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Advice for Vladimir Putin and the Russian Ruble!

December 18, 2014

This missive is for the attention of Vladimir Putin of Russia. As a currency historian and philosopher, I have some advice for you and your Nation. Your current Cyber Ruble, Vladimir, has crashed (in terms of the American cyber dollar) and this has revealed the ‘phantom’ nature of your currency unit. Are you aware, Vladimir, that your Ruble is a ‘phantom’? There is zero substance to your Cyber Ruble (it is a creature of cyberspace and our electronic markets) which recently crashed on our global currency markets from 35 to $1.00 (in September) to 62 to $1.00 (today). This silent crash on our electronic futures markets is creating huge problems for Russia and for your trading counterparties. Listen to some advice, Vladimir! I can assist you to stabilize your Ruble going forward!

Vladimir Putin needs to read and think about the message within this missive!

Today, Vladimir, we live with Cyber currency units (globally) which our Central Bankers can/do create from their thinking (their consciousness/mind). These units are ‘typed’ in the computer and enter cyberspace as mere pixels of light. We call these units digital units! These cyber units have zero substance and zero physicality. These units are NOT material units as in the past, Vladimir. Your Ruble used to be a sound physical currency. The history of your currency goes back over 500 years. Peter the Great standardized your Ruble in terms of silver way back in 1704. Your Ruble, Vladimir, used to be 18 grams of silver and/or 1.2 grams of gold. Were you aware of this? Yes, your Ruble was a physical/material currency unit with substance and existence for hundreds of years. Today, you live with a Cyber Ruble, Vladimir, which has zero substance and zero materiality. Are you AWARE of this! Your Ruble is a ‘phantom’ unit today! It is circulated on our global electronic markets as a ‘number’, ‘name’, and ‘symbol’!

The Russian Ruble used to be defined in terms of 18 grams of Ag (physical silver)!

Here is what I recommend for you and your Nation, Vladimir. What you now need to do is use your $400 billion of Cyber $’s (the $’s stored in your official computer reserve account at your Central Bank) and purchase physical SILVER with these cyber funds. Silver is physical and used to back your Ruble for hundreds of years. Silver, today, is so cheap (only some $16/ounce) as this price is also manipulated on our electronic cyberspace markets. In fact, both silver and gold are manipulated (in price) today by your American counterparties (our Treasury and Federal Reserve banking officials). These historical precious metals used to be the backing and foundation for ALL political currencies! Today, however, we live with ‘phantom’ cyber currencies which create these silent cyber crashes on our currency markets!

Today, Vladimir, your Ruble is imaginary and within cyberspace (the electronic space which is revealed by your computer screen)! This is why it crashed!

Check out your own history, Vladimir. Your Ruble used to be defined as 18 grams of silver and/or 1.2 grams of gold. This definition gave your Ruble meaning, substance, and perceived value. Today, your Ruble is a pure ‘phantom’ unit within cyberspace (your computer screen). Look at your official computer screen for evidence. The crash of your Ruble from 35 to 62 is a manipulated event, Vladimir. Computer traders at our Central Bank and/or Treasury can manipulate your Cyber Ruble on the electronic currency exchanges! Trading desks at all the official Central Banks have this capability today, Vladimir. Even a computer trader (within a select Hedge Fund) could accomplish this silent crash of your Cyber Ruble. George Soros accomplished a similar result trading the British Pound some years ago!

Your Ruble crashed on the electronic markets, Vladimir! Why? Could it be that your Ruble is a ‘phantom’! Where is the substance of your Ruble? Can you discern?

Since our Cyber $ is supposedly the Reserve Currency for the planet and since most products (goods/services) are PRICED in our Cyber Dollar, our officials desire to ‘fake’ counterparties into thinking that this Cyber unit (called the $) is SOUND and viable going forward. In reality, however, our Cyber $ is also a ‘phantom’ just like your Cyber RUB. Both the $ and the R are phantom units of nothing which trade within an artificial space called CYBERSPACE. These phantom units appear in your computer screen as pixels of light (text symbols/numbers). In reality, Vladimir, these units are units of NOTHING (mere ‘phantoms’ created from one’s MIND and stored in an artificial space called CYBERSPACE). What you now need to do is to ignore your ‘phantom’ Ruble and create a real Ruble (similar to what Peter the Great did in 1704). You need to DEFINE your Ruble in terms of SILVER. Think on this issue (talk to your finance advisors for additional insight)!

A 500 Ruble Paper Note with Peter the Great on the reverse! What is a Ruble when it is not defined! What gives a currency unit ‘value’ is its definition in terms of SOMETHING!

Take the time to THINK about what I am advising, Vladimir. If you DEFINE your Ruble in terms of (say) 18 grams of silver and make this unit convertible into real physical silver (at the discretion of the holder) then you by-pass the phantom cyber units which are now ubiquitous on all our global electronic currency exchanges. Your Ruble would become an observable unit which I/you could hold in our hand. The unit could be traded for goods/services within your trading markets. Your Ruble would be viewed as containing some perceived VALUE. The purpose of a currency unit, Vladimir, is to help your economy create real physical wealth. To accomplish this result it needs to be perceived as having some VALUE.

Your Ruble, today, trades within CYBERSPACE as a digital unit of nothing, Vladimir! Our electronic exchanges can manipulate this Ruble via computer trading strategies!

All our global currencies lost their materiality shortly after our President Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. In 1973, the INDEX currency concept was created. Symbols, names, numbers became our new fiat currencies. Today, our currencies have transitioned into cyberspace units (also called digital units or electronic units) and this is why your Cyber Ruble crashed (it most likely was manipulated to crash on our electronic currency markets by select traders). Can you discern this reality? Today, we live with currency units which are basically ‘phantom’ in nature and these units are traded in our realtime cyber (electronic) markets. These units derive from nothing (also called ‘thin air’) and we witness their reality within our computer screen. Wake Up to the reality of today, Vladimir! Your RUBLE is a ‘phantom’! Think on this at your leisure! I am:

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