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Global Networks have changed our World! What is now emerging for our planet?

December 1, 2014

Our world is changing daily as a result of our global internet, global satellites, global fibre optics, global cyber security, global military events, and the new technology of Smart phones. Currently there are some 5 billion Smart phones in the possession of users. Every person (over 12) will have the use of a Smart phone within five years (say the experts). Smart phones operate globally via all the recent Global Networks now in place. Our planet has become borderless and totally interconnected. Where is this leading for 2015 and after? Let’s briefly review the various global networks which have emerged within the past 15 years.

Computers connect everyone on our planet! This is a first for planet Earth!

Our global network of computers has created our global interconnected communication system. We can now communicate (verbally, textually, economically, and politically) with anyone on planet Earth assuming counterparty capability. This new reality is changing our entire political, religious, and economic system going forward. Today, politicians have created networks for leading our world society into a New World Order/Global Governance. We witness this New World Order in the many Institutions which our politicians have created since the end of WWII. We now have the G-20 ruling over the entire planet in many areas. This started after the financial crisis of 2008. The G-20 consists of the top economic Nations on our planet (those with approximately 85% of GWP). The New World Order is here and few discern the change (it seems)! Can man actually govern man on a global scale? What do you think?

Many claim that the New World Order is already here (given our global institutions)! We may soon need to address these global issues as we enter 2015 and beyond!

Our planet is now a network of satellites which provides our global society with GPS services, communication services, global surveillance capabilities, military command capabilities, drone and missile capabilities, internet for everyone, smart phone capabilities, and the need for a New World Order/Global Governance. Our historical Nation/State system is now mostly obsolete and most politicians seem to discern this reality. The United Nations, World Trade Organization, G-8, G-20, International Monetary Fund, Bank for International Settlements, European Economic Community, International Court of Justice, and many other global entities now assume that a borderless world has emerged.

Some say the United Nations is now ruling over our entire planet (when it comes to issues which transcend our Nation/State boundaries)! This institution was created by mostly FDR after WWII.

Our entire planet is now connected via Smart phones and the global internet. We can contact and communicate with anyone and everyone via our global system of various networks. Everyone is connected in some manner with everyone/anyone. This is changing our religious, political, economic, and philosophical thinking. Is our historical Nation/State system now obsolete going forward? Is a New World Order and Global Governance required for this new emerging reality of 2015 and onwards? Who will rule over this New World System? Who desires to play Dictator for the entire planet and the 7 billion people who reside on our planet? Could an American President play this global role of World Dictator/Ruler? Could a Committee of elite thinkers rule over the 7 billion global citizens? What do you think?

Planet Earth in space/time. We travel at 67,000 m.p.h. around our Sun! Who/what is the Prime Mover?

Our planet is borderless and contains some 7 billion citizens. Who should rule this planet? Currently, we have some 220 different Nation/State systems with separate rulers. The G-20, however, makes up the top 85% of the World’s gross economic product. These 20 Nations are now attempting to RULE our planet (to some degree). Is this feasible and will the other 200 or so States comply with the dictates of the G-20? How many rulers do we need to accomplish the task of controlling all the 7 billion people on our planet? Could Barrack Obama rule our planet? What about David Cameron? What about Vladimir Putin or maybe Xi Jinping? Who could RULE over the many?

Could one or more of the above RULE over the entire planet and the 7 billion citizens? What do you think?

What about one or more Religious leaders ruling over our planet? Who would act as Global Dictator (when important decisions must be made)? Could the Catholic Pope rule the planet?

What about a Global Central Banker (say Mario Draghi) as ruler over a One World Currency System?

Some who have signed on to the concept of a New World Order/Global Governance (to some degree) are: Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, Barrack Obama, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Paul and James Warburg, Alice Bailey, Woodrow Wilson, Rajiv Gandhi, Franklin Roosevelt, Kurt Waldheim, Dick Cheney, Gordon Brown, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, and Tony Blair (the list is partial).

Some of the Big Questions which we will need to address if we advocate a NWO and Global Governance are: 

Will American values need to change to allow for this new global Institution? Who will rule over our borderless society of 7 billion people? Will these rulers create a One World Digital Currency (for people to use when buying/selling)? Who decides who gets the benefits from our global resources? Who will administer events over economics, politics, military, courts, health care, justice, commerce, ecology, education, religion, beliefs, trade, travel, and human rights? Can Democracy work in a divided world of minorities (all with different points of view on the issues)? Who will subdue the radicals (who would not support a NWO)? Will there be a single world military to govern over dissenters? These and many more questions would need to be addressed. What do you think about this trend towards a NWO and Global Governance? The issues seem rather complex! Enjoy! I am:

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