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Hyper-inflation not possible (going forward)! Why?

December 5, 2014

There are still many pundits forecasting eventual ‘hyperinflation’ for the USA and many other global markets. Why is this no longer likely or even possible. What we need to recognize is that our MONEY today is mostly ‘imaginary’ (units of nothing derived from Consciousness). Today, only some 4% of all money transactions involve coin or paper units. The entire global marketplace is now mostly currencies within cyberspace. Yes, CYBER money has replaced our coins and paper notes. Look at your Smart Phone screen (right now). Open your investment account and look at your stored money (now totally within cyberspace). Now, turn on your TV and watch CNBC or any program which shows the Big Electronic Stock Market Board. What is happening? Where is all this MONEY (which everyone desires)!

The DOW index is now nearly 18,000. This number is based upon fantasy and deception! Few, however, are aware that our MONEY today consists of units of our imaginary consciousness! All these money units are within CYBERSPACE!

Today, all money, finance, and financial instruments are within CYBERSPACE. All the numbers and symbols which we witness on our mobile screen or our TV screens are units of our ‘imagination’. Few seem to understand the nature of cyberspace or their own inner consciousness. Cyberspace is actually an ‘imaginary’ virtual space which should be thought of as an EXTENSION of our Consciousness (our metaphysical mind). When I look out at the real world of Space/Time I do not observe cyberspace nor the text and images located within this virtual space. Cyberspace is a virtual space created by our internet/computer network (and derived from our metaphysical MIND). This is an ‘inner’ space which is part of our extended Consciousness! Think!

Our money symbols are virtual/cyber symbols and numbers! Units of nothing which will vanish/disappear once our markets turn seriously DOWN! This could be SOON!

All of our historical MONEY is being converted into cyber digits (which we can not access physically). I can not hold a ‘cyber dollar’ in my hand. I can not locate a ‘cyber dollar’ in our Space/Time universe. I can not view a ‘cyber dollar’ as a unit of currency independent from my electronic/cyberspace screen. Today, all our monetary instruments (stocks, bonds, mortgages, checking accounts, saving accounts, investment accounts, etc.) are within this virtual/imaginary space called CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is not REAL (as we have historically used this word). Cyberspace is an artificial created space for our MINDS and our inner CONSCIOUSNESS. Try and ‘find’ the currency unit called DOLLAR (for example)? Where is it? What is it? Can you hold it in your hand? The word ‘dollar’ is our so-called MONEY!

Our ‘dollar’ today has been converted into a virtual/cyber unit. This unit is ‘imaginary’! Think! Central bankers and commercial lenders create these units out of nothing!

Historically, hyper-inflation (say like in Zimbabwe in 2010) is created when Central Banks create paper notes for money (in excess). Paper notes are physical units which can circulate among the people for buying and selling. These paper notes (with currency numbers printed on the note) can cause hyper-inflation as people trade and exchange these paper notes for goods and services. If Central Bankers (as was done in Zimbabwe in 2010 and in Germany in the 1920’s) issue and circulate new notes with greater and greater numbers (printed on the notes), then PRICES go up and up as people exchange these printed notes for goods in the marketplace. This is what causes HYPER-INFLATION. Today, we have only some 4% of all money in circulation as NOTES. Hyper-inflation can not occur today given the current system!

Zimbabwe hyper-inflation was caused by issuing and printing paper notes (in excess). This same situation happened with Germany in the 1920’s. This is not possible today given our cyber money! Our cyber money is located within cyberspace (a virtual space)!

Today, practically everyone is using Cyberspace Money (units/digits which are basically ‘imaginary’ units for their buying/selling/trading/investing/speculating). These units/digits are created OUT OF NOTHING and are merely ‘typed’ into our computer screens. We call this money OUT OF THIN AIR! In reality, however, this money derives from the MIND’S of Central Bankers and Commercial Bankers as they create these digits OUT OF NOTHING (for lending and price manipulations). What is a unit (say our ‘dollar’) which derives from ‘nothing’ and merely ‘appears’ within our computer screen as a number/digit/image? LOOK at your Smart Phone screen and open your IRA account or your Banking account. Where is your money today? Think about the ‘nature’ of this so-called cyber money!

