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Our use of ‘WORDS’ can be deceptive/misleading! Think!

December 3, 2014

Speakers, educators, politicians, religious pastors, scientists, philosophers, and financial pundits all use ‘words’ to speak about events, happenings, and ideas. If I use a word incorrectly (illogically), then I can mislead and/or deceive the listener of my ‘words’. Words are similar to ‘names’ in that they derive from our metaphysical MIND/Consciousness. A few ‘words’ which I have noticed recently which tend to mislead and deceive most listeners are the following:

1. the ‘word’ EXIST can be a very misleading word/idea. Philosophers have used this ‘word’ to define and explain a ‘thing’ or ‘object’ which is within our material universe. When we look out at our material universe we witness all kinds of objects or things which appear to EXIST. Our car in the driveway ‘exists’. Our house on our lot ‘exists’. The tree across the street ‘exists’. The Sun, Moon, and Stars in the sky ‘exist’. Philosophers, however, also apply the ‘word’ EXIST to practically any concept/idea derived from my/your metaphysical MIND. This can lead to logical confusion!

Does the ‘word’ EXIST’ really apply when talking about the concept of GOD? If God is not within our material universe, why would I want to use the word ‘exist’? Think!

The concept called God (for example) is a ‘word’ which philosophers of religion say ‘exists’. But does God really ‘exist’ in an existential sense as a ‘thing’ or ‘object’ in our material universe? Is God (if a reality) a ‘thing’ or an ‘object’ within our material universe? Is God ‘out there’…or within our material universe? I would claim NO. The ‘word’ God denotes a concept within my metaphysical MIND. And my ‘mind’ or ‘consciousness’ is not some ‘thing’ which ‘exists’ within our material universe. Think!

I would also suggest that YOUR ‘mind’ does not ‘exist’ in the same manner as cars, houses, stars, atoms, brains, or sub-atomic particles. So does God really ‘exist’ as a ‘thing’ or ‘object’? Is God a ‘name’ or ‘label’ for a THING? I would say absolutely…NO. This ‘word’ or ‘name’ is merely a concept for what many think is the ultimate MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS (the prime mover behind the scenes)! This word describes a Superior Intelligence of some type (which is invisible and metaphysical)! And this ‘word’ is always within our metaphysical MIND (as we are in the ‘image’ of God). I would assert that there is no such ‘thing’ as God outside my/your MIND (within our outer/material universe).

Looking for God in our material universe does not seem realistic/logical! God is not a ‘thing’ or ‘object’ which we can discover OUTSIDE our mind/consciousness! Think!

It would be more accurate to say that God does NOT ‘exist’…but is a Source for my/your inner words, ideas, and metaphysical concepts. Do you discern my message? Our ‘words’ are NOT ‘things’ which exist. Words can deceive/mislead if used inappropriately and without a consistent logic. Some other ‘words’ which are similar to God and which we should view as NOT existing (within our material universe) are: concepts like…Value, Success, Happiness, Sadness, Blessing, Cursing, Money, Currency, Dollar, Yen, Pound, Rouble, Krona, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Inflation, Deflation, Prices, etc. All these ‘words’ are concepts within my and your metaphysical MIND or Consciousness (with NO outer denotation within our material universe). Try ‘find’ our DOLLAR within our material universe! Think!

There is NO such ‘thing’ as Value (for example) within out outer/material universe. Value, like God, is an ‘internal’ subjective concept derived from each person’s metaphysical MIND. We should label this concept (Value) as a RESULT (not a ‘thing’). Logically, ‘value’ is derived from one’s mind. We then can say that the concept of ‘Value’ is a RESULT. Do you discern this logic. That which is physical is logically a ‘thing’. That which is metaphysical is logically a ‘result’. Value derives from the idea of Capitalism (which promotes ‘private property’). Without ‘private property’ we would all abandon this concept called VALUE!

Also, words like happiness, success, beauty, losing, winning, etc. are also ‘results’ (with no static definition which anyone can identify absolutely). The concept called EXIST should apply only to items/objects which we can identify OUTSIDE my/your MIND. Our logic would be much clearer if we differentiated in this manner. When I look OUT at our material universe I see objects or things. These objects can be logically viewed as ‘existing’. Pure ‘words’, however, are really similar to ‘names’ and these derive exclusively from human metaphysical MINDS.

Our material universe consists of ‘objects’ and ‘things’. But where is God within this material universe?

Words (and names) derive from my/your Consciousness/Mind. The word ‘success’ should be viewed as a RESULT (not a thing which exists). Love is a result! Happiness is a result! Value is a result! Wisdom is a result! Understanding is a result!

2. the ‘word’ BRAIN and MIND are deceptive and misleading ‘names’ when used by our teachers, neuroscientists, and philosophers. I would suggest that my ‘brain’ is NOT the same as my ‘mind’. My ‘brain’ is inside my skull and is an object or ‘thing’ which is within our material universe. Your ‘brain’ is similar (I would suggest). My/your ‘mind’, however is another word or name for our inner/metaphysical Consciousness. Scientists have not (it seems) discovered their own ‘consciousness’ as of yet. This creates total confusion in our logic when we speak and express our thinking.

Can my Brain operate if my Consciousness leaves (say at death)? What do you think? If my Brain is mere ‘matter/energy’, then what activates this physical entity?

In the beginning was the ??? Are we all spiritual beings? 

Consciousness or mind should be viewed as ‘metaphysical’ and separate from the object within our skull (the BRAIN). In fact, I would suggest that my ‘brain’ could not function or ‘fire’ without my Consciousness/mind. If I lose my ‘consciousness’ you could witness my ‘brain’ (as an object within my skull)…but my ‘brain’ would not function/operate. Consciousness or mind is required prior to any BRAIN activity. Yet I listen to so many scientists/neuroscientists/philosophers who like to ASSUME that my BRAIN and my MIND are the same. This, to me, is a gross DECEPTION.

Does music derive from a metaphysical MIND/spirit? What do you think? What about one’s WORDS and Consciousness? Where does my/your inner ‘talent’ derive from?

You can verify the logic of these ‘words’ and their ‘use’ on your own. Personally, I think that my MIND and my Consciousness is what reveals my inner thoughts and my thinking. My BRAIN is an object within my skull which is physical and dependent upon my metaphysical Consciousness. It seem obvious, to me, that my Brain and my Mind are separate although they function as a unity (as long as I am alive). At my so-called ‘death’, then my Consciousness/mind would return to the metaphysical realm, however, my Brain would decompose with the rest of my physical body. My body/brain is buried in the grave but my ‘mind’/’consciousness’ lives on after this death event.

You can think on these issues on your own and see if you discern these differences. Personally, I think many are deceived/misled on the nature of REALITY. Words and names can deceive and mislead. We all need to THINK as independent beings so that deception is minimized. That would be my view and philosophy! Enjoy! I am:

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