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Who might ‘need’ to Govern Sweden (after March 22)?

December 10, 2014

My personal history goes back to Sweden so I have an interest in what happens in this Scandinavian country. My Father and Mother both were born and raised in Sweden. I currently have some 200 relatives from all parts of greater Sweden. In 1947-48, I lived in Sweden. I will also be in Sweden for a Reunion of American Swedes and our family Swedes in July, 2015. This may be why I have a deep interest in the history and politics of Sweden. So what is my perspective on the recent Collapse of the elected Government of Sweden? My sense is that the recent collapse is likely to lead to further division and disunity. When I look at the make-up of the political parties and the issues which are in contention, I see no real alternative but more division and disunity…going forward! Why?

The Kingdom of Sweden, Stockholm. Home of the Swedish parliament and the King’s domain! Who will Govern Sweden going forward? The core issue!

September 2014 election results! Social Democrats (31.2%), Moderates (23.2%), Sweden Democrats (the radicals – 12.9%). The battle for governance will start on December 29, 2014.

The problems appear to be issues where polarization and opposition develops in the deepest form. The issues are essentially centered around the general theme of: what type of Sweden should emerge going forward? The left, called the Social Democrats (led by Stefan Lofven) can only muster some 31.2% of the popular vote. With their coalition partners some 44%. The right, called the Moderates  (led by Anna Batra) represents some 23.2% of the popular vote. With her coalition partners some 36% – 40%. The third-party is the Sweden Democrats (led by Jimmie Akesson and Mathias Karlsson) and they represent some 13% of the popular vote (but a growing number). These three parties will battle it out on March 22 for the right to represent the Kingdom of Sweden. Can any of them Govern, however (after March 22)?

Anna Batra (replaces Reinfeldt) and will campaign for the Moderates to Govern Sweden! Anna is 44 years of age and is from Djursholm, Sweden (part of greater Stockholm)!

Each of these three parties have different visions for Sweden. The growing issue of immigration will be the central issue (I assume) with the economy second. My sense is that the final numbers will be much as they were in the September 2014 election (none of the three will garner a majority of the voting public). This means that we likely will end up with a more contentious parliament after the March 22 voting. The issues will be hardened and the polarization will be evident (in spades). This is similar to what is now happening in the United States of America. Our Congress and our Executive branch are mostly at logger-heads over all the core issues (immigration, the economy, foreign policy, the vision of America going forward, etc.).

Jimmie Akesson (Sweden Democrats, age 35, Ivetofta, Sweden) and Stefan Lofven (Social Democrats, age 57, Stockholm, Sweden) will likely have many contentious arguments between now and the election on March 22, 2015.

So let’s cut to the chase and assume that my perspective is realistic and present as of March 22, 2015. What might happen within Sweden at some point down the road (when the issues are not resolved within the Swedish Parliament and polarization is at the highest level)? What is the ‘default’ position for a country like Sweden which has a history of Monarchy and Royalty? The Nation of Sweden goes all the way back in history to 829 A.D. Some suggest even further back (to the 1st century). The history of Sweden is that a KING often governed over this Kingdom of Swedes. The current KING has a ceremonial role only…but is continually informed on the issues of State (and participates in many political roles)…so the parliament could resort to this Monarch (via a vote in parliament) for rulership if ‘push came to shove’! This would be a ‘default’ position for the Swedes! Is it realistic? We must wait until later in 2015!

King Gustaf Carl XVI may end up the next ruler over the Kingdom of Swedes! Gustaf , born in 1946, is being kept well-informed on the issues within the Swedish parliament!

America does not have this option as we chose not to have any type of Royalty within our governmental structure (at our founding in 1776). For Americans the ‘default’ position is the people (assuming that our government collapses and is unable to function). The issues today are basically centered around the philosophy of: what kind our Nation/Country/World to we desire going forward. We all realize that our current systems are in a ‘state’ of collapse. Sweden is symptomatic of a general condition which permeates the entire globe. It will be interesting to follow the results of the March 22, 2015 election over in Sweden. Can the Swedes govern themselves or will they resort to their fall-back position of inaugurating their KING as the next RULER over the Kingdom of the Swedes? Enjoy the drama! I am:

P.S. The issue of immigration is central for the voting public: Nearly 100,000 refugees are expected to come to Sweden in 2014, a wave larger than tens of thousands of Bosnian refugees that arrived in the country in the mid-1990s. Both Löfven and Reinfeldt have vigorously defended Sweden’s liberal immigration laws and the Swedish government position to offer asylum to all refugees from the Syrian war. The Sweden Democrats, who have neo-Nazi roots but are today a standard right-wing alternative akin to France’s Front national, disagree, and argue that the influx of Syrian refugees pose a serious threat to Sweden’s internal security and impose a burden on the country’s social welfare programs. Immigrant assimilation into the Swedish culture is also part of the problem. 

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