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MONEY for everyone – NOW possible! Let’s Think!

November 30, 2014

Humanity can now create and send ‘money’ in unlimited amounts to anyone and everyone on our planet. Our cyber created digits (now our money…globally) can be artificially created (out of nothing, out of thin air, out of Central Bank consciousness, via the computer) and sent via direct deposits to anyone/everyone in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and to the ends of our earth. All 7 billion people on our planet can now received unlimited ‘money’ ($ or similar) from our Central Authorities with the click of a computer mouse. Why is this now possible and happening in realtime? Why could not this reality be implemented tomorrow if desired by our officials?

Today, our ‘money’ does not come from Nature and this means that our ‘money’ is not material, physical, or composed of matter/energy. What a change from all of past history. Today, our Central Bank Authorities can create (via a decision) all the cyber digits (which now comprises nearly ALL our global money supply) via the CLICK of a computer mouse. Within micro-seconds, cyber money appears within the computer screen (our on-line computer based accounts) and these cyber units can be sent and distributed via another click of the computer mouse to anyone ON our planet. This is the World that we now live in! Why this change and what does this mean for our future? Let’s think!

All of our Central Banks now have the feasibility to create QE money (also called cyber digit money) via a decision from their banking committee (mostly the Committee Chairman). We witnessed this reality with the cyber dollar creations which our prior Fed Chairman started in 2008. Mr. Ben Shalom Bernanke, started a program (called a QE policy) where cyber digits could and were created (from his consciousness) in the billions and trillions. This digit money was created with the click of a computer mouse at the computer desk on the 9th floor of the New York Federal Reserve Building, 33 Liberty Street, New York USA. This cyber money was created ‘out of nothing’, ‘out of thin air’, ‘out of Bernanke’s decision-making authority’ (his consciousness). Cyber digits magically appeared in his official Central Bank account (called the SOMA) by merely ‘typing’ digits into the computer screen. Are you aware that computer digits (within cyberspace) are NOW our money? We do not have ANY real/material money today!

All Central Banks now have the capability and the desire to create their National cyber money (via the click/press of a computer key). Japan’s Central Bank (under the authority of Haruhiko Kuroda) is currently creating ‘trillions’ of cyber yen for the Japanese economy via official counterfeiting of the yen. Mario Draghi who heads up the European Central Bank is creating ‘trillions’ of cyber euro’s via his computer Desk (merely by pressing computer keys). Mark Carney of the Bank of England (who is also Chairman of their Monetary Policy Committee) is creating billions of cyber pounds via his computer Desk machine. The People’s Bank of China is also creating cyber yuan via the click of a computer key (out of nothing and out of thin air). Where is all this official counterfeiting of global currencies (now cyber currencies) leading? Will our Authorities send every citizen cyber money for their personal computer banking accounts? This is a policy (some call it ‘helicopter’ money) which could be implemented NOW!

Currently the beneficiaries of all the QE counterfeiting operations are the Primary Dealers, TBTF commercial banks, select corporate entities, and select monetary officials with special connections to the Central Bank policymakers. The beneficiaries are the well-connected and the extremely wealthy entities which can receive their cyber units from our Central Bank policymakers in exchange for their virtual assets. Some of these virtual assets are mostly JUNK assets and this provides these recipients ‘fresh’ cyber cash for new purchases of better assets, lending to select wealthy entities, speculating on asset values, and price manipulations of key assets (like gold, silver, oil, platinum, stocks, etc.). Central Banks now create their cyber money (out of nothing/thin air/consciousness) and then select recipients sell virtual assets to obtain ‘fresh’ cyber money for further price manipulations and speculations! What a great scheme for the well-connected and the operators who are ‘friends’ of our Central Bank counterfeiters!

So where is all this official counterfeiting and cyber money creation leading for our Society at large? What we now need to do is become a FRIEND of the Central Bank manipulators. All our Central Banks on planet Earth can now create cyber money (dollars, yen, pounds, euros, krona, pesos, reals, rubles, dongs, etc.) by a decision. Cyber money is cyberspace money. Cyberspace money is virtual money. Virtual money consists of cyber digits. Cyber digits derive from the pressing of computer keys. Our Computer keys are controlled by our Central Bank officials. These officials operate mostly in secret and behind closed doors to the general public and to most of our elected leaders. Currently, all the beneficiaries of all this QE counterfeiting money are select entities who have special relationships with our Central Bank officials.

What now needs to happen is for every citizen to request some of this digital Cyber Money for their own computer accounts. Our current technology allows these select private Central Bank officials to send us all a series of direct deposits (of cyber money) to our personal accounts. Some call this ‘helicopter’ money. Some call it QE created money. Recipients of Social Security call their money a Direct Deposit from the Treasury’s computer account to their computer account. Every citizen of planet Earth now needs to request their own cyber digits (money) from their Central Bank officials. This can be accomplished with the click of a computer mouse key. Numbers (digits) can flow from the Central Bank computer account directly to you and me (our computer account). Why is this now feasible, possible, and practical?

This reality is now possible because our MONEY has become ‘metaphysical’. Today, our money is NOT a unit of some material/physical ‘thing’ from Nature. We used to circulate silver coins as money. We used to circulate paper notes (backed by a material thing). We used to circulate gold bars to settle our balance of trade accounts. All this is now past history with no practical reality within today’s cyberspace markets. Our Global internet society now operates within a space called CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is not a space comparable to our observable material space (matter/energy). Cyberspace is a created space derived from our computer operations. Computers now run all our monetary/financial markets. Computers create our VIRTUAL assets which we trade within Cyberspace. We now live in a NEW artificial World created by MACHINES!

Yes, Everyone and Anyone can now receive MONEY via the computer (directly from our official Central Bankster computers). This is now possible and feasible. All our taxes can now be paid from QE money created by our Central Banks. All spending can now be done with cyber units (digits) created Out of Nothing. Lending can now be done with cyber units created Out of Thin Air. Price manipulations and price speculations can now be done via computer trading STRATEGIES. All our major stock markets, bond markets, future markets, derivative markets are now ELECTRONIC markets (operating within cyberspace). The new world of MONEY is now operating within our COMPUTER SCREENS! Are you aware? Do you comprehend that ALL our money will soon be CYBER MONEY?

There is no shortage of Cyber Money as these units (currencies) can be created from the MIND of a Central Banker. All global money creation is now mostly created from Central Bank CONSCIOUSNESS! Were you aware of this? Are you aware of this? Everyone on planet EARTH can now (technically) receive unlimited units of Cyber Money via the computer. Talk to Janet Yellen of the U.S. Federal Reserve and ask her for your share of this Cyber Money (if you are an American). Talk to H. Kuroda in Japan if you are living in that country. Talk to Mario Draghi if you live in the Eurozone area. Talk to Mark Carney if you live in England. Talk to Stefan Ingves if you live in the country of Sweden. All Central Bankers now have the capability to create unlimited units of their official cyber currencies VIA a decision! We now live in a METAPHYSICAL monetary world! Few, however, are AWARE! Start to THINK about these issues if you want to receive your share of Cyber Money going forward! Enjoy! I am:

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