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Swedish Government Collapses! Why?

December 9, 2014

The model democratic country of Sweden can not currently govern itself with their mutually exclusive viewpoints on the issues! Many Americans (like our current American administration) has viewed Sweden as a model democratic country.  Sweden has some 8 different parties which means that a coalition (of parties) is required if legislation is to pass. The parties in Sweden can be grouped in three general classes (the left, the right, and the radicals). The current radicals are called the Sweden Democrats and this group earned some 13% of the electoral vote in the recent Swedish elections. This group is against the immigration policies of the left and right parties and they now have veto power over the Swedish budget and also on other issues like immigration policy. Where is this leading going forward? Can Sweden govern itself? What can we learn from the events over in Sweden?

Sweden is viewed by many as a model for America (but is it)? What do you think?

Stefan Lofven, Social Democrat, is unable to Govern Sweden! New elections are now scheduled for March 22, 2015 (after only three months of trying to govern)!

The recent elections (September, 2014) resulted in a politician named Stefan Lofven winning some 31% of the vote and becoming Sweden’s Prime Minister. Lofven is now in deep trouble as he is unable to form a majority coalition to govern over Sweden. The opposition parties on the center/right also do not have sufficient numbers (%) to govern. This allows the newly elected Sweden Democrats (called the far/right radicals) to effectively block legislation which it dislikes. The current big issue is the budget and the policy of immigration. These far/right radicals think that Sweden is losing its social values as a result of prior immigration policies and current trends. Some 50% of the Swedish public are trending towards Karlsson’s view! What does this mean for governing…going forward?

Mattias Karlsson, leader of Sweden Democrats, wants less immigration and a more austere federal budget! His party obtained some 13% of the electoral vote in the September 2014 elections (enough to veto many forms of legislation)! His party is viewed as the radical Swedes by those on the Left and Center/Left!

Sweden has been allowing a steady flow of immigrants into the country mostly from Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and other Middle-east Muslim countries. Many of these immigrants do not desire to assimilate into the open/democratic value system of Sweden. For example: in Malmo there is a large Muslim community which basically flaunts many Swedish laws and social values so as to create their own cultural community (separate and distinct from the Swedish culture). This community has create many problems for the Swedish police and the local governments. Many Muslims desire to create their own separate communities (within Sweden) and ignore the historical Swedish social value system…and the laws/policies. Sodertalje, Sweden, now has some 30,000 immigrants in this 90,000 population city.

Many immigrants into Sweden are unwilling to fully assimilate into the Social/Cultural value system of Sweden! The governments policies on immigration are part of the problem!

The Sweden Democrats (the new radicals) and some 13% of voting Swedes are at odds with the Social Democrats (the left and center/right parties) over current trends within Sweden. Stefan Lofven took office on October 3 and he now is unable to govern the country. He has called for NEW elections on March 22, 2015 to see if the voting Swedes will give him more power. This election, however, is unlikely to change the mood of the voting electorate. Stefan may be barking up a falling tree! The contentions within the Parliament are much like in the United States (polarized viewpoints on the core issues). So what does this mean for Swedish Democracy and for the entire concept of Democracy going forward?

Social values and cultural assimilation (and the lack thereof) of non-whites is part of the issue in Sweden! Governing a country with many mutually exclusive viewpoints and differing social values is difficult! We all wish Sweden the best!

The next election is March 22, 2015. Who will prevail and govern Sweden?

What is now evident is that Swedish democracy is trending towards chaos and division. Lofven and his elite will not be able to govern going forward (it appears). This means that Sweden (the voting public) will likely become our new model for democratic chaos and disunion going forward. We witness this same type of chaos here in America with our Congress and our current Social Democratic Administration (the Obama administration). Currently, only some 9% of the American electorate supports our Congress. And our Presidential support is steadily declining (now 37%) as the issues of governing become more complex and polarized. As Thomas Jefferson said: Democracy is essentially a form of mob rule. The 51% desires to govern the 49% with policies which are often mutually exclusive. We go from Mob to Mob and Election to Election with no real progress! Man governing man appears to be on the wane!

Plato and Thomas Jefferson both viewed Democracy as a form of Mob Rule! It breaks down as parties expand and as viewpoints become polarized over serious issues!

Watch what happens over in Sweden as the new experiment with coalition parties (with mutually exclusive viewpoints on many issues) seems to be telling us that Democracy is essentially OVER. Democracy can not work going forward as every ruler has different core values and prescriptions for progress. Chaos and polarization is the new trend in most governments and rulers will discover that ruling over others is a fruitless policy (in today’s divided world). Get ready for growing chaos in government, politics, economics, education, religion, science, sports, police policy, and philosophy! The END of man ruling man is approaching! This mindset simply does NOT WORK any longer! Think and learn! I am:

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