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Money/Cyberspace: not within our ‘Material’ Universe!

December 19, 2014

What we now need to recognize is that our Cyber Money ($$$) derives from our metaphysical Consciousness (our inner self/our mind) and NOT from our ‘material’ universe of matter/energy. Money, today, should be viewed as UNITS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Our money symbols ($$$) are not located within our ‘material’ universe…as it was (when symbols were engraved on our metal coins and paper notes) for most of our recorded history. Today, we live with ‘phantom’ currency units ($$$) which have NO location or substance within our Material Universe of space/time. Who is aware? Who can discern the ‘nature’ of our money symbols ($$$) and the ‘nature’ of Cyberspace. Cyberspace is also NOT located within our Material Universe. Try and ‘find’, ‘locate’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘observe’, ‘feel’, or ‘hear’ this invisible space which almost all think is real and material.

Is cyber warfare the new strategy for ruling over our planet? What do you think?

Is cyberspace within our material space/time universe? Where is it?

Our consciousness reveals itself within cyberspace! Finance and cyber money reveal who rules this planet!

Did you notice the Dow Index these past two days? This Cyber Index shot up some 709 cyber points on pure metaphysical emotion (the inner consciousness of all our cyber traders). The index shot up 421 cyber points on mostly one WORD emanating from the mouth of our Fed Chairman, Janet Yellen. What was this single unit of consciousness (word) which emerged from Janet’s mouth? It appears that the word ‘patient’ (interpreted to mean that ‘interest rates’ could stay suppressed) was the ‘unit’ (word) which created all this emotion within our cyber markets. The Dow Index (all math and cyber numbers today) responded with a 421 point increase (the highest cyber point increase in 3 years). Did our GDP also increase as a result of this emotional response within our cyber markets? What about our National Wealth?

One ‘word’ (patient) caused our cyber traders to drive the cyber Dow up 421 cyber points!

What I have discerned for some time is that we all live within TWO realms of reality (worlds). Our physical world (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) is one realm. This realm/world is within our ‘material’ universe. This realm responds to our five physical senses. The second realm or world which we live within is our metaphysical ‘consciousness’ (our inner self/being/mind). This second world is now where all our so-called ‘money’ resides. This realm is non-material and not part of our ‘material’ world of matter/energy. To discover this metaphysical inner world we need to ‘turn’ inward and discover our own personal inner self and consciousness. This inner self/consciousness is where finance and money reside. Cyberspace also resides within this extended inner realm.

We all live within TWO realms of reality (the inner and the outer)!

Our Central Banking officials (essentially a cartel operation) now produce/create their cyber money units ($$$) from their INNER world of consciousness for use by consumers/investors/traders. Our cyber money (all global cyber currencies) now emerges from the thinking and typing of select banking officials who reside within the halls of our Central Bank Buildings. These select officials/policymakers/rulers (and their primary dealer proxies) produce all our cyber money and manipulate all our cyber prices via their decisions (derived from their inner metaphysical consciousness). A few select Central Bankers now control and rule over all of global finance and economics (as cyber money is essential for our continuing survival). We all are basically economic ‘slaves’ of these select rulers/manipulators. Who is aware?

Who RULES over the 7 billion citizens of planet Earth? Who controls the planets MONEY?

Our historical money circulated as physical coins and paper notes. These units were part of our ‘material’ world. Today, a ‘Cashless Money’ world is rapidly emerging. Sweden is mostly cashless. Canada is mostly cashless. The USA and Europe are becoming mostly cashless. In fact, the entire planet is trending towards this cashless cyber world of money which is created from the consciousness of just a few select Central Bankers. Mobile payments, credit card swipes, EBT food stamp cards, and all our on-line cyber transactions are creating this new world of metaphysical money and our volatile cyber index exchanges. Russia is now experiencing some of this cyber volatility as their cyber Ruble, cyber oil prices, and cyber sanction policies are changing this entire cyber economy. What a world which we now experience!

The history of Money! Virtual reality now rules over finance and economics!

Is it now time for human beings on planet Earth to discover WHO THEY really ARE? We have been living on this planet for some 6,000 years (mostly unconsciously it seems) and we teach mostly everyone (via our public education system) that we emerged from primordial matter/energy (a chemical soup of some 4 billion years in the past). We all ‘evolved’ from material matter/energy and our consciousness has emerged from our Brain Activity (so we can grow and survive). Is any of this fantasy relevant today? Are we all emergent products of a 4 billion year old chemical SOUP? Isn’t it now time to rethink this fantasy and get REAL about our human history and WHO WE REALLY ARE? What do you THINK? Our cyber money system may HELP to wake us up on these and other issues of importance! That is my message for today! I am:

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