Hyper-inflation (historically) occurs when paper notes are printed (with increasing numbers) so that PRICES inflate quickly. Today, our money vanishes and disappears as markets crash! Numbers (as above) are units of Consciousness! When printed on paper they create hyper-inflation (when in cyberspace they will disappear during a crash)!

Cyber money is ‘imaginary’ money and these units of nothing DISAPPEAR (vanish) when our markets crash. These units have no substance/existence/matter! These units are METAPHYSICAL!. Metaphysical units VANISH when our stock markets and all the other cyber markets crash or collapse. Currently our American Dow stock market is near 18,000. This market was around 6,500 in 2009. The Dow is an index of some 30 stocks which fluctuate within cyberspace from moment to moment. The numbers which represent our economy are now created by the computer. Computer money is electronic money. Electronic money consists of cyber digits. Cyber digits are units of nothing. These units of nothing derive from the actions of our bankers (commercial and the Fed). All these ‘numbers’ are IMAGINARY!

All our Global Markets are now cyber markets. These markets are METAPHYSICAL in nature! Paper markets are PHYSICAL in nature! Note the difference!

Why are our Central Bankers pumping up these cyber markets with QE creations? Take the time to look at the markets in China, Japan, Europe, USA, etc. on your Smart Phone. Are you aware that QE creations consist of units of nothing derived from the Consciousness of these banksters? Look at the Chinese stock markets (for example). Some 80% of this volume comes from retail Chinese traders who borrow cyber money (the Yuan) from Chinese commercial banks and then buy/sell stock with these newly created cyber Yuan. As of today, the Chinese stock markets are UP some 43% in 2014 (this is pure speculation)! What happens when these markets turn DOWN? The cyber digits VANISH into our inner Consciousness (where they originated from)!

The Shanghai Exchange is now at 2967 (up some 43% in 2014). This is a bubble which will burst soon! All these cyber units (called Yuan) pump up this Shanghai stock market!

What we need to recognize is that all our Global Stock and Bond Markets are really VIRTUAL markets (within cyberspace) which do not represent any REAL material wealth. These markets are merely part of our collective ‘imagination’ and our imagination is part of our metaphysical ‘consciousness’ (mind). We are living in an IMAGINARY world of virtual/digital/electronic frequencies. Pulses of light create all the text, numbers, and images which we witness within our mobile Smart Phone screens. All this artificial space is called cyberspace as we can experience this space within our CONSCIOUSNESS. This space appears real (but, in reality, it is imaginary)! Get ready for the CRASH/COLLAPSE of our cyber universe in the near future!

When our cyber markets turn down the cyber money units vanish and disappear! Why? Because all these units are ‘imaginary’ and within our extended ‘consciousness’!

This crash/collapse takes place within our collective consciousness. All the numbers (digits) which we think are real money VANISH and disappear. If you want some THING which will remain in your possession (and your hand) AFTER this coming crash/collapse…BUY some silver coins and/or gold coins. Silver and Gold are the foundation of our Global Monetary System and will not vanish or disappear with the crash of our virtual/cyberspace markets. Silver/Gold coins are physical! Cyber money is metaphysical! We all live within TWO realms of reality! Few, however, are AWARE! Think and act! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. The coming crash in our cyber markets will make everyone aware of our ‘imaginary’ casino markets. My sense is that 99% of our citizens currently THINK that cyber money is real and physical. I talk to senior citizens almost every day who can not perceive the ‘imaginary’ nature of our dollar. To me, this is gross deception! Human nature, however, seems to think that ‘images’ within our computer screens are real and within observable Space/time. Hyper-inflation could happen if our Fed were to change our currency from cyber units to printed units. I do not expect this to happen! This leaves me with the reality of a coming crash/collapse (at some point) where cyber units vanish into money heaven!

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