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Silver Coins – why am I buying NOW!!!

November 26, 2014

Philosophically, a silver coin EXISTS and I can hold it in my hand. Also, a silver coin (1 ounce of pure Ag) is a form of MONEY (has been for 5000 years). The word (dollar) which is engraved on my American Eagle Silver Coin also is a CURRENCY (a form of legal tender). The word DOLLAR is engraved and was derived (initially) from the MIND of mostly Thomas Jefferson back in 1785. Thomas (our inventor of our American monetary system) wanted to create an American unit of ‘money’ (silver) and also a unit of ‘currency’ (dollar). This history is not yet obsolete! I will continue to buy silver coins during the coming CRASH cycle of our imaginary cyber markets (now starting)!

Silver is a real element from Nature! A minted coin is a representation of real material WEALTH! The purpose of a money/currency is to ‘value’ real material wealth! Value is fictional (but the silver coin is real)! All our current QE cyber money is pure ‘fiction’/’illusion’/’shadows’! Think!

Our current IMAGINARY money/currency (now appearing in cyberspace within my/your computer screen) is a pure ‘fiction’ of my/your MIND. Are you aware that our entire financial markets are now mostly IMAGINARY (a fiction of our metaphysical MIND)? The vast majority of pundits (including nearly all our silver/gold pundits) are living mostly in Plato’s allegorical cave (unaware that their investments are merely ‘shadows’ of reality). None of these financial pundits (with a few exceptions), however, desire to come out in the ‘light’ (sunshine) and recognize that they are LIVING in Plato’s allegorical cave (of shadows/images/imagination). Why?

Today’s cyber currencies (tick money) are really ‘shadow’ currencies! Our cyber dollar is a fictional currency! Watching tick charts, forex pips, and computer digits, is equivalent to LIVING IN Plato’s Allegorical Cave! Think!

The philosopher, Plato, really represented the thinking of another philosopher called Socrates. These Grecian philosophers were great thinkers on issues of political/economic reality. Both Socrates and Plato recognized that human beings LIVE in two realms of reality. The prime realm for the masses (including nearly all of our political/economic thinkers) is the realm of ‘shadows’. Shadows are images within our mind’s which do not actually EXIST (physically). Plato recognized that the vast majority of people prefer to ‘live’ in the shadows with all their shadowy friends and political pundits. This is why he wrote about the concepts of living with shadows in a cave (unaware of the sunshine outside the cave).

Masses of financial pundits merely LOOK at their computer screens (as if these shadows are reality)! What deception and what FEAR of coming into the light (Sunlight)!

Yes, we all live within two realms of reality (often called Dualism). The realm of the MIND is our primary realm. Economics and money is based on the ‘shadowy’ concept called VALUE. This concept called ‘value’ is an imaginary concept of our ‘shadowy’ MIND. In reality, VALUE does not EXIST. It is merely a ‘shadow’ of reality which deceives and fools the masses (including nearly all our financial pundits). Pundits think that ‘value’ EXIST’s and is a real entity within our financial markets. The masses of investors also have bought into this FICTION. There is no such THING as ‘value’ within our greater physical Universe. Value has no substance, no matter, no atomic structure, and no materiality. It’s FICTION (pure fiction)!

Thomas could agree to disagree and still view each person as a friend! What a great Founding Father! America has no current thinker of his stature! That’s my opinion!

Yet, all our monetary currencies are being touted as units of ‘value’. All ‘prices’ within our markets are touted as representations of ‘value’. Stock, bonds, derivatives, cyber digits, and all our computer money is touted to be REAL! What deception! What a fiction of our MIND! What an illusion! What a shadow of reality! Thomas Jefferson recognized this fiction when he DEFINED our ‘dollar’ in terms of a material object (silver). He also defined our ‘dollar’ in terms of a gold eagle coin. He then defined all our subsidiary coinage (half-dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, penny) in terms of silver and copper. Thomas was NOT living in Plato’s allegorical cave (the shadows). Why are you living in the shadows? Do you not discern reality? Are you ‘blind’? Do you dislike the SUNSHINE? Give these thoughts some reflection! Enjoy! I am:

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  1. hallenberg2005 permalink
    November 26, 2014 5:22 pm

    excellent article! love the illustration of the cave. now this sunday let’s hope the swiss people come out of the shadows and achieve sunlight by voting yes to 20%gold reserves. this would be the first step in letting the central banks know we have had enough of their ponzi schemes  scott h.


    • November 27, 2014 11:13 am

      I fully agree. D On Nov 26, 2014 5:22 PM, “Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now” wrote:



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