness (as they derive from policymakers within our Central Banks and their computer desks). Who is aware?

Trading via a Smart Phone can change our global PRICES in milliseconds! We now trade mostly within cyberspace and via mobile devices! We live economically in CYBERSPACE today! Our Central Banks also trade within our electronic cyberspace markets!

Our global stock and futures exchanges are now nearly 100% electronic. This means that trading ‘numbers’ and ‘names’ within our computer screens makes up most of our Capital today. New credit means more ‘numbers’ from someone (usually a banking institution). New debt means additional ‘numbers’ on the liability side of our accounting books (all these numbers now reside in cyberspace). Numbers ‘appear’ from ‘nothing’ and ‘disappear’ into ‘nothing’ (merely by crediting and debiting cyber accounting books). Numbers can also be called ‘units’ of consciousness. Units of consciousness are derived from human thinking (one’s MIND). Our entire financial system and structure today has evolved into a ‘metaphysical’ system/structure. The word ‘metaphysical’ means WITHIN one’s inner CONSCIOUSNESS!

All our Exchanges are now nearly 100% electronic! They operate within Cyberspace and use Cyber money for trading and settling of trades. The $ is a cyber currency. The R is a cyber currency. Cyber money is now ubiquitous globally! Cyber warfare is also everywhere!

Very few understand today’s financial non-system. Our friend, Mr. Putin, of Russia is now discovering how select traders (probably within our hierarchical banking system) are manipulating the cyber Rouble (Ruble) within our Futures (currency exchange) markets. Trading strategies can drive the Rouble down and up merely by making bets within our electronic exchange markets. Trading Desks (now using high-speed digital computers) can change the ‘value’ of a currency via a unique trading strategy. Trading Desks (within a Central Bank Building) can dump Futures contracts (now cyber contracts) to drive PRICES down and also up. Supply/Demand may not function today given these new trading gimmicks/strategies. We live in a world of cyber currencies, cyber exchange markets, and cyber trading manipulations.

What is Vladimir Putin thinking now that his economic survival is in jeopardy? Will he counter attack with his own Cyber Warfare? Should Russia request a reset and return to physical money (silver/gold)?

Our electronic computers (now mostly in the form of Smart Phones) can trade, buy, sell, speculate, and manipulate all PRICES within our global markets. Prices, today, are really derived within our cyber exchange markets. Cyber trading creates all our ‘prices’. As of today, the cyber price of a gallon of gas (in the Tucson market) is $2.09. This ‘price’ fluctuates from day-to-day as our cyber traders click their mouse buttons and trade cyber CRUDE oil. In one day the cyber ‘price’ of crude dropped some 30%. The cyber value of the Rouble dropped also by 30% in one day. Is this manipulation or a free market driven price system? Does supply and demand work in our new cyber manipulated markets? What do you think?

Electronic trading creates the crash in Crude prices and the Rouble’s value! Who is behind these trades?

Where is all this cyber trading leading going forward? We now witness what is happening over in Russia. In one day their markets changed from prosperity to austerity. The Rouble crashed on our cyber trading markets and Russian oil crashed on these same cyber trading markets. Russia now is experiencing the effects of cyber manipulations deriving from our cyber trading markets. Will this lead to economic changes within Russia? Will Mr. Putin and the Central Bank of Russia work on counter strategies to punish those traders (say the USA) who created this pain for the Russian people and their economic system? Were American policymakers and Central Bank traders involved in this cyber attack upon Russia (oil price and rouble value)? Many pundits think that our policymakers were behind these Price/Value manipulations!

Could this trading desk at the New York Fed (33 Liberty Street) be involved in our electronic Cyber Markets? Could trading Algorithms change Prices in milliseconds? What do you think? Is the Globex Electronic Market being used by our Central Bank to manipulate prices? Many would wager, yes!

Many say that the U.S. Federal Reserve trading Desk(s) and/or the U.S. Treasury Department trading Desk(s) could be involved in this cyber attack upon Russia and Mr. Putin. Is this reasonable to assume? What do you think? Could the Obama policymakers (within the Fed or Treasury) use cyber money attacks to create these economic/finance changes which now affect the Russian economy? What about the U.S. economic sanctions (now cyber sanctions) upon Russia? Is this a form of economic CYBER warfare? What do you think? What’s good for the U.S. Goose may be bad for the Russian Gander! We will need to watch our Cyber Markets next week (and every day) for new changes and volatility! Our economic non-system is at the CAUSE of all our global problems! That would be my VIEW! Enjoy! I am:

